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 Post Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:42 pm 
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Damn He's Big - A Handful Of Units #61

Ronjermy strode into the Portal room, in his black armor. Castle Korse's regent Lubber and Chief Warlord Namer were there as well as two stacks each of Korsican stabbers and archers, all with weapons at the ready.

Ronjermy strode up to the Portal and tossed the scroll back through. It vanished with a ripple of the Portals glowing surface.

He moved back an appropriate distance and faced the Portal with his hand ready on Mjighty's grip.

And they waited.

Before too long, the Portal rippled again. A big man stepped through. His signamancy was impressive; Broad shouldered and heavy set, he had long gray and blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, an equally blond and grey beard, and a grizzled, war weary face. Black lace up boots, green and brown mottled pants, a shirt of silver chainmail covered by a long sleeved green jacket. A heavy war hammer was stuck into the front of his thick belt.

Ronjermy understood the signamancy of this Master class shockamancer…nobody messes with this unit. The hammer, and the caster himself emanated power. Ronjermy could feel it.

Ronjermy watched the shockamancer step through and look around the room, sizing up the occupants. He made a motion of showing his empty hands, then stepped to the side and took a standing position and the Portal rippled again. The room suddenly lit up.

What Ronjermy could only guess as being a Light Golem came through the portal, a draped body held in its arms. He was very impressed by its stats, but kept his poker face as he stood there doubting the likelihood of his survival if the Caster and Golem decided to attack the room.

The glowing golem knelt down, laying the body gently upon the floor. Then it stood, turned, and exited through the portal. The room returned to normal glowstone brightness.

Ronjermy motioned for a stack of swordsmen to remove the shrouded body from the room. Then he motioned for the rest to leave him alone with the caster.

They stood facing each other.

Diplomatically, Normany spoke first. "My condolences for your loss."

Ronjermy nodded but remained of neutral demeanor. "What happened to him?'

Normany answered factually. "He was stabbed in the back and dropped into an irrigation ditch. A dirtamancer doing upkeep on it found him. Otherwise, it's unlikely that the body would have been found before he depopped."

"Has the murderer been found?"

Normany scowled a bit. "No. No weapon has been found, the body was removed from the original site of the murder. Lookamancer magic has failed to find any clues."

Ronjermy scowled as well. "So much for the Magic Kingdom being Neutral."

Normany returned his gaze, unfazed by the accusation. "The Magic Kingdom is neutral. This attack breaks our rules. If and when the murderer is found, appropriate action will be taken."

Ronjermy continued. "Clearly it's not safe for a Caster to enter."

Normany kept eye contact. "Here's the deal, Overlord. I don't give a sourmander's puss about your war or your politics. That's your problem. I didn't return your caster out of respect to you. I returned the body out of respect to him. Perhaps he was happy here, perhaps not, but it was where he came from. He deserves it."

The caster built like a veteran warlord continued, "The Magic Kingdom is a sanctuary free from your insane politics. We have our own rules. All informal. The volunteer justice co-operative is just that. Voluntary. Manned by people like me who are willing to enforce the rules. And one of those rules is no violence outside of witnessed duels. Your politics crawled in. A caster murdered another. That hasn't happened for thousands of turns. And I don't like it."

The two stood staring at each other, neither backing down.

The caster reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small round glass marble. "If one of your caster's enters the Magic Kingdom carrying this, I'll know. And if he gets attacked I'll know, and I'll know who the attacker is." He tossed the marble to Ronjermy, who instinctively caught it.

Then he turned his back onto Ronjermy, and walked towards the portal, and vanished into it.

Ronjermy stood there looking at the glowing portal.

Namer walked back in. "That caster could have taken us both."

Ronjermy nodded. "Could probably have taken the entire room." And if the rugged caster and his light golem could have taken the Overlord, Chief Warlord, a leveled regent and 4 stacks of infantry, then they could take Castle Korse. "Suddenly, I don't like the idea of an open portal and just anybody walking through."

Namer nodded in agreement.

What if a stack of casters sneak attacked through a portal? What if just one did?

"Seal this room off with heavy guard. Next turn I'll pop a gated structure around the portal so it can be sealed off when not in use."

Namer nodded.

Ronjermy turned and made his way to an exit. He needed to ride the surfing dish out into the darkness and think.

Seemingly minor oversights had just cost him three casters. Assumptions about reality. He'd taken measures for flying veiled units, but never considered a veiled unit crawling through Misty Hole. He'd never considered a threat coming from the Magic Kingdom, much less meeting one -in- the Magic Kingdom.

And he'd just lost three casters. The most valuable units, and in Sino a friend as well.

As a warlord and a chief warlord he was accustomed to losses from the violence and tactical wins and losses of battle. But he was not accustomed to losses from small misunderstandings of reality. He wasn't sure how to combat that and felt his mind moving towards paranoia.

His side had just been significantly weakened. Dirtamancy, gone. Moneymancy, gone. Luckamancy, gone. And he had little expectation of replacing them. Luck had blessed him, and he had squandered it.

Minutes later, floating alone in the void of darkness, he pondered these things, and felt sorry for himself. Whatever Thispian had done...he had won the day.

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     Post Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:29 pm 
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    This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - A Handful Of Units #62

    Flanked by two Sirens, Overlord Ronjermy strode through the hallway, Mjighty in hand. They stepped over bodies in purple and black livery while Korsican Knight class stabbers dealt croaking strokes to surviving units and then rushed forward to join the clash ahead.

    The clash ahead consisted of a stack of Sea Twolls making short work of the last defenders of KingKo, FetEx's capital city. Marmen warlords and flying fish had broken the majority of the city's defenders, and Ronjermy and his Siren bodyguards followed them in, joining battle as opportunity dictated.

    Similarly organized shock troops were currently attacking FetEx's other two cities, led by Chief Warlord Rebeche and Whalor, respectively. Rebeche had been made Chief Warlord for the assault, as his level plus CW bonus allowed Ronjermy the luxury of assigning less units to him and more to Whalor.

    By the time Ronjermy entered the throne room, the only FetExians still alive were a stack of knights surrounding guard around their King, his heir, and two females, assumably royal family members.

    Ronjermy looked around, not seeing any casters, as he had been hoping to see since the beginning of the attack. He shouted to the Korsican knights "To the portal room!" Those that hadn't already gone that direction turned and raced down a hallway. They knew what they were looking for.

    "Ladies." Ronjermy ordered.

    As the sea twolls slowly advanced on the remains of FetEx, his two chainmail bikini-clad Sirens stepped forward and screamed, visible tight cones of noise lancing from their mouths to mow down FetEx knights. Sea twolls stepped in and finished the job as other screams echo'd sharply off the small royal throne room.

    Ronjermy directed a steely gaze at the angry young heir, a visibly hopeless and resigned king, and two terrified and trembling females clinging to each other.

    "This was a bad turn for FetEx," Ronjermy thought, "A bad turn at the end of hundreds of bad turns."

    He wondered how long it had been since this side, subjected for so long to Atlan and then Korse, had seen glory.

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     Post Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:23 pm 
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    She'll Take It And Like It - A Handful Of Units #63

    "All things change, lord. Now, always, and forever."

    The turn after the assault on FetEx, Cirke, the red haired beauty, whispered consolingly to Ronjermy, as he looked down from Well Hung at the empty lands that used to belong to FetEx, and towards Evony, which was currently receiving the same treatment that FetEx had.

    Ronjermy nodded. Despite the necessity of his strategy, he still felt bad. Removing FetEx and Evony could be seen as putting two weak sides out of their misery, could be seen as tactically expedient, but still felt like the execution of innocents and the murder of, well, entire kingdoms.

    Cirke had used her juice last turn and this turn to increase the move of the units, enabling a quick attack on FetEx, and then on Evony the next turn. Due to their move, they weren't in battlespace when their turn ended and started, then when turn had started she increased their move. Ronjermy's conversations with her long ago, in the darkness and long quiet moments of Inner Korse, had given him access to this rare form of sneak attack.

    Ronjermy technically put his Outer Korse cities at risk by sending enough units to crush them in a single turn each. With only level 3 capital cities and level 2 outlying cities, and forces away for only two turns, he assessed it as worth it. Unless there was a veiled army within two turns move…and that wasn't likely with the constant scouring of the surrounding 15 hexes in any direction being randomly scoured by small teams of flying fish.

    War room sessions had centered around the question "What is King Thispian expecting us to do?" The crafty sovereign had surely planned the sneak attack on Inner Korse, and had prepared an assassin in advance to be waiting ready in the Magic Kingdom.

    What would he expect from Ronjermy after that? What did he have in store for Ronjermy after that?

    Ronjermy did what he wouldn't expect himself to do: remove FetEx and Evony from the board. This gave Ronjermy income from taking and raizing the cities, and kept that income from Thispian. Perhaps Thispian would then advance into the area and spend funds on city building an unit creation. Ronjermy hoped for that, but doubted it.

    Ronjermy knew the obvious reaction options available from his side would be to either hole up in Inner Korse and do nothing any time soon, or fly over FetEx and Evony and attack Thispian's side, maybe even use the friendly (relatively) lands and/or cities to base out of for the attack on Atlan.

    Ronjermy hoped that Thispian wouldn't expect him to destroy those sides and thus lose the regular income. Regardless, it needed to be done.

    Rebeche had warned that Thispian was cold, calculating, and patient. But Ronjermy couldn't help but feel an attack on his territory was imminent. Maybe Thispian had succeeded at hurting Ronjermy's side without any further plan. Maybe not.

    Ronjermy was in fact going to take the fight to Thispian. But with any luck, in unexpected ways.

    The first step was to remove Evony and FetEx. This would remove conquest income from Thispians' reach. It might cause Thispian to build cities and advance into the now unoccupied land, helping Thispian to overextend himself and either reduce forces elsewhere or create new raid income for Ronjermy.

    As Ronjermy was also aware, though none of his warlords brought it up, it also eliminated the possibility of Thispian bribing one or both kingdoms to some form of treachery with an offer they couldn't refuse.

    Having missed the FetEx 'mancer with any luck, his Korsicans would capture Evony's Thinkamancer.

