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 Post subject: Men In Suits
 Post Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 8:33 pm 
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Men In Suits

The Dude
06/10/2015 04:05 am
Thanks for coming back!

06/10/2015 04:42 am
Welcome back! I've been a bit worried. Good to hear you're not mashed up by a lorry or something. And I'm looking forward to future strips.

06/10/2015 06:05 am
Welcome back!! I've missed you! Good return. I like it. Please don't disappear again, you're too much fun to have around....:)

06/10/2015 07:15 am
Good to have you back. You got us worried!

06/10/2015 08:11 am
Oh, sorry - were you away?

I hadn't noticed.

06/10/2015 08:48 am
Good to have you back Shoebox. Hope all is OK with you. Cheers from the UK. Mike

Brass Orchid
06/10/2015 10:25 am
The faceless men followed Shoebox back.
I'll get the hose. Somebody grab a broom.

06/10/2015 02:55 pm
Is this in any was inspired by Welcome to Night Vale?

Million zillion
06/10/2015 05:10 pm
Was Shoebox *really* on hiatus? Maybe he just wants us to think that... and he was here *the whole time*!

Either way, it's good to have you back.

06/10/2015 08:29 pm
Idea! Make this an ongoing series. Just, at random, use this clip art with new, ongoing dialogue. It just keeps going! It never ends! Just when you haven't seen it for months and you think you've seen the last, it returns!

Brass Orchid
06/11/2015 07:32 am
@Gummo: Yes... I can see it now. A graphic novel done in serial installments over the course of many years, with only one graphic image, in which all the action is revealed as dialog. The movie options alone should be worth millions.

06/11/2015 10:20 pm
It's a fine line

06/15/2015 08:55 am
GUY : "This webcomic?"
GUY 2: "Obviously a delusion caused by your desire to have Shoebox return."
GUY 1: "Or possibly swamp gas."

06/17/2015 04:42 pm
Dang, I didn't even notice you were gone; my Internet was down from the time the trees fully leafed out until a couple of days ago. Finally got the landlord to trim the offending tree.

Brass Orchid
06/17/2015 08:58 pm
He's working on the graphic novel, isn't he?
I shouldn't have mentioned the movie options.

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