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 Post Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:49 pm 
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Giggles - A Handful Of Units #41

Ronjermy expected the laughing.

King Thispian had quite the deep, full throated laugh. "You haven't had a side long enough to pop enough troops to begin to even slow me down."

Ronjermy replied through Ensten's thought connection. "Perhaps I have allies. Perhaps I've been attracting barbarians and mercenaries. Perhaps I didn't start this side all by myself. Perhaps this Capital site provides a natural pop bonus."

Thispian chuckled. "I appreciate your mettle, barbarian. Clever clever! A bluff, a con, the truth, a misdirection, what am I to think? Well done! Good show!"

Ronjermy offered "You should come along and watch. Add your bonus to your troops. They'll need it."

"Ohhh, ha ha ha, maybe I should!"

"Plus, you'll be out of your capital when I attack it."

And more laughter.

Ronjermy let the laughter die down before he added, "Perhaps Donteder told me all your secrets before I leveled my chief warlord on him."

Then long moments of silence before, in a voice with all humor gone "I might have let you suffer on just for the entertainment you provide. You're the only interesting thing that's happened in the last 1000 turns. But now I'm going to squash you so the others don't get it in their little heads that I tolerate even the smallest amount of dissent."

"Last chance Thispian. It would be wise to keep your side a far distance from mine. You are not a match for me."

Laughter without humor, and then the connection ended.

Ensten sat next to the lounge chair, his back to his Overlord and his bare feet soaking in the fish pool.

"I wish he would believe you." The thinkamancer said quietly.

Ronjermy looked over at his caster. Ensten didn't hide his dislike of war and violence and expansion. Ronjermy didn't mind that. He trusted that even that viewpoint would prove valuable. He replied "But he won't."

"The real question is, is how willing is he to entertain the possibility that I may have been telling the truth. Will he bring it all, will he bring a minimum, or will it be somewhere in the middle"

Ensten nodded. "We'll know soon enough."

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     Post Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:59 pm 
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    It's Morning, Guess What I Want - A Handful Of Units #42

    When Ronjermy awoke the next morning, he had Ensten contact Queen Promisa.

    "Feeling better, my dear?"

    She sounded angry. "What do you want?"

    "I want to know what Thispian is up to. I want to know if your air units are going to be part of the attack."

    "You want. Isn't that great. You want to know how many troops are coming to destroy you."

    Ronjermy didn't take offense at her anger. "Actually, I want to know if your side is going to be weakened or not after I wipe out the attacking force."

    There was a long pause.


    "You may want to plan a counter attack on Thispian's side once he is weakened."

    Silence again.

    Ronjermy continued "Do you have troops garrisoned in Atlan's capitol, and other cities?"

    After silence, "Yes. He keeps them there to dilute my strength and bolster his defenses."

    "You may want to start thinking about how to pull them out or use them to advantage. Now what do you have coming with Thispian."

    Ronjermy felt her resistance fall. "Nothing. I have almost no air capable units. Thispian prevents that to maintain air superiority."

    Ronjermy nodded. He hadn't considered that. Thispian was clearly gifted at dominating his neighbors. But Ronjermy was betting he was taking his local superiority for granted.

    "And what is Thispian bringing?"

    "Most everything, it looks like. He interrogated me about the visit. He's playing it cool, but I can tell he's angry. He is leaving a necessary minimum for each city's air support and moving the majority of his available flyers, including his Capitol's air units, moving them towards you."

    "Does he take a personal hand? Is he coming?"

    "Historically not. His princes 'enjoy' a hands on approach. Prince Argiz and Chief Warlord Shriw will lead. If you thought Donteder was cruel and arrogant... these two are dangerous. Next turn, Lord Ronjermy, they will be there next turn."

    "Thank you Queen Promisa. Perhaps soon Evony will be a land of more than just empty promise and hopes of fulfillment. "

    After a few moments, she said weakly "You cannot win..."

    "Perhaps. But if I do, are you prepared to start a campaign for freedom from Thispian's rule?"

    He hoped she wouldn't always add this much silence to their conversations.