    But he really wasn't counting on it.


    Ensten had counseled the wisdom of pulling back to a safe and peaceful life inside the Sea of Total Darkness, instead of wading further into constant and ever-escalating warfare. Ronjermy had considered it. He had often pondered that option, but was always left with the thought "And what exactly would we do for a thousand turns? Sit around and...what?" Massages and more Sirens can only entertain for so long.

    Ronjermy knew the Titans had created him for battle, to lead units in attack and defence. He had a sense that Fate didn't intend for him to become one of those short fat rulers. From all of Erf that he had seen, there was only the consistently changing tide of attack and defend.

    While he saw no point to sitting around safely in a bubble kingdom, he had to admit that he also saw no point to constant warfare, other than survival of he and his. Overlord Raeptor had relished the carnage and the victories, but eventually fell to a stronger foe.

    And so it was and so it must be. Thus he ordered the fall of FetEx and Evony. Thus he looked to not just survive the conflict with Thispian, but to .

    What happened after that was of little concern.

    Cirke stood against him with an arm around his waist, leaning into him. He knew she could feel his guilt, and he knew she understood the unstoppable tide in her own special way. Perhaps he would talk with her more about that. In their own ways as a Changeamancer and an Overlord, both understood that change is inevitable, and one masters it or falls to it.

    Promisa of Evony, unfortunately, was fated to fall.

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     Post Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:31 am 
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    The Kid's Getting Hard - A Handful Of Units #64

    Behind him on the landing, Larry the Shockamancer was in a wooden swordfight with a Korsican stabber. Ronjermy had a standing order to his casters, even Ensten, for ongoing hand to hand combat training. Ensten didn't like that one bit.

    Larry, still youthful, had returned from the invasions of Envony and FetEx with less of a smile on his face. Ronjermy saw in him the hardened look of a unit that had seen his first battle close up, inches away. Firing off air defenses from a location out of reach of sword and claw is an entirely different experience.

    Ronjermy knew from reports that Larry and the stack of sea twolls he led had seen hand to hand action, and a respectable amount of it. He knew that Larry had personally croaked two stabbers that had slipped through the ring of twolls surrounding him. By hand…hands crackling with energy.

    It was a terrible risk Ronjermy had taken, sending Larry with the invasion forces making quick strikes on both kingdoms, and putting his Shockamancer personally into the thick of battle.

    But he needed his Shockamancer to be an experienced warrior for the battles yet to come. And Evony and FetEx were weak sides and sure wins (as sure as one could be). While Ronjermy knew Fate was not be be trifled with, he also knew that Fortune favors the bold.

    The unspoken benefit of the invasions were the movement of the troops, including Larry, towards leveling. Ronjermy couldn't help but think of Normany Reach, and knew that Larry had a long way to go.

    Ronjermy watched Larry, who was focusing intensely on the non-magical attack and defend of his wooden sword. Ronjermy thought about Normany Reaches magical hammer, and his own Mjighty, and contemplated the acquisition of magical weapons for his leadership units.

    Levels give bonuses individually and to all. Any bonus, from any source (like a magic weapon), is a valuable bonus. And every bonus is to be desired.
    In his turns, Ronjermy had seen different sides with different strategies. Some favored overwhelming numbers of basic troops. Some favored fewer troops but of stronger caliber. Some favored fliers, some land troops. Ronjermy had never seen a side with the equivalent of his warlord/flying fish combination, and he was glad of it, because it was a very effective unit combination. In line with that strong combination, Ronjermy preferred stronger units, even though the case could be made that costs were also higher.

    Heavy fliers, rock and sea twolls, jumping spidews, warlords and his Siren units. Casters obviously...he had seen many sides make little use of their casters. These sides rarely lasted long.

    Stabbers and pikers and archers, to be sure, they were useful and necessary. And they had all just gone to war, and won.

    They hadn't caught a caster, unfortunately.

    With the fall of Promisa and Evony this turn, there would be nothing but empty territory in between the two realms. With any luck, Thispian would assume that Ronjermy was clearing the way for a march upon Atlan. Towards that end, Ronjermy was assembling troops in war camp on the shore opposite Atlandis, just in case someone was looking.

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     Post Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:06 pm 
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    Getting Into It - A Handful Of Units #65

    The next turn started.

    Shortly thereafter, "Attack is in process Lord."

    Ronjermy nodded calmly. "Ok."

    Looking out over the territory viewable from the deck of Well Hung, Ronjermy stood, generally aware of his warlords, Sirens, two casters, and various other troops on the deck.

    Ensten's message meant that the force led down the river by Namer had begun their attack on a far away Atlan city.

    The city, nestled in between the river and a tributary feeding it that happened to be the border between Atlan and Dewbi, was a level 3.

    Namer, reinstated to the status of Chief Warlord, had left Korse territory the moment turn started with a horde of flying fish, a handful of level 2 and warlords and 10 sea twolls. Cirque gave them the move to reach and attack their target.

    They had left in stages and small groups and staggered lines, to help avoid detection by anybody looking into the river.

    Namer's orders were to take the city. And failing that, expend all the flying fish to do as much damage as possible. And there were hundreds of them. Ronjermy had considered granting Namer Rebeche's magic ring that added a warlord level, but considered the defensive bonus of Namer's bracers enough of a boost to all the flying fish the Chief Warlord could stack with. And he didn't want to risk two magic items.

    If Namer couldn't take the city, Dewbi surely then would take it in it's weakened state. Namer had noticed daily air patrols of Dewbi forces keeping an eye on the border, and they had a city not far away. If it survived, Atlan's city would be weakened, and at the very least Thispian would have to spend funds to build its defenses back enough in hopes of detering a Dewbi attack, and Dewbi would be putting attention on the Atlan border, regardless.

    Flying fish, while powerful with stack bonuses, were cheap and relatively quick to replace, and therefore expendable if necessary.

    The target city on the far side of Atlan was the easiest to attack. Ronjermy wanted Namer to lead the attack and get a win, but didn't want him to get too deep into enemy territory for other border cities. Losing flying fish could be strategic and painless. Losing Namer and the warlords, not so much.

    Ronjermy had some trepidation about swimming his troops past Thispians capital city. Surely Thispian knew how the invaders had arrived when last his city was attacked. Ronjermy worried about traps or spells laid in the river. He worried more about defenses protecting the city from attack from the docks, so he looked down the river for potentially easier targets, with the added benefit of stirring up activity on the border.

    But Namer had made it past. And the attack was in progress.


    Ensten entered his thoughts again shortly thereafter. " know how you were worried that an attack was on it's way?"

    Ronjermy instantly changed gears, having expected Ensten to give him an update on Namer's battle status.

    "It's on its way."

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     Post Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:22 am 
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    More Getting Into It - A Handful Of Units #66

    "A scout entered a new hex. There is an army moving towards us. A big one. One moment, I'm viewing through his eyes."

    Ronjermy slowly inhaled, and exhaled. "Continue when you're ready."

    "They're approaching on Mountain hexes. You'll…oh…you'll want to see this."

    Ronremy nodded to Ensten mentally indicating he was ready. His vision faded, and was quickly replaced from the vantage point of his marman scout, far above the mountain side.

    In the distance he saw an army plodding along the steep mountain terrain. Plodding, because slowly leading the group were two giant beasts. Ensten, Ronjermy, and the scout all mentally agreed that those had to be Megalo sized beasts. Some kind of Megalo lizard. There were no fliers.

    "Hide and get a closer look and a count. I want to know numbers and unit types and their speed. How long do we have till they are in battlespace?"

    The scout mentally confirmed the order, and Ensten ended the scout's connection.

    "Ensten, what's Namer's status?" Moment's later the Thinkamancer replied with "I can feel he's In the thick of battle, Lord, I don't want to fully enter his thoughts at risk of distracting him."

    "Keep an eye on it, I want to know how it's going as right now as possible."

    "Very well, Lord."

    "Get Rebeche back here now. Make sure all the troops are back from evony into this hex."

    "Yes Lord."

    The 'clickity clack' of Larry's sparring practice made him grimace. If it ever actually got to the point that Larry needed to use a regular sword, that would surely be the last breath for the entire side.

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     Post Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:29 am 
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    You Guana What? - A Handful Of Units #67

    "The Warguana's are going to be the biggest challenge." Ensten had taken a trip to the library and to identify the giant lizawd.

    Ronjermy stood in front of his commanders on the deck of Well Hung. The sun was far overhead, Ronjermy was shirtless and keeping his skin bronzed. That was an easy signamancy upgrade to keep in place.

    All their attention was split between the unknown status of Namer's battle, and the intel recently received about the approaching army.

    Ensten's head hovered near Ronjermy, his physical body safely ensconced in the heart of Castle Korse. Rebeche, Whalor, Atlandis' regent Aquan, Larry and Cirq, sat or stood in casual assemblage in front of him. A few low level but original Marmen warlords stood a little farther away, intermixed with half a stack of archers Ronjermy didn't order away. He was in fact curious why they were there.

    Ronjermy was keenly aware of the stark contrast between a warroom meeting here, and meetings at the table in Castle Korse's. It hardly seemed worth the trip to the Castle these turns, when the action was going to happen outside the STD.

    The Warguana's were Megalo sized lizawds. The entire army was mountain capable, Ronjermy had to assume that they could climb along the cliff face to attack the currently walless tower city.

    The scout reported 6 Warguana's each carrying two stacks of archers, 30 heavy Plated Lizawds each with a rider, multiple stacks of stabbers and pikers, and multiple stacks of Lizawd Men. There seemed to be no fliers.

    Ronjermy was glad he'd been producing units at full capacity. But that only created so much, so fast.

    "We're in trouble." Ronjermy calmly stated. "So we need a plan. They'll be here in 3 turns after this one." There was unspoken agreement all around them that the
    Titans deserved thanks for making Warguanas such slow units. And nobody mentioned how easily they could tear the city apart.

    His commanders nodded, some more emphatically than others.

    Ensten was first to respond. "If we pull all units into the STD and raze Well Hung, they'll have to come through tunnel defenses. And I doubt they can touch Atlandis if they're all Mountain capable."

    Rebeche nodded. "The rumors I heard, the Lizawd King can -only- produce mountain capable units." He shrugged, not claiming it as definitive fact.

    The rugged warlord continued. "Pay to increase the level of this city. Add thick walls, as the Warguanas are certainly siege units."

    Ronjermy nodded. He was going to have to rebuild Sotomy and the tunnel defenses, just in case. But all effort and expense must go into Well Hung. Losing the portal into the cavern would be bad news indeed.

    Larry spoke. "If Grava was here, she could trap the mountainside. I bet that army would never even get here."

    Ronjermy responded quickly and curtly to end that line of wishful thinking. "She's not here. So what can you do to keep the army from getting here?"

    Larry looked down at the deck, with no answer, but thinking.

    Whalor spoke up. "Pull all the flying fish out, make Rebeche Chief Warlord, they'll all be in this hex. Put every archer we have on the deck here, and block out the sun with arrows. Follow it up with a charge of flying fish and Marmen. Larry's gotta be good for something, and available, since we won't be needing the tower defences. " He shrugged, implying that at least made it a fair fight.

    Ronjermy couldn't help but notice the last hours of constant reduction of units under Namer's command. He looked at Whalor. "We're suddenly hundreds of flying fish short." That caught all his commanders except Ensten off guard.

    Whalor showed the most concern. "Namer?"

    "He's been losing units fast." Which was very bad news, considering the bulk of Korse's flying fish went with Namer. He let the silence sit for a few minutes, every commander knew that that much loss hadn't been expected.

    "We'll have a good number of flying fish, but nothing close to giving us superiority, much less an edge. We don't have a lot of infantry, only three stacks of them are advanced. We're better off with our archers, the stacks that fought in the Great Fall were also sent to take FetEx and Evony." There had been not a single loss of an archer in any of those battles.

    Rebeche smiled at Ronjermy. "Well, I guess we'll need something impressive again, then won't we."

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     Post Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:45 am 
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    He Could've Queened Me - A Handful Of Units #68

    Shortly thereafter, Ronjermy lay back on a lounge chair by the pool, talking privately with Cirke, rubbing one of her feet as she reclined in the opposite direction. Sirens lounged in the pool. There were no drinks this turn.

    One of the archers that had been listening in on the warmeeting broke off a bit hesitantly from where his stack stood guard and approached his Overlord. His stride turned more confident the closer he got. Stopping an appropriate distance away from Ronjermy, he stood at attention and waited for Ronjermy to notice him.

    Ronjermy already had. An infantry unit leaving his stack without orders to do so is something that immediately caught his attention.

    He looked up from his conversation with the Changeamancer, continuing the foot rub.

    "Do you have something urgent to report, archer?"

    The archer unit looked steadfastly forward. "No sir. Permission to speak sir."

    "Speak." Ronjermy replied, curious.

    "My stack and I have been together since the beginning Lord. We popped in the first city popped after Korse, we stood firm at the Great Fall, and marched on FetEx and Evony. We are now advanced infantry, and we thank the Titans every turn for your care and planning, in that you have yet to lose a single archer in battle."

    The archer took a breath and continued. Ronjermy started rubbing Cirque's toes.

    "We are proud to serve our side and our ruler, and we will serve proudly until we croak. Please forgive any lack of decorum Lord, nor is the slightest disrespect meant, I don't know of a better way to say this…Overlord, there is no warlord from the archer ranks. It is my belief that you would only get more from your archer troops if there was one."

    The archer then closed his mouth in a firm clench, and looked intensely forward, facing whatever his Lord's response might be.

    Ronjermy looked up at the unit. Cirke smiled mischieveously but kept silent, giving Ronermy her other foot.

    Mostly he was impressed with the archer's bravery to step away from his stack. And that a rank and file archer would have the audacity to approach his Lord, much less ask for a promotion.

    "And that warlord would be you, of course?"

    The archer didn't even blink. "It would be my honor to serve in that capacity, Lord. I don't believe that you'd be disappointed."

    Ronjermy thought about it for a moment.

    "Fine." And promoted him to warlord status, watching his side's schmucker count drop. Without time to give the archer time to respond, he ordered. "Go pick an 8th for your stack. Go select another full stack of the best amongst the archers. Bring them back here, asap."

    The archer warlord spun on his heel and strode away. Ronjermy yelled "Larry, get over here." Rebeche started walking over too, following his Overlords' want. He got Ensten's attention, and ordered "Order the twolls to fabricate a couple stacks worth of Strength bows, starting right now."

    "And put me in contact with Namer. What the Titan's tits is happening over there." Namer was down to two warlords and two sea twolls and a handful of flying fish. This was a long, long battle.

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    The Knights Who Say Whee!- A Handful Of Units #69

    And then it was over.

    Namer knelt down, exhausted, leaning on his trident that was buried in corpse of the last defender.

    The city changed sides.

    Namer stood and walked to a window of the room he occupied in the small tower, leaning heavily on the sill. He looked out over a courtyard littered with the small shiny bodies of flying fish, infantry, twolls, Atlan fliers and heavy fliers. Namer knew he'd find more if he looked around.

    He shook his head, and just wanted to get back to the water. In fact, he wanted nothing more than to get back to the quiet safety of the Sea Of Total Darkness and lay down in the sand with his feet in the water.

    He finally opened himself to Ensten's communication.

    "What the boop, Namer?" Ronjermy asked. "What's the status?"

    Namer sighed wearily. "City's been taken. I'm hurt bad, but I'll make it till turn." He looked down at the ragged stump of an arm, bitten off by a heavy flier almost at the shoulder. That could have gone worse...

    "They had heavy fliers, Lord. Lots of them. All packed in tight in the courtyard. I didn't see them until we went over the wall."

    Ronjermy knew they hadn't been planning to attack the tower from the air, in case it had whatever air defenses were in use when Namer attacked the capital.

    "The twolls used the swing ram on the gate, the fish took the units on the wall. Me and Dolf and some fish snuck around the back, took the wall and over it.
    Dropped into the courtyard behind an ocean of heavies looking at the front gate."

    "Maybe I shoulda ran. But there the regent was, standing right next to two other warlords. Close, and looking at the gate too, behind most of the troops . So I went after leadership. Regent was level 5, with two level 1's. Me and 50 fish went right over the heavies and into them, rear attack. I got the regent right before something big with a beak took my arm off."

    "I called in the rest of the fish from the front gate. Took a chance air defenses wouldn't fire off, it would have been over right then if they had. We swarmed into the windows of the tower. Twolls hadn't made it through the gate yet it was starting to go. Course, they were gonna walk into a wall of heavies. I was looking for leadership, and getting inside for safety. Still had a hundred, hundred and a half fish. Infantry came in after us. There was some fighting."

    "We got a level 1 warlord and infantry inside. Turns out the last warlord was outside. So we waited inside till the twolls and marmen came through the gate. That was a right smart fight. Lost Dolf and my stack of fish getting to the warlord. He went down easy though. Restacked and ordered everyone to the tower as their side went batboop crazy without leadership. Only two twolls and marmen made it through to the tower, even with the fish I sent to screen them. And it took them a while, lotta units got croaked out there. None of us would have made it if we hadn't got that last warlord."

    "Then we stood in the stairwell and let infantry come to us. No problem as none of them were stacked. But now we're trapped in the tower. Probably twelve heavies left trying to get at us. I wish they were infantry instead of heavies..."

    "No way we could rush em. Had to single them out. Didn't do so well at first. Lost a warlord that way. Then we got smart. Gave one of them a peek of a fish, drew it to the top of the tower or the front door where we wanted it. Those poor twolls did a lot of running back and forth but we got good about picking them off one by one. Still, heavies ain't easy and I was mostly out of fish. I lost everybody else. Had to get the last two by myself. Finally got them to stick their heads in through a tower window. Easy pickins those two. Should have done that with the rest of them, I could have brought some units home with me."

    "But the city didn't fall. Some unit was left somewhere. Took me a while to find him, he couldn't get through a locked door. Lucky it was a piker and not a heavy."

    "I don't know...maybe I should have called us back to the river. But the moment I saw the heavy fliers, I knew it had to be done. They were popping those units the whole time when they shouldn't have been. We'd have to deal with them now or later. And leadership was vulnerable, so I took a chance."

    Ronjermy took it all in. "You survived. We won. I'll have Cirke give you movement to make it back next turn. Suck it up the rest of the turn, see if there's anything to loot. Raze the city before you hit the water, let Ensten know when you're ready to end turn."

    Namer was ready right now, but duty compelled him to search the building, taking his many wounds with him.


    "You guys heard that?"

    Larry, Circ, Rebeche, and Whalor nodded. "Maybe our luck isn't all gone. "

    Rebeche crossed his arms over his chest. "That was smart, taking out leadership. He's right, he wouldn't have made it if he hadn't have taken out that fiver regent first. A fiver stacking with the heavies would have been the end of it."

    Whalor waded in "Should have given him your bracers for the extra level."

    Rebeche nodded but shrugged. "Probably. Though we'd be regretting it if we lost one more unit in that battle."

    The archer warlord marched up, leading 15 archers in tight formation. Ronjermy looked to them. "Ensten, which of these besides the warlord has the highest kill rate?"

    After a few moments, Ensten responded with "The archer named Keye, Lord."

    "Warlord, what is your name?" Ronjermy asked?

    "Garrow, Lord." Was the prompt response.

    "Who from these should be promoted to warlord?"

    With but a moment's hesitation, Garrow responded with "Keye, Lord. His skill is a close second to mine, and I believe he has the most natural talent for leadership, Lord."

    "Fine." Well, that was easy, Ronjermy thought. "Keye, I promote you to Warlord. Congratulations to Garrow and Keye, Korses' first infantry warlords. Now, I don't want to steal your thunder, but I'm promoting you all to Knights, as of now. Twolls will have strength bows and stocked quivers by the end of turn. Rest well tonight, next turn you strike the enemy."

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    Cheap Dates - A Handful Of Units #70

    "Was that expensive?" Cirque asked, watching the newly Knighted archers march away.

