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 Post subject: Kid
 Post Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 8:33 pm 
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Kid's Drawing

04/09/2015 04:18 pm
Extraneous "to" before "protecting." This is funny! Nice job Mom, overreact and crush the kid's confidence in his art, small price for an anti-war lesson!

04/09/2015 04:53 pm
The 'to' is fine. Not required but not excess.

04/09/2015 07:20 pm
hrm. Yeah okay.

04/09/2015 08:14 pm
This is fantastic for more than a few reasons.. it's good to imagine that kind of mom feeling dumb for being so unnecessarily critical

Max DeGroot
04/09/2015 09:14 pm
Okay, this one just took TWO left turns when I wasn't expecting them.

04/10/2015 01:33 am
I with wrybred, either the 'to' is extra, or the 'ing' on 'protecting' is extra, if either were removed it would be correct. I have a slight preference for 'to protect' over 'protecting' in this instance because it places a slightly greater emphasis on the /intentions/ of the men rather than on the results.

04/10/2015 01:36 am
More to the point, I like Jimmy's response.

And yes, I gave up water colors for colored pencils at about age 4 when I realized what it meant that no one knew what I'd painted unless I told them.

Brass Orchid
04/10/2015 07:51 am
The sombreros seem to be winning.

04/10/2015 08:47 am
"Seagulls and Sombreros" - coming up next on Bravo!

Adrian Ogden
04/10/2015 11:55 am
"..gave their lives to protecting.." is fine by me. It just changes the implied meaning of "gave" from "sacrificed" (they died for their country) to "dedicated" (they've dedicated their lives to the service of their country knowing it might get them killed; it just hasn't so far).

Brass Orchid
04/11/2015 09:56 am
Coming up on Lifetime, Splat Hat, the story of one love that burned brightly during the war of the Seagulls and Sombreros.
Brought to you by Crainiex Facial Tissues.

05/18/2015 12:24 am
Was this in your disk of clipart, or did you draw it?

I put it to you that you drew it.

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