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 Post Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:57 pm 
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Iron Tides

Take the role of a viking chieftain and lead a warband of loot-hungry vikings into the dangerous and mysterious lands of the Iron Tides! Sail on a ship with a viking crew, engaging in battle to get loot and glory, as well as the necessary supplies to keep surviving the trip... Will your adventures become grand tales that will be told for generations? Will you be able to make sacrifices like tossing weak crew overboard to make more room for crucial supplies or more wealth to bring back home? Will your foes fall before you and your enemies learn to fear your legacy?

Will you survive the Iron Tides?

This is a turn-based, tactics game where you enter rogue-like seas to plunder loot and earn glory to build up your own home of Norhaven! We're entering the second-half of our development, and we're looking to get some community support to really knock this game out of the park!

Begin your adventure in Norhaven, where you choose your ship, build your crew, and gather necessary supplies before launching into the Iron Tides.

Each trip into regions will be brand new as the maps are randomly generated. Build optimal strategies for surviving as long as you can before either heading home or having your whole warband sent to Valhalla!


Enter combat against overwhelming and powerful foes, using your abilities and team-work to take the day! Each viking has 4 unique abilities for their class, and a pool of differing upgradable skill combinations unique to that viking!


Use our fury system to chain together attack combinations between vikings, and shields to create nearly impenetrable walls of defense against you enemies! Flank and outmaneuver enemies for maximum impact! Defeat your foes before you are overwhelmed by their waves of back-up!


Interested in trying it out? We have a demo for PC and Mac!

We're in our last week of Kickstarter funding and this weekend we're putting together a Twitch livestream so you can meet the crew; Crash Wave Games co-founder Carina Kom, co-founder Sam Raski, and myself (a volunteer recruit). We're planning to be up to some fun shenanigans, so check us out October 29-30!

Take a look at the game, let us know what you think, and have a great day! Stay ruthless!

Brick walls are there to prove to you how bad you want it. Or they're a hint from the DM. Interpret wisely.

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