    "I no longer have to pay upkeep on ten twolls, 5 marmen warlords, and almost three hundred flying fish. So no, not really. And we need strength now. We can't pop that much in the two turns it's going to take for the lizawds to get here. "

    Five cities would be producing, but that wouldn't replace their losses. Even if he had rebuilt Sotomy, one more city's production wouldn't make a difference over the span of two turns.

    "Disband it," Whalor exclaimed, "how many heavies did they have in there?"

    "Too bad he didn't level." Larry added. Ronjermy almost rebuked the young Shockamancer for more wishful thinking, but he didn't disagree with the sentiment.

    Instead he asked Rebeche. "So what's Thispian's angle? Send fliers to join the Lizawd King's forces? Or scoop in afterwards? I'm guessing the later since those heavy fliers couldn't get here in two turns." Unless, of course, they had a changeamancer. "And was a Turnamancer helping produce those?" '

    So many questions, with no answers.

    Rebeche didn't bother answering. "Lord, you need to move inside the STD. You can't be out here."

    Every other commander nodded in agreement. "Probably the casters too."

    Ronjermy looked at them all. "That would probably be the wise thing to do." He was quiet a few moments. "But I'm not wise, I'm clever. This battle is either winnable, or it isn't. And we either all go inside, or we don't."

    He continued. "Larry has been pumping the tower defenses hard every Turn, let Thispian bring fliers, if he has any left. Cirque will be needed in the hex. She's been getting busy on the casting couch, making scrolls. If we're short on units we can afford to promote what we have."

    Ronjermy paused and looked down the mountain range in the direction of the approaching force. "We're about to hit them for two turns, let's see what that looks like before I choose to hide in the dark or not."

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    It Took Him Forever To Finish - A Handful Of Units #70

    As soon as turn started, forces were on the move.

    Flying fish had already converged on the hex by end of last turn. They were sweeping it to find any chamewleons or scouts.

    Four Black Swans, six Rocs and four Marmen warlords flew in. Ronjermy, Larry, and Chief Warlord again Rebeche were on Rocs. Two stacks of Knight Archers were divided up evenly on the swans, which could each hold four riders. Three Rocs flew unmounted.

    They landed and dismounted at the very edge of the hex the Lizawd King's forces were in.

    "Archer's, get to work."

    Ronjermy stacked with a flying fish and sent it in. "Ensten, you have your eyes on?"

    "Affirmative, Lord."

    Ronjermy sent a dozen more fish in, sweeping the area immediately across the hex border for veiled units.

    The archers dismounted and strung their big Strength bows. No regular archer could use such a weapon. But they all wished for the bonus it provided.

    For the newly appointed Knights, it felt the same as their old bows did, only…..better.

    "They have seen the fish lord. It's drawing attention. Send the fish in closer, Lord. I have identified what looks like minor leadership. There are runners heading somewhere. …" moments later "There lord. That is likely the top leadership."

    "Keep an eye on him. Point the Archers to the closest Warguana. Keep an eye out for casters." Ronjermy thought then shifted to verbal commands. "Archers, go."

    They immediately formed a line sixteen across. Then at Garrow's command, took three steps, crossing into enemy territory. They pulled strings back, and let loose a flight of arrows. In nearly perfect unison, they reached for another arrow from one of the double quivers on their backs, knocked the arrow, raised their bows, and again let loose.

    Four times times in quick succession they repeated this, while Ensten fed target information to them.

    "Lord, they're firing at me. Send in another fish just in case. And beware, they're assembling archers for return fire. And, hits are being scored on the Warguana. Many hits, it looks like."

    Ronjermy wondered how many arrows it would take to croak a Warguana. That's partially why they were here.

    "Arrows loosed in response!" Ensten warned.

    "Incoming!" Ronjermy yelled at his archers. They loosed a volley, loaded another as enemy arrows came into sight, let that volley lose, and on Garrow's command quickly turned and jumped back across the hex line, just as arrows began to rain down on their location. Many of them hit and stalled at the hex boundary, slowly sliding down to the ground.
    Garrow commanded "Forward Once!" and the knight archers, who had already loaded their bows, again stepped across the hex line, sighted their target in the distance, and let loose, immediately turning back into the safe hex to avoid a second defensive volley that soon thereafter littered the ground with the feathered ends of arrows protruding from the relatively steep angle of the grassy slope.

    Ronjermy had long ago tested the capabilities of non-mountain capable units on the mountain. Cliffs and climbing certainly weren't in the cards. On steepish slopes like this one, a unit could land or dismount, and take a few steps. A few steps was just about it, after that a unit flat out couldn't move, and could even fall down a slope, regardless of how steep it was.

    "Forward once!"

    This repeated. Someone finally got a hit on the flying fish, Ensten switched and Ronjermy sent in another.

    This repeated.

    Lizawd King forces approached at speed to the hex boundary. Ronjermy' s archers continued to target the Warguana. It was very unhappy at this point, and roaring and charging the hex boundary.

    "Fire at will!" The knights were now stepping over the line and back on individual discretion, often ending up able to stay for three or four volleys. Enemy arrows came in bursts, always in groupings. Easy to predict.

    Suddenly one of the Black Swans honked a warning. The Rocs' and Swans' orders were to look for veiled units. The archers all jumped back across the line, looked to see where the Swan was looking, and looked that way.

    The first Knight to see it stepped across and put an arrow into it, which identified it as a chamewleon for all. Immediately at the next opportunity, Keye's stack stepped forward on command and dropped it.

    Garrow's group stepped forward as Keye's stepped back and loosed a volley accurately at another racing forward, dropping it too with eight successful hits.
    Arrows rained down again, hitting two archers as they retreated. The Swans continued to honk warning.

    "Hold." Rebeche bellowed. "Mount."

    Like the elite units that they were, the archers moved to their Swan mounts and climbed on.

    "Take down that Warguana." Ronjermy commanded as the four swans took flight. Rebeche ordered the Rocs up. Ronjermy, Rebeche, and Larry also mounted their rocs and took to the sky, Larry with orders to not cross the hex into danger.

    Ronjermy sent another fish in, figuring ensten might need one sometime soon. It seems the Lizawd King's forces had forgotten about the little spy, as they rushed to the border to keep the archers out. Enemy archers were now tracking the swans, as the plan seemed obvious.

    Gliding along the hex line at altitude, the swan swerved across it just long enough for the Knights to loose their arrows, then back across. No way enemy archers could fire fast enough to hit them, and good luck predicting when the swan would cross the border. And, four swans were doing that, criss crossing each other and moving back and forth across the line.

    The Warguana roared in anger and distress as it continued to take hits. The other five roared in response. Units on the ground around them got out of the way as the giant lizards shuffled anxiously and aggressively.

    So much attention was on the four swans and archers, for the moment none of the lizawd forces were tracking the other units.

    The four Marmen warlords flying around at lower levels took the opportunity. Hunting for targets and noticing the opportunity as the Warguana's bellowed, in quick succession the Marmen dashed across the line. One of them dashed in and speared a surprised looking Lizawd Man stabber in the throat, croaking him. One attacked a chamewleon, getting two strikes in while shrugging off wounds from defenders while striking a third time and successfully croaking. He dashed back across the line.

    Ronjermy, watching his units act out their pre-planned strategy from his Roc, figured that was fair trade…a few wounds for a chamewleon.

    The other two flew in across the heads of several stacks of defenders and successfully grabbed a Level 1 warlord, flying up into the air with him, stabbing him with their tridents while they turned back towards the hex to avoid archers. The warlord was croaked by the time they got there, and they dropped him to fall and land on a stack of human pikers.

    One of the Marmen took an arrow, but other than that the duo escaped unharmed.

    Ronjermy was watching this all keenly.

    Ensten alerted him "Lord, there's the leader." Ronjermy could see him now. Having stepped out from behind the cover of a plated lizard and moving openly amongst his troops of human and Lizawd Man pikers and stabbers, yelling at his troops some kind of orders. Ronjermy knew what he'd be yelling if their places were reversed.

    "Show Larry and the archers." He told Ensten.

    Larry immediately pushed his Roc up to the level of the archers on the Ebony Swans.

    The swans swarmed near him, Larry raised his arms, and then the swans resumed their erratic flights across the border the Lizawd King forces were helpless to cross.

    Their warlord wasn't a Chief Warlord, but was a Level 8.

    He should know better than to come out from behind cover, Ronjermy thought disapprovingly.

    "Take him."

    One, and then another, and then another of the Swans crossed the line, and four and then eight and then twelve and then sixteen arrows screamed across the space towards the chief warlord.

    But these arrows screamed voices that sounded like they were suffering a thousand turns of torture. And these arrows screamed loudly, the whole hex could hear the shrieks of agony, and even the hair of Overlord Ronjermy's arm stood on end. All heads in the hex suddenly turned towards the arrows seemingly possessed of souls being stepped on by the
    Titans themselves.

    To his credit, the Lizawd King's lead warlord suddenly realized the archers weren't targeting the wounded Warguana anymore. His lasts thoughts were remembering that moments ago he was wishing the archers would stop firing at the prized beasts.

    The first four arrows caught the warlord squarely in the torso. The next two missed but each hit a nearby stabber. The next one buried itself in the chief's leg. The next two in the ground. The next again in the chief's torso followed by a glancing blow off the armor that stuck into another stabber. Two more in the ground. Two more into a nearby piker. The last sunk into the chief's other leg.

    But the war chief was still standing, a grimace on his face. Ronjermy wondered how many arrows he himself could take.

    The screaming of the arrows stopped suddenly. There was a brief moment of total silence across the hex. The units within view looked questioningly at the warlord and the units hit near him. All were standing, though obviously hit. The stabber and piker looked relieved for a moment that they still lived. Then they started grimacing. Then their eyes went wide and they started a moaning which slowly crept across the silence.

    Then they started screaming and clawing at their wounds.

    The chief warlord too started screaming, with a wretching rasping breath in between long and agonizing screams, eyes bulging.

    The stabbers and piker slowly started swelling up, quickly progressing into eyes bulging, mouth open, screams distorted from deep inside. The screams became blocked and wet and gurgly, but impressively loudly so. Ronjermy didn't know bodies could make those sounds.