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     Post Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:38 am 
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    Impressively Large - A Handful Of Units #43

    It was an impressively large host. Thispian clearly had decided to make a statement. Stacks of flying tigers, Eagle-headed Gwiffons, and Vultewes and Sylvans, most of those rideable units carrying cavalry of various types; knights, and squires, archers, even a few jesters.

    Ronjermy imagined units in Fetex and Evony looking up at the host of flyers as they cast shadows on city hexes.

    Ronjermy imagined a fast end to his side if things didn't go as planned. Purely on a numbers and leadership bonus standpoint, he was far outnumbered and heavily outgunned.

    As Promisa regularly updated him with information she was gathering, he had already known that Thispian was sending everything he had from Evony, Fetex, and this side of Atlan. Taking either every flyer from or leaving a skeleton crew, he emptied his occupied cities, as well as his own but for those in the capital and far borders with Dialup and Dewbi.

    Ronjermy guessed that Thispian was not just making a show of force, but perhaps also daring Fetex and Evony to think they could fully reclaim their cities. When that great host returned to repopulate the temporarily abandoned posts, Thispian would win any battle.

    The flyers didn't block out the sky as Poz's air force had, but from where Ronjermy stood on the garden deck, it was impressive enough. He found that anytime enemies with drawn weapons approached him, that counted as impressive.

    One of the faults of Well Hung was that there was no retreat for the Overlord should his plan fail. He was gambling his life and his entire Side.

    "That's more than I was expecting," Ronjermy thought to himself, frowning .

    From safe inside Castle Korse, Ensten's words entered his thoughts. "You should have kept Mjighty on you." The Overlord nodded mentally, and wished that he had.

    Ronjermy stood in front of his four bodyguards, each Siren standing tall and proud and at attention, in shining silver chainmail bikini's, silver tiaras holding their hair back, barefoot, each with a slender silver lance.

    Six Marman warlords, including Aquan, flanked the Sirens, bare-chested, bare footed, tridents at a uniform angle with the Sirens' lances.

    Four Rocs sat perched on the beam exiting the mountain horizontally that Well Hung's chain dropped from. They watched with patient but intense expressions.

    Six stacks of Well Hung archers, stationed far to the left and right of their Overlord, bows loaded and ready to draw. Each of the Marmen warlords on the roof led one of the archer stacks.

    To Ronjermy's right and slightly behind, stood a big, swarthy man. Encased in thick ebon black armor with a circle of silver centered high on the broad black breast plate, the warrior stood easily, resting both hands on the haft of a huge battle axe.

    Ronjermy, wearing matching black armor, didn't look at him but felt his presence. "Certainly a different perspective on Outer Korse this time, wouldn't you say Rebeche?"

    The big warlord snorted once. "I would say so, Lord. Though it looks like we're outnumbered. " He looked at the oncoming forces. "Horribly, horribly outnumbered."

    Ronjermy kept his face expressionless, his hand resting on the handle of an unfamiliar weapon hanging from his belt. "Yes, but you know how that goes..."

    Rebeche snorted once more. "I very much hope that you're about to impress me with a cunning maneuver that will save us all."

    The flyers got closer and Ronjermy and Rebeche watched as stats started to become visible. Rebeche added. "You do have something that will impress me, right?"

    The schmuckers he had spent to hire a Turnamancer from the Magic Kingdom to turn Rebeche into Ronjermy's highest ranking warlord would hopefully be worth it.

    "You'll find out very, very soon."

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     Post Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:35 am 
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    Taking A Pounding - A Handful Of Units #44

    Prince Argiz and Chief Warlord Shriw brought their forces in fast, wasting no time beginning the attack.

    Ronjermy could see the cruel gleams in their eye as they soared in, saw them relishing the expectation of an easy victory. A long line of stacks came full speed at Well Hung's rooftop landing, great gwiffons gwiffing, flying lions and tigers roaring, men screaming war cries, etc.

    It was very dramatic.

    With Thispian's flair for the theatric of course. Long colorful banners trailed behind the spears they were attