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 Post subject: Man Carrying Rifle
 Post Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 8:33 pm 
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Man Carrying Rifle

Brass Orchid
02/04/2015 07:37 am
Windows on a RISC system? Well... now I have to ask... how did the elephant ever get into your pajamas?

02/04/2015 02:09 pm
Alternate ending: They didn't fit him very well.

02/04/2015 02:24 pm
Have you come into contact with any Australians recently? They're the leading cause of saying "good on ya, mate!"

02/04/2015 06:02 pm
I see what you did there...

Brass Orchid
02/07/2015 09:26 am
Not as devastatingly dapper as did the elephant, perhaps.
But devastatingly dapper all the same.
We're still holding Groucho on suspicion of funny.

Daniel Barkalow
02/08/2015 06:48 am
A snowpocalypse still counts as weird? I actually saw a forecast which essentially said, "The novel thing about this next storm is that it won't be a blizzard. There will be good visibility during the heavy snow."

03/09/2015 12:37 pm
“Good on ya” is a traditional Australian salutation, so I can only surmise that you've been around Aussies, or have been watching Aussie TV shows.

03/16/2015 02:10 am
Tsk tsk, my dear chap. Do you not know that it is spelt pyjamas?

My cursed browser sides with you, though, and gives me the vulgar American.

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