    The troops around them quickly started backing up, pushing those before them to get themselves at a distance.

    The piker and stabbers swelled even more, suddenly quickly ballooning and then exploding loudly, sending parts and goo and the remnants of gargled agonized screams out onto the surrounding erf and units.

    The level 8 warlord lasted a little longer. He swelled up slower, shook and tremored and twitched and jiggled, and struggled tortuously for breath in and scream out. One eyeball popped out with force, then the other. There was an audible crack as the side of his skull split and brains and blood jetted out several yards horizontally.

    Surrounding forces pushed away even farther with cries of surprise and horror, more space was created, but they couldn't take their eyes from the horrible mind bending wrongness of the event before them that unfolded temptuously, about to reach a finale.

    With an explosive farty gassy squeak of fluids bursting out of fissures forming across the chief warlord's bloated body, his head lolled back, his insides exploded up in a geyser out his ribcage and neck, and the one time leader exploded chunks and parts and pieces of wet clothing and soiled armor in a surprisingly wide radius onto his troops.

    Some recoiled in horror. Some puked. Others finally let out a scream. Some tried to run away.

    Ronjermy watched the stats of the units in the hex drop as they lost their chief warlord bonus. He was the first to realize that nobody was paying attention to anything else, even his own troops were transfixed.

    "Croak! Croak! Croak!" he mentally commanded his units as he dove his Roc across the line. He dropped the roc onto an armored lizawd heavy and its rider, the roc sinking it's talons through the rider into the lizawd, then driving it's sharp and rock hard beak into its body. Ronjermy leapt off, pulling Mjighty from its sheath as he was in the air, and came down hard on another armored lizawd, cleaving it's skull in two. He was instantly leaping back onto his Roc as it croaked its prey, and urged it mightily into the air as the troops came back to their senses.

    The Marmen warlords dashed across the line, each picking non heavy targets and croaking them, staying a moment to strike at secondary targets. Rebeche had already been moving towards the Warguana. Ronjermy wasn't pleased about that. Rising in the air on his roc, he pointed Mjighty at the enemy archers "Again Larry, the archers!" Ronjermy then retreated across the line. He didn't want to see if he could survive seven arrows, though he was confident that he could. Now wasn't the time to try to find out. He circled around and commanded the marmen to him.

    Larry again charged the Knights' arrows. They again crossed the hex and fired into stacks of archers. The swans and some of the archers took some hits this time, as the shock of the exploding chief warlord wore off and units looked again to their targets. Safe opportunities were brief in battle.

    Ronjermy understood that, and hoped a second round of Shockamancer arrows would get Rebeche back across the line.

    The second screams were even more effective than the first round. Troops that had actually seen the effects of them on their targets started running in panic. Less troops in the field looked up at the source, but even more looked for cover, even if it was behind the unit next to them.

    Screaming arrows fell amongst the lizawd men archers, and some of the swans' riders had sent their shots wide into other units.

    It looked like all sixteen arrows hit targets in various stacks of archers.

    The archers' screams started just as Rebeche's roc struck the riderless back of the Warguana. Rebeche leapt off and sunk his two handed battle axe into its back. The roc dug it's talons in and ferociously and repeatedly struck with its beak, ripping out great chunks of flesh. Rebeche held his footing as the great lizawd writhed trying to throw the attackers off. Rebeche had great balance, as he kept his footing and repeatedly chopped at the beast's spine like he was trying to split a great oak.

    The beast screamed and its front legs buckled, crashing to the ground. Without its warlord bonus, and full of arrows, the beast was close to the end as screams and meaty explosions and the resulting panicked and horrified screams echoed nearby and across the battlefield.

    But still, a few arrows were loosed at the Warguana's attacker. Some units rushed to the megalo lizawd's defense, including two other seemingly unled Warguana's that were making their way with haste, trampling across any troops in their way. That quickly stopped as some warlord stacked with them, but it was clear Rebeche had better get on with it.

    And he kept hacking with abandon. With his roc screaming and digging its beak ever deeper into the back of the Warguana breaking through rib cage, and his axe crashing into the beast's spine, it was suddenly over and the giant Lizawd collapsed, croaked.

    Arrows piercing its hide from friendly fire surely hadn't helped. They weren't helping Rebeche or his ride either, and they each collected a couple.

    Rebeche clung to his roc's back as it took off, it's great mass lifting to the sky and towards safety.

    The Marmen grouped and took out another plated lizawd and his rider as their last attack, the riderless rocs swooped and made multiple kills of infantry by grabbing a stack at a pass and carrying them high, crushing them in their claws on the way up and dropping them onto their compatriots below.

    The archers fired regular rounds into the enemy archers to help cover Rebeche, and Ronjermy and his roc took out another heavy armored lizawd.

    They all gathered across the line, unridden rocs soaring high circles in overwatch, flying fish flitting around.

    Rebeche wasn't even breathing hard, and looked as calm as ever as his roc joined Ronjermy's.

    "Alright, end the attack." Ronjermy ordered. "We haven't lost anybody, time to get back."

    To his thinkamancer the thought "Ensten, I hope Cirque has enough juice to ensure enough move to get us home. That was more in and out of the hex than I planned on."

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    I Love You, Man! - A Handful Of Units #71

    The flyers touched down, Ronjermy and the other leadership dismounted and walked towards Cirque and Whalor who were coming to meet them.

    On the way, Ronjermy put his arm around Larry's shoulders, grinning. "Disband it Larry, that was horrible. Horrible and beautiful. Well done."

    Rebeche laughed "You'll never see a moneymancer make an army boop their pants like that!"

    Ronjermy reveled in the camaraderie for a moment.

    Then he turned business-like.

    "So gentlemen, technically that battle was a loss. But tactically, we did better than I was hoping. We got their top warlord. And a megalo. A few heavies and some infantry. And took no losses."

    Hearing the news, Whalor beamed, "That's a booping good turn." .

    No mention was made that they had all taken hitsies.

    "And nobody noticed any Caster activity?" They all shook their heads.

    Ronjermy looked at Cirque. "Well, they're booped then."

    "They've still got five Warguana's." Rebeche reminded.

    Ronjermy nodded. "We've still got another turn till they get here, and another turn to hit them."

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    Protect Your Rear At All Times, Honey! - A Handful Of Units #72

    Namer was with them this turn as they again returned to the sun deck of Well Hung.

    The mood was incredibly different this time. They all had arrow wounds. They were missing a Roc.

    Ronjermy was displeased.

    As they again gathered in a post-battle circle, Rebeche shrugged it off. "Gotta admit. That was the right move on their part."

    Ronjermy nodded. He didn't have to like it though. He had to admit it to himself, it had been a smart move on their part, and it only cost his side a single heavy flyer unit to find out that they had a foolamancer with them.

    "I'm still going to call it a win for us. If they'd have shown up here without us knowing they had a foolamancer…"

    "It would have cost us more than a heavy flier." Larry finished the thought. That roc had been sacrificed to screen Larry and his mount from enemy fire that was focused on him.

    They had entered the hex that -should- have been next to the group's farthest move. But it looked empty, and the Lizawd King's forces were one hex away.

    Ronjermy had frowned and gotten suspicious. If they weren't in this hex, the Warguana's couldn't make it Well Hung next turn.

    That was a red flag that something was wrong.

    Ronjermy and his commanders had agreed that the enemy would likely put as many chamewleons in the advance hex as possible in case the Korsicans touched down again. Not a bad move, as they had to try to disrupt Ronjermy's archers somehow.

    The Korsicans circled, and Ronjermy was just about to order the flying fish down to find any veiled units. When suddenly arrows appeared out of nowhere, racing up at the group. It took but a moment to see they were directing fire at the Shockamancer.

    "Screen Larry and leave the hex!" Rebeche commanded before Ronjermy could get it out.

    The Korsican archers returned fire blindly down the vector the enemy arrows were coming from. Ronjermy ordered all the flying fish to screen the flyers rushing to screen Larry the Shockamancer. If archers were veiled, they had a foolamancer. And the hits they were taking were real. There were a lot of arrows, and they were all taking hits.

    If they had a foolamancer, the entire army could be in this hex, including every archer, and any fliers which hadn't been here yesterday.

    Time to run.

    Several flying fish fell as well, but Ronjermy barely took notice of them as all his focus was on getting his caster and top leadership out of the hex. The riderless roc closely screening for Larry fell just before they crossed the hex border. Ronjermy wasn't pleased about that, but it was a far preferable loss to Larry taking a fall.

    It was a short ride home. The arrow stuck in his knee was protruding from the joint in his armor, and it burned. He didn't like it. And the sortie was a horrible failure…except that the enemy had shown their hand.

    And now Ronjermy knew that there was a Foolamancer up for grabs. His three casters all agreed that a scroll capable of that foolamancy would have to have been read by a caster, if a scroll was even powerful enough to hide an entire army. Most likely it had to be a spell cast by a Foolamancer. So if not a Foolamancer in their army, at the very least -a- caster. Ronjermy hated not being sure. Casters were gamechangers.

    They landed on the deck of the upgraded Well Hung. What had been an eight story, tri-rectangle tower city, was now that same city but tightly wrapped in a thick circular defensive wall, with a regular pattern of small arrow firing ports facing all outer directions.

    The rooftop garden deck was slightly bigger, and on each side there were three rows of defensive short walls that units could stand behind for protection from archers that would be on the cliff. A small pattern of defensive hidey holes allowed protection towards the center as well, and gave protected travel from the center walls to the outer walls.

    An updated rooftop garden deck called for a rooftop garden party. Keeping uninvited guests out was always a problem.

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    Always A Creepy Dude - A Handful Of Units #73

    "So, you're the guy marching his troops towards me?"


    Ensten was running a voice only link.

    "And, might I inquire as to -why- you're marching your troops at me?"

    There was a long moment of silence, and then "Nnnno."

    More and longer silence.

    Ronjermy thought to himself "Definitely not Thispian's brand of talkative."

    "Allright…perhaps you'd answer me one question. Are you expecting King Thispian to bring fliers to join the attack, or are you expecting him to arrive after the battle and pick off the weakened survivor?"

    There was no response.

    Ronjermy mused that he had never heard of an uncroaked ruler before. He couldn't tell if the Lizawd King was creepy, or just an incredibly poor communicator. The silence definitely wasn't working as 'menacing'.

    "Ok, well, it's been fun talking to you. Now for just a friendly fair warning…like I told Thispian before you, if you attack my city, I will croak or capture every single one of your units."

    There was silence for long, long moments, that became awkwardly long moments. Ronjermy signaled Ensten to end the connection.

    "Well, that was unsatisfying." Ronjermy sighed.

    "Next turn, we fight." Ensten sighed back, ever disappointed about the prospect.

    "And fight we shall." Ronjermy replied. Ensten would be participating while safely ensconced inside Kastle Korse, and would participate to his full ability, he was at heart a pacifist. Always the brunt of Hippimancer jokes amongst the warlords, Ensten just didn't understand the point of warfare.

    Ronjermy was ok with that. Ronjermy understood warfare, inside and out.

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    Everybody's Coming At Once - A Handful Of Units #74

    "Take your places people, they're entering the hex."

    Four stacks of Knight Archers stood at the ready behind their defensive walls. Four more were positioned down inside the building ready to fire out the arrow ports. Ten rock twolls and ten sea twolls, in black armor and equipped with large shield and war axes stood alert in the shadow of the low outer protective wall.

    Rebeche was Chief Warlord today, stacked with Flying Fish swarming the airspace above. The entire hex of Korsicans would benefit from his Level 9 warlord status.

    Larry stood on the deck with the commanders. Cirque too. Larry looked good in his new black armor. Cirque wore black girl armor. As always, she looked amazing.

    A small number of flying fish flew random patrols looking for veiled fliers, and included the cliffs on their route in hopes of identifying naturally veiled Chamewleons.

    Rocs sat on their perches on the safe side of the tower, waiting for orders. Several Ebon Swans joined them there. Several more patrolled the skies with their keen eyes.

    Namer stood proud at the front of a pack of twelve Marmen and Marmaids. Each held their favored trident, and two smaller throwing tridents.
    Six Sirens, chainmail bikini's shining in the morning sun, fondled their lances.

    On the vertical cliff face, three Warguana's clung to the surface and ploddingly made their way forward. Each had two stacks of infantry strapped securely to their backs. Heavy armored Lizawds with riders dexterously scaled the wall with them.

    All eyes watched as a fourth and a fifth Warguana appeared. Ronjermy wished that he could produce Megalo sized units…

    No alarm had been sounded by the fish or the swans. Many, including Ronjermy, were wondering where the Chameweleons were hiding.

    Ronjermy suspected they'd make a play for Misty Hole. Whalor manned the new tunnel city's defenses. And, essentially it was blocked off entirely. Good luck getting through there. Well Hung's three heavy Jumping Spidews hid on the cliff walls in the mist of Misty's Hole, guarding the entrance and available as reserves.

    A sixth Warguana appeared, dwarfing the heavies and smaller units. Human units were scaling the vertical face too. They were slower than the Warguana's, but not by much. Between the Warguana's usual slow speed, and movement modifiers enforced by the vertical cliff face, it was not a swift attack force..

    "Titan's that Warguana uncroaked?"

    That pulled everyone's attention.

    Ronjermy immediately ordered that stopped. "That's the point of foolamancy, people. Draw and distract your attention. Keep your eyes peeled. Let's hope it is uncroaked, so we can grab a croakamancer."

    Ronjermy would have no issues utilizing a croakamancer.

    "Tidah, move the Rocs."

    One of the Marmaids took to the air. Three rocs went with her. They went for height, in a straight path since no enemy arrows were yet in the sky.
    "We really only have one way to check for veils.."

    Archers on Warguana back began to fire, but the rocs were already in a fast dive, Tidah behind them. Dropping like boulders at the same speed, wingtip to wingtip, the rocs aimed for the Warguana highest up the cliff face. Two of them collided with it with an audible 'thud' but didn't dislodge it's, the third literally scythed through the two stacks strapped to its back.

    Add in an 'attacking from high ground' bonus and momentum bonus to damage to the heavy roc's damage, combined with the bonus from being in the same hex as the roc's chief warlord, it really made sense why large bits and parts of those infantry rained down the side of the cliff.

    "Well, that one's real." Ronjermy commented. "Casters to the casting room."

    On que, Rebeche ordered "Garrow", put an arrow in it!"

    Garrow pulled a special arrow from a third quiver on his back. Made of metal, a small ribbon was tied around it near the fletchings.

    The warlord knight archer sighted and let loose. Warguana's are big targets, and he planted the arrow in it near where the shoulder meets the neck. The rocs and Marmaid were again in the air going for height.

    The Warguana made several more steps by the time Larry got to the casting room, which was built into the cliff wall with a wide view of the airspace and surrounds.

    Cirque followed him in, they stood together near a window facing the oncoming army. "You can target it, yes?"

    Larry laid his hands on the sill of the open window frame, looking out along the cliffside. "Yep. It's good to go, and in airspace."

    Cirque gave him a friendly, excited kiss on the cheek, pleased her plan had so far worked out as hoped for. "Fire it up!" she exclaimed.

    Ronjermy and the troops on deck heard a slight buzz, that quickly grow in volume and then *ZAAAAP* a bluish flick of energy emerged in an instant, for just an instant, connecting from the Warguana to an invisible spot in the air above the tower. It wasn't a flick, really, more like a thick bolt, flashing bright light and shadows across the cliff side.

    The bolt of energy, being a big bolt of A LOT of energy, hit the Warguana in the process of hitting the ribbon on the arrow.

    Ronjermy breathed a sigh of relief that Cirque's suggestion had panned out. Plan B was not ideal. Cirque had charmed a piece of ribbon with enemy status. As it wasn't part of the arrow that was now part of the Warguana it was therefore still in the airspace, and Larry and tower defenses could target it.

    Ronjermy couldn't tell if the Warguana was croaked or not, but it fell. Lost it's grip and fell, fell right through the Warguana thirty yards below it, and continued falling till the bulk of it hit the front half of the third Warguana leading the approach.

    A warguana's grip could withstand two rocs hitting it, it seemed, but not another Warguana. With a surprised gasp of breath being knocked from it, and a quick panicked cry as it too was knocked loose from the cliffside, they both fell, taking the full and partial infantry strapped to their backs with them.

    Ronjermy promised himself that if he ever fell a great distance, he wouldn't scream like those units were.

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    Three At Once, Then Some More - A Handful Of Units #75

    Three more Warguanas entered the hex.

    Nobody on the garden deck thought that that could be a good thing.

    "Find that Foolamancer!" Ronjermy bellowed.

    The Lizawds changed tactics, starting to rearrange the Warguana's so if one fell, it wouldn't take out another. But Tidah and her retinue had just ruled out another illusionary one and then collided with another real one.

    Garrow put an arrow into it. Larry lit up the cliffside brighter than the sun for just a moment. The warguana fell, and toppled towards the flat land two thousand yards below. The warguana below it tried stopping in it's tracks and twisted it's head to get out of the way, but the falling megalo slammed into it's front end, knocking one leg loose and continuing on down it's merry way.

    The Warguana was leaning in that same direction, trying desperately to get it's claw back onto the cliff face. There was clearly lots of weight and strength and opposing forces involved, it looked like it was happening in slow motion.

    Ronjermy grimaced, it looked like the Warguana was going to save itself. But then there was a streak of brown and the three rocs of Tidah's stack slammed into it, one of them on the top hind leg, snapping it.

    They clung to it for a moment, adding their weight as it rotated towards the ground, then leapt off with triumphant screams.

    The Warguana and its two stacks of infantry tumbled into freefall.

    A cheer went up from Well Hung.

    That cheer quickly died as three more Warguana's entered the hex.

    "Where's that disbanded Foolamancer." Ronjermy thought to himself.

    It turns out, that mountain capable archers couldn't fire while scaling cliff walls, but they could fire from Warguana back. Arrows were incoming. One had to assume they were real and not veiled. Korses units ducked, and took care to watch the skies.

    Stacks of Knight archers fired from the firing ports in the building. Their targets were the plated lizawds and their riders. Those units needed to be croaked or at least softened up before they hit the walls.

    Rebeche responded to the enemy archers with a flood of flying fish. He had 50 in his stack. Ronjermy never wondered how the little units could operate almost as strong as heavies with the right leadership. That's just how it was, that's just how it worked.

    Right now, they streaked towards the archers on Warguana back. Ronjermy sent more fish to scour the cliffsides and air space for hidden units, but specifically in hopes of running into the Foolamancer, who had to have eyes on the hex from somewhere in the hex.

    Ronjermy pulled back Tidah and her rocs. "Tidah, leave off the Warguana's. There's a foolamancer out there. Maybe a Croakamancer. If you see any units down below start moving, find out who did it.

    The armored sea and rock twolls stood ready, getting a bit fidgety. A few of them had laid down their shields. Ronjermy was happy to let them face the oncoming horde however they wanted.

    But he wanted to increase their odds...

    Ronjermy motioned to the Marmen warlords. "Stack with the Rocs. Rape this cliff."

    They took to the air as Larry fired off another bolt of tower defense. It took the Warguana full in chest and neck, and sent it into free fall, taking another two stacks of archers with it.

    "Namer, find solid Warguana's with fish, set them up and drop em. I'm going to find that Foolamancer." Ensten was listening and coordinated communication between fish hitting Warguana's or not, and Namer.

    Rebeche bellowed at the 4 stacks of Knight Archers that weren't firing at anything. "Stack one and two, Fire at will! Stack three and four, target leadership."

    There was a lead line of plated lizawds racing towards the walls. Some had arrows sticking out of them. Some didn't. The archers on the roof deck targeted the ones that did.

    Things were getting hairy now.

    Another tower defense blast of croak lanced out. 'Thank the Titans for Larry and Cirque', he thought, 'this fight would be over without them. Granted, he wouldn't be having this battle right now if he didn't have them on his side.

