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 Post subject: Re: Book 2 – Page 63
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:37 pm 
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Oberon wrote:
I've presented nothing but evidence, and no opinions. You, on the other hand, have countered each and every in-strip case I've presented with a very convenient and long laundry list of your opinions on why each of my points of evidence should not count.
This still about what rulers value the various things casters do at right? If rulers place a value on the non-combat work that casters do above that casters upkeep?

Alright then on to the "examples" and why they don't show what you want them to show: One the MK casters fighting, Janice and Marie aren't rulers. No one cares what they do. We are trying to figure out what rulers, the ones that pay casters, think. Marie and Janice are free to risk themselves for whatever cause they think worthwhile and it says nothing about what rulers think. Jojo never attacked, he may have just wanted to give Parson a free ride home; why would Jojo believe he was in danger if that was indeed the case? If you offer someone a ride home do you consider you may be shanked? Finally, Sizemore did put himself in danger for his side; but this just means that his risk-benefit analysis was favorable to doing this; but that is obviously the case. Parson is more valuable that Sizemore, assuming the caster attacked and Parson would lose*, Sizemore and his friends could likely save Parson's life (see Janice's attack). Hence we have a small chance of losing Sizemore against the larger chance of saving Parson. The choice is obvious. This mearly tells us that Sizemore is less valuable than Parson, but... Parson has a freaking super-mathamancer on his arm, among his super-warlord skillz. This was simply minimizing what was likely lost.
*Note the caster may have been friendly or lacked the power to overcome a lone level 2 warlord. If either of these was the case Sizemore was in no significant danger and provide no significant benefit.

On to Vanna. Why is Vanna fight here? Is it for cash or for revenge? I truly doubt Vanna was randomly the best turnamancer for the job. If she is doing this for vengeance then it doesn't mean she would take similar risks for just cash. Furthermore a turnamancer increases production by 50% (not sure if that is across the whole kingdom or just one cities production), but it seems very possible the rations harvested from an extra unit every few turns might pay for the turnamancer.

Wanda: She is not acting as a caster. She is not valued at all for her croakamancy, but her attunement. Therefore when we want to analyze the value of normal casters she doesn't really count.

Finally we have a bunch of casters risking themselves in the final battle. Well guess what? Its the final battle, they are getting risked. If that battle is lost the casters are lost as well. So we can either risk the casters, and minimize that risk by placing the casters in the final battle, or STILL risk the casters but have higher risk. A case were risk was minimized to the casters shows nothing.

Again rulers normally consider the caster's upkeep worth it when those casters are sitting in the capital. Not counting final battles. (Which don't count because your actually minimizing the risk of losing your casters.) Sizemore and Maggie hardly ever fight. Until this one battle Jack has stayed safe at home. Wanda stayed back until she stopped acting as a caster. The dittomancer, and dollamancer have hid completely. The healomancer was deemed worth it in the capital, right until they lost the natural allies. The hatomancer stayed hidden even in the final battle. And we have tons of caster flavors that would seem serve almost there whole purpose off the battle field. Thinkamancers, lookamancers, predictamancers, the summoning of findamancy, moneymancers. Even straight up blasters such as the shockamancers are kept away from the battle field by carpool. All signs, I think point to rulers placing great value on casters even when those casters do not risk themselves, certainly they value a caster's non-combat functions above there upkeep.

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