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 Post subject: Re: Book 4 - Page 108
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:07 pm 
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Turtlewing wrote:
Dewey the Signamancer wrote:
Well actually if they had succeeded in croaking Wanda they would have just ended up facing something even worse later that would replace her. Probably a big part of why the Predictamancers aren't on board with this whole thing. And seriously when you have dozens of people who can see the future telling you that something is a bad idea you should probably start to reconsider if you want to go through with it. :wanda:

Come to think of it I don't think the Predictamancers are even part of Those Who Matter. Which really says something about how ass backwards the Magic Kingdom is. The Stuffamancers get two seats at the table but the people who can see the fucking future don't even get to serve in an advisory role? Man no wonder this place is about to crash and burn.

Predictamancy is completely useless most of the time.

Most things "don't matter" so predictions about them can't be made. Things that do matter enough to be predicted will hapen so you can't avoid them, but you don't get a step by step of how to get there along with the prediction.

You'd need to predict something neutral or beneficial to yourself but that requires you to take an easily determined action you would not normally take to enable the prediction to come to pass, in order for having gotten the prediction to be a net gain over not bothering.

Predictamancers are kind of like Carniemancers. In the MK, their discipline simply isn't respected nor considered useful (in terms of paying upkeep). Worse, any Predictamancer in the MK either failed to predict the fall of their side, or were unable to use their predictions to stop it from happening.

Sure, a lot of casters understand that predictions are limited, but that only reduces their value. What good is it, in the MK, to receive a prediction about something that you can't do anything about? It isn't like outside, where it just might let a side adjust its strategy and survive a little longer.

I think a lot of people, given a chance to know the future, would happily decline if they also knew they could do nothing to change it. It takes a special sort to both know when and how they are going to die, and make all the funeral arrangements in advance so they can enjoy the festivities before they go (like the witches in Discworld).

Those That Matter have influence and value (wealth) in the MK. Other disciplines have a hard time sustaining themselves, and really can't do much unless they leave the MK to make income. Or else, they are "on welfare," supported by others of their class (like Date-a-mancers).

Carniemancers have nothing to offer, other than entertainment and emotional support. Even if you know that the Carnie is playing you, it is nice to have someone be your fun friend for a while and make your miserable existence in the MK bearable. Not all the residents of the MK are filthy rich rock stars, after all.

The MK isn't run by the Quorum Of The Wise. Every discipline could offer insight and information to help keep the MK running smoothly. Nope, money and power are the things which really Matter in the MK. No rulers, but there still are Bosses who demand respect and exercise authority.

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     Post subject: Re: Book 4 - Page 108
     Post Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:44 pm 
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    Whispri wrote:
    Not Me wrote:
    I was also thinking Wanda was going to pull out some kind of repatriation through her strings being attached to Lillith's, but then I remembered that to cut the "prisoner string", Wanda used the Arkenpliers (in Thinkspace).
    "Local" repatriations can be done by any unit, just by stacking with the prisoner. I'm not sure if Ansom's repatriation was "local" (stacking with Stanley after escaping from the Megalo's grasp) or "remote", but I'm leaning to "local".
    As I understand it, repatriation needs "string cutting". The only (other) "Remote" repatriation we've seen needed "string cutting" at a distance (Wanda and Maggie were physically in Spacerock while Lillith was in Charlescomm).
    A Master Class Thinkamancer needs to touch their target to cut their string and only a State 7 can cut threads at a distance (but from that update I'm guessing their power amounts for the MK only (or in-hex thread cutting) and not for the whole of Erfworld, since Roger claimed "the Great Minds could rule the Magic Kingdom" and not "the Great Minds could rule Erfworld"). So I would expect that Wanda alone won't be able to replicate the power of a State 7 without having the Arkenpliers with her.

    Wanda's already replicating something a State 7 cannot accomplish, by seeing through the eyes of the archons, without using juice and without pliers in hands. Does she need the pliers for anything? It could be that bonding with them was a permanent upgrade and now serve merely as her royal sceptre equivalent. She then threw Maggie out of mindspace without using the pliers. And it's not like she's going up against Charlie this time around.

    Disclaimer: Keep in mind everything below are just my conjecutres/theories on how this actually works and could be wrong

    The way I see this a caster needs to have a string attached to something/someone to be able to pull something of the sort.

    Bill attached his and Maggie's string to the doll, so both casters could somehow perform things through it, Maggie even being a prisoner.

    Maggie has a string attached to Jed, so they can interact between each other.

    Charlie could perform things through the action figure due to the string between overlord and side unit.

    In Book 0, Wanda could see Jillian through the mannequin. I'm assuming that was by attaching one of her strings to it (I need to go check, but I believe she was assisted by some other caster to pull that off, she didn't do it all on her own). Also, my guess is Maxwell had his strings attached to the golems and that is why when he croaked, they ceased to be "intelligent" since those strings stopped being there.

    Wanda has strings attached to every decrypted including decrypted archons and Ansom. She could see through the archons thanks to the thinkamancy in them, but needed the link with Maggie to see through Ansom.

    Charlie has strings attached to his archons and can see through them.

    I'd guess that if any of the Great Minds had a string attached to an archon, they could see through them as well without the need of a State 7.

    What I was referring to in the post you quoted was more to "cutting" a string than to manipulating it.
    So far we've seen many forms of thinkamancy manipulating strings to perform different things (mentioned above).
    But the only ocassions we've seen a string cut were Bunny cutting Don's string (she needed touch for that), the GMTTA cutting the strings of Ivan and Claud at a distance (but in the same hex) and Wanda (linked with Maggie for the thinkamancy element she was lacking) using the arkenpliers to remotely (from many hexes away) cut the "prisoner string" that held Lillith tied to her captor (Charlie), repatriating her.
    Of those 3, the first two are cutting the "life string". The third one was cutting the "prisoner string". So I'm not sure if they work the same way, but that would be my guess.

    As an aside note, the other "string cutting" related both to the "life string" and "prisoner string" I can think of are
    * when someone croaks in battle, they get their "life string" cut by someone/something (arrows/rocks/volcanos, etc.) in the same hex (even though the arrow or volcano was triggered from a different hex)
    * when someone gets repatriated ("prisoner string" cut) by stacking with an allied unit (I'm assuming you have to be on the same hex to stack with someone)

    Those two can be performed by non-casters (croaking someone or stacking with a prisoner) and would be some kind of "natural thinkamancy" to be able to cut those strings.

    My other guess regarding a State 7 is that they would be able to manipulate "any" string in the hex (the way they can cut a "life string" at a distance) meaning they don't need to be "directly attached" to the string they are manipulating/cutting or that they are somehow attached to "every" string in the hex while in a State 7.

    Writing this gave me the chills if somehow the Arkendish can replicate that power of the State 7 and Charlie can manipulate/cut any string in the hex he is in. I'd guess he even doesn't have that power or doesn't know he has it, or he would have use it against Lillith when she was pointing a gun at his head. But if he somehow discovers that power, it would be really difficult to attack him since he could potentially cut the "life string" of any enemy unit entering his hex.

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     Post Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:33 pm 
    This user posted the comment of the month
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    Xellos wrote:
    Heffenfeffer wrote:
    Eh, getting old beats the alternative.

    Getting young?

    Suddenly stopping getting old, and then being put in a pine box wearing your best suit.

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     Post subject: Re: Book 4 - Page 108
     Post Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:47 am 
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    You're getting old beats? For alternative rock?

    Well, that's better than sick beats...

    (I'll just go join The Panda who "eats leaves, and shoots" now :-)

    Milestone Goal 5: Linda gets healthy again.

    (... Help me assemble my army for the great war, your donations will give an army of dwagons a good home against the army of darkness ... not as important.)

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