    "Where is that Foolamancer?" Ronjermy didn't like Foolamancers.

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    Surprise Rear Entry - A Handful Of Units #76

    Riderless rocs divebombed the cliff face, their mass and momentum mowing infantry and heavies alike off the wall, turning them into fliers without the flight special. Ronjermy had envisioned exactly this when he was planning Well Hung's defense, well before popping it.

    The rocs didn't have to croak the heavies. They didn't have to win. They just had to break their grip, knock them loose. More like, well, knocking someone off balance with a rock, as opposed to beating them in a sword fight.

    Units fell past the rooftop deck, screaming and clawing desperately for a hold on something solid but grabbing only air.
    Rebeche's flying fish were quickly making the archers a non issue.

    Korsican forces were causing huge casualties to the other side. But units were getting close. Warguana's were frighteningly close. Larry blasted another, which left one almost upon them.

    Three more Warguana's plodded into the hex, bellowing cries of battle. Lizawd forces cheered and roared. More arrows flew from Warguana back, dropping fish and the first Roc casualty.

    Ensten spoke to Ronjermy's mind "Lord, enemy forces are underneath the tower. They'll be inside soon." Ronjermy frowned. He hadn't capped the bottom.

    Yet none of his forces had seen them approach the bottom side.

    Good veils.

    "Enemy on the walls!" came the cry. Ronjermy strode and turned away from that side of battle, striding towards a few stacks of pikers standing in formation. He drew his sword, and silently ordered them to the walls to support the twolls with their pikes. All the stacks moved in unison, except one, who momentarily after jumped forward to join them.

    Cheeky bastard.

    "Capture that unit!" He roared. The piker stacks immediately turned on the slow stack behind them, and attacked with the blunt end of their pikes. The hard wood passed through what looked like Korsican pikers, and real korsicans pressed forward, striking something solid. The swarmed the Foolamancer, bludgeoning him to the floor.

    Ronjermy approached, ignoring the battle and the war cries of his twolls and the clash of metal on metal and scale and flesh. "Knock him unconscious and bind him!"

    They swiftly did. Ronjermy turned hopefully to view the field of battle. The uncroaked Warguana was gone, but there were still eight warguana's in the field, and one was about to hit the walls. There were FAR more plated lizawd heavies than they'd seen. Looking back around, they were approaching from the far side too. His fish and all eyes looking had missed stacks of them. They were making their way towards the bottom of the tower.

    The lead Warguana was about to hit the wall. He was too close for Larry to hit, but he was full of arrows. "Larrry, how many more can you take?" "Two, Lord." Came the reply. "Take them!"

    If that Warguana hit the walls, bad things would happen. "Tidah, get this prisoner into Adlandis. Now!"

    Then he turned and ran towards the wall, where twoll heavies clashed with plated lizawd heavies and their riders. A stack of pikers had made it there for support.

    "Toss!" he cried. A twoll turned, dropped his axe, clasped his hands together into a stirrup, and as Ronjermy raced to it, lifted and launched Ronjermy up and over the wall. Ronjermy flew for a few moments, right at the giant's open maw. Ronjermy didn't see the twoll's head get bit off by an armored lizawd that
    came over the wall unopposed.

    The Warguana snapped it's head to bite him whole, but Ronjermy's Mjighty sword was swinging. It cleaved into the upper jaw of the great lizawd, causing it to snap it's head back in pain. Ronjermy kept his grip on Mjighty, and was flipped up into the air, took a hit of damage from being bounced off the cliff wall, but rebounded to come down onto the side of the beast.

    Lizawd King's stabber units had already unstrapped and were hanging on, ready to jump off into battle once the Warguana took one more step.
    Ronjermy swept his sword into them, severing hands and fists and straps. Units fell. Ronjermy left them behind and ran to the Warguana's head and neck. With both hands he plunged Mjighty through the tough scales and deep into the neck. The Warguana screamed in pain. Two Marmen landed behind him. "Got your back Lord!" one of them cried. Ronjermy didn't even know the warlord's name. Right now, he didn't care, but he stacked with them.

    He pulled his sword from the Megalo lizawd, and plunged it in again. Not just any sword, there was a lot of damage happening to the Warguana.. The stabbers were hanging on for their lives. The Marmen were stabbing their tridents into the side of the Warguana and keeping an eye on the panicked stabbers, who knew things weren't going well but couldn't do anything more than try to keep their grip.

    The Warguana took another step forward and reached an arm out towards the top of the tower wall. As it got a grip, Ronjermy again plunged Mjighty into its neck. The Warguana gave up the ghost and went limp. As gravity began to take hold, Ronjermy took a couple steps and leapt towards the wall. His platfofm fell as he pushed off, though, and his jump fell short, and fell a small distance. He landed roughly, belly-flopping onto the back of a plated lizawd, barely missing it's rider.

    The rider turned to strike him, but immediately fell to an arrow from Garrow and a thrown trident from one of the two Marmen Ronjermy was stacked with, who was now standing on the bulwark. Ronjermy pulled himself up, and rode the heavy as it climbed the wall. As it crested the wall, he smoothly cleaved it's skull with Mjighty and stepped adroitly off and onto the bulwark as it fell.

    There was space in the defenders. Twolls had fallen. Two stacks of pikers were manning the other wall, a few plated lizawds were about to hit them, it looked like.

    On the side of the major action too, Ronjermy looked, and forces were making like a line of ants towards the breach at the bottom of the tower. Even a Warguana was heading that way.

    A hand reached up and literally pulled him down off the bulwark. He landed poorly and fell. Rebeche held up one of the twolls' shields over his Overlord as a rain of arrows struck the wall and courtyard. "You are not a smart Overlord." Rebeche stated calmly. "And, we're about to get overrun."

    Ronjermy stood up as Larry towered another Warguana. One more left, that meant six Warguana's would need to be dealt with.

    He cleaved the skull of a plated lizawd, and took a peek over the wall as it slumped and fell. Infantry scaling horizontally along the cliff were now at the walls. Some came up, some went down towards the breach.

    "Rebeche, inside archers, slow them down." Rebeche ordered the two stacks of knights inside to start falling back, fighting for each stairway and hallway as they left.

    "Archers, fall back to the inner rings!" They moved. The inner rings protected the casting room. The Knights dashed to their positions, and quickly resumed firing at targets of opportunity to support the remaining twolls and pikers who were just now clashing with armored lizawds coming over the wall.

    Ronjermy pulled all his flying fish off patrol, angry that it had taken him so long. "Rebeche, fish to the far wall." He promoted the pikers to Knights just to give them a chance. Two stacks of advanced pikers against multiple, assumably stacked heavies wouldn't last too long. Knight pikers could possibly hold the
    line. The fish would help. Namer rushed over to stack with and lead them.

    The city's overlord could hear the rumble of damage and warfare in the structures of the city. Enemy troops were now entering through the bottom of the tower at will.

    Larry fired off his last stored spells from the tower defenses. A Warguana fell, just as one attached itself to the tower walls with a great *CRASH* and rumbling of the city. With each clawing grip on the tower wall, the Warguana pulled itself up. Twolls and pikers held their ground, arrows whizzing past them to sting the heavy invaders. It seems all the infantry were coming in through the bottom of the tower. He could just imagine warlords giving orders and sending troops into the arrows of the strategically retreating defenders. Locked doors added time to their approach as well.

    Flying fish buzzed in and out of sight, attacking lizawds and riders. They were taking losses from enemy archers and lizawds that had either gotten smart or received the order to counter attack their attackers.

    Two more rocs fell to arrows, the enemy was concentrating their fire. Flying fish fell as they screened.

    "Marmen, do your thing!" Ronjermy yelled. "Larry, get out!" One of the Marmen in Ronjermy's stack flew to the Casting room. Larry came out, the Marmen grabbed him, and they flew up and out and over and down towards Atlandis, happening so fast no enemy had an opportunity to target them.

    Four Marmen stacked and flew at an approaching Warguana. In near unison they each threw one of their smaller tridents at their target. Each time the small trident struck, it sparked and flashed. The Warguana roared but, as was the curse of great beasts, was too slow to run away. The marmen dodged arrows from the back of another Warguana, and launched another round of their small tridents. This time, the Warguana grunted and went limp. It's riders went wide eyed.

    The Warguana wasn't croaked, but it was stunned. And stunned Warguanas clinging to a cliff side…..don't stay clung for long. Unfortunately, the warlords watched it fall and weren't paying attention. Another round of arrows came from two Warguana's worth of archers, striking all four but two more than the rest. They fell, following the Warguana down.

    The other two dodged and scattered. A roc screamed on steep dive and scythed through the archers, Tidah following close behind, spearing the one remaining archer in the neck, savagely separating his head from his torso.

    In her other hand she still held two of Larry's specially charged tridents.

    Back at the walls, the Warguana pulled itself up, it's head rising up over the wall. Ronjermy was ready for it. Having strategically stacked with his Chief Warlord and Rebeche's few remaining flying fish, and striking with a fury at himself for having failed to do that when he last attacked a Megalo, he swept out with Mjighty in a horizontal arc and cleaved it's throat, breath now gargling through the new opening.

    As the Warguana whipped its head away in recoil, Ronjermy leaned in farther and swung horizontally again. He separated the huge beast's head from its shoulders.

    In silence, it let go and fell, leaning away like a felled tree, slowly, and heavily down.

    Ronjermy was sure that if all his forces weren't so busy fighting for their lives, they'd have cheered. He just two hit croaked a Megalo. Disband it, he wanted two of Mjighty.

    He stepped away from the wall. There were two Twolls left to guard it. They'd have a few moments until more plated lizawds crested it, as the Warguana had crushed several on its way up, and taken a few with it on the way down.

    "Cirque, your turn." From the Caster's room, she made a little motion with her hand, and a suddenly confused looking Warguana suddenly could no longer hold on. And fell off the cliff face, taking it’s gravity-bound troops with it.

    She thought back to him through Ensten. "Sorry Lord, Megalo's take a ton of juice. That's the only one I can get." Ronjermy had ordered her to add power to the air defense spells. She’s contributed enough to the cities defense.

    "That's fine. Now get your sweet ass to Atlandis." He ordered one of the Sirens to take her down, then to get back asap.

    'And next time, sweet Changeamancer, target the one carrying archers, not pikers.' He would have to talk to her about that.

    The Knights at the wall were just beginning to get stomped by heavies coming over the wall. "Pull them back, Namer." "Fall back to center!"

    Namer and the Knights quickly backpedaled. Rebeche, now fishless, backpedaled with the remaining two twolls. The archers pulled from extra quivers stacked amongst the center defensive walls, covering the retreat.

    The building thudded and shuddered. A Warguana had just latched on. Two more should be grabbing on any moment. Infantry and heavies were flooding into the tower from below, tearing through it and rising towards the roof deck. Rebeche was now stacked with the Knight archers judiciously retreating below.

    No more arrows were threatening the courtyard. Those archers were out of vector as the Warguana approached the tower.

    Rebeche ordered appropriate restacking. Two full stacks of Knight Archers including Garrow and Keye remained. A stack of Knight Pikers. Two rock twolls. Three Sirens and Namer was on the deck, two remaining Marmen were in the air, two Rocs were in the air, and four Ebon Swans were floating gracefully around, honking with concern.

    Another Warguana hit the tower.

    Heavies were coming over the edges. A single Knight archer ran from the stairwell to join them but was tackled by two enemy stabbers.

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    Getting High - A Handful Of Units #77

    "Time to go." Ronjermy commanded, willing Ensten his orders. "Sirens, clear the deck left. Archers, target right. All forward, Rebeche, with me."

    They followed orders, only Rebeche looking askance. The sirens marched forward, Screaming all their juice at the heavy plated lizawds approaching from and coming over the wall to the left. Ronjermy had had them save their juice just for this, and the enemy could not withstand their blasts. Short lived, but it bought a small amount of time.

    Archers marched forward, firing in military rhythm at the wall on their side at the wave of enemy cresting the wall. Namer shot up to the sky. The pikers stood their ground and steadied their pikes at the wave of Lizawd Man infantry just starting to flood from the stairwell.

    Ronjermy raced towards the caster room and leapt up the stepped garden pots. He made his way up to the steel frame that connected to the giant chain link. And he started to climb. Rebeche was bewildered but Duty bound to follow. He was surprised to find small hand and foot holds in the chain that made for easy climbing.

    He looked down to see the archers stop firing and break into a sprint, disappearing off the edge of the roof deck. The twolls looked none too happy about it, but broke from the line to quickly lumber towards the edge to tumble over and down. The sirens also took to the sky, but upwards, avoiding the heavies leaping at them. The pikers held their ground bravely protecting the retreat of the archers and twolls, but began to steadily fall as the enemy converged on them.

    Ronjermy and Rebeche kept climbing. Namer floated up along side them.

    When Rebeche looked down again, he saw the Ebon swans with at least a couple units on their backs, even one in a beak. The Rocs had each caught a twoll and were quickly making a non-graceful decent (Rocs were huge heavies, but Twolls were heavies was a barely controlled descent toward the water below). Kingfishers from Atlandis had caught other non heavy units. He looked back to his climbing, wondering if all the jumping units had been caught.

    Namer floated up next to them. Sirens circled above the roof top deck. Any time an archer started to fire up at the Overlord and warlords, a Siren would smash the arrow with sonic magic. Heavy Armored lizawds and human infantry milled around the deck. A plated lizawd started up the chain. More followed.

    Namer dropped down to attack the lead lizawd. It could scarce defend itself, forced to cling to the near vertical chain, while Namer enjoyed the bonuses gained by attacking from above and from the rear, with all the versatility his flight allowed him.

    He toyed with them, croaking three of the lizawds by the time Ronjermy and Rebeche made it to the top.

    Ronjermy ordered the Sirens to use up all their juice for as much croakage as possible.

    Below Rebeche could hear warlords urging lizawds up. Ronjermy didn't seem concerned. The city hadn't fallen, the chain must count as part of the garrison.
    The Warguana's were tearing into the city, one of them half way into it, another bashing it's head into the side and tearing at the arrow slits, one of them clinging to the top looking at the deck and up the chain. A warlord ordered it to go after the remaining Korse units.

    Ronjermy smiled. "That warlord's waaaayyyyy too slow. It's too late now."

    He grabbed onto a metal rung attached to a great metal plate the chain attached to. He stepped off, a foot on another rung, indicating Rebeche do the same.

    He put his hand to the plate and swung a near invisible grate to the side. Inside was a lever.

    "You wanted to see something impressive, Chief Warlord?"

    Rebeche nodded, and Ronjermy called Namer over. "Do the honors, if you would."

    Namer reached a hand in and pulled the lever. There was an immediate clicking and clanking and turning of a large gear.

    And the chain released.

    And with great slow mass, began to fall.

    Plated lizawds clung to it as it slowly undulated down to crash on the rooftop deck, crushing all the units in its path down into floors below.

    Well Hung was no longer. It was an occupied city (and instantly changed colors to those of the Lizawd King), swarming inside and out with enemy units, from the smallest stabber to the three Megalo lizards clinging to its exterior (and interior). The entire walled tower began to topple, slowly, so slowly, partially collapsing down on itself where the Warguana's had demolished the structural supports. There arose a cacophonous wail from the units inside, from human mouths to Megalo lizawd jaws alike as they realized what was happening.

    Ronjermy had to admit, it was an impressive sight, watching the city's slow, momentous topple off it’s connections to the cliff face, to float down, down, down, an entire city twisting and turning in freefall, throwing off units to fall like snow beside it, to splash in the lake far below.

    That was sure to make a wave.

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     Post Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:28 pm 
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    Smoke Break - A Handful Of Units #78

    The city was lost, but the battle was won.

    Namer and various other units leveled as the city swarming with enemy units slammed into the lake far below. Rebeche didn't, and Ronjermy wondered if perhaps he shouldn't have let Rebeche pull the lever instead.

    A large portion of the invading army had been killed on the approach to Well Hung, the majority of remaining units had been inside the tower city when it toppled to it's demise. A fair amount now clung to the cliff wall, starting to make a retreat.

    Ronjermy switched Chief Warlord status to Namer, and gave him his orders. Garrow and Keye returned on Roc back with a handful of Knight Archers on Kingfishers and Marmen warlords, and safely picked off the several remaining plated heavy lizawds on the cliff in striking distance of Korse’s Overlord, and then moved on to dropping the remaining infantry off the cliff walls. Ronjermy was determined that not a single unit would return safely to their side.

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    Probably More Than A Guy Can Take - A Handful Of Units #79

    "What do you mean, we can't turn him?" Ronjermy demanded.

    "He's a hired caster." Cirque the Turnamancer replied, casually leaning back against the hallway wall but intently keeping he attention on her Ruler. "He's on a contract and can't be turned."

    Ronjermy frowned. He hadn't known that.

    "But he's captured…"

    Cirque shrugged. "Unturnable, and I can't change that."

    "Well, we'll just have to see about that."

    He turned and pushed open the thick dungeon door into the hallway of prison cells. Cirque strode after him, the stiletto heels of her black knee high boots tapping methodically down the stone flooring in contrast to her Overlords muffled boot steps. Out of his black battle armor and now in comfortable clothing, he didn't look particularly regal, aside from the thin silver band that was his crown.

    They stopped and turned at a cell, a guard opened the steel barred door.

    Inside sitting at a small table was a thin male, clearly not a warrior. Behind him was a warrior, a Marman warlord resting the mid tip of his trident against the thinly clothed back of the man. His orders were to keep a physical feel of the man, regardless of what his eyes saw.

    The caster had his hands tightly bound and tethered by chain to the table. He wasn't going anywhere, but he was a foolamancer, so Ronjermy kept him under threat of pain at all times.

    Ronjermy dragged a chair over and sat in front of the prisoner.

    "So…I'm informed that you are unturnable."

    The caster looked unafraid. "It's contractual."

    "And capture doesn't negate that?"

    The caster shook his sandy blonde hair in the negative. "I'm contractually obligated until I return to the Magic Kingdom."

    Ronjermy tapped his fingers on the table rhythmically, and was silent for several moments. "And…what exactly do you think is going to happen to you now….that you're captured."

    "When I return to the Magic Kingdom via your gate, by terms of contract that will end my employment. I'm no threat to you now, and a neutral party."

    Ronjermy raised one eyebrow. "Interesting….you attacked my side, how exactly do you consider yourself a neutral party?"

    The foolamancer responded, nonplussed. "By contractual terms I am a neutral resident of the Magic Kingdom and only my services have been for hire."

    Ronjermy nodded. "But my good sir…you, and I, have no contract. You are an enemy caster captured while invading, without provocation I might add, my Side. You are my prisoner, with neither rights nor privileges nor protections. "

    The caster shook his head confidently and interrupted, "No, it doesn't work that wa---," Ronjermy launched forward and with a bare knuckled fist of signamaticaly significant proportions punched the thin caster in the mouth, hard, rocking the caster's head back violently, splitting his upper lip and knocking at least one tooth free. The rest of his torso jolted back yanked by the head and there was a sudden clanking of chains as they suddenly resisted teh caster's momentum and kept him from careening to the floor. Whatever else had been about to be said was after several heavy moments replaced with a growing wail of gargled pain.

    Long moments passed until the caster's shocked and agonized focus returned to Ronjermy, at which point he continued. "So there is no confusion, there is no return to the Magic Kingdom for you. Ever. There is no 'neutral'. You are an enemy and my prisoner. You will turn to my side, or you will croak. But your croaking will not be any time soon."

    Without taking his eyes off the caster, "I'm sending in a twoll to torture you to within an inch of croaking every moment of the next three turns. That's payback for intrusion against my side. Then you're going to tell me everything I want to know about the Lizawd King, and his arrangement with King Thispian."

    The caster, eyes wide with fear and growing realization, opened his bloody mouth to say something, which gained him another head rocking punch to the face. Ronjermy flicked the blood off his knuckles onto the floor. "Not negotiable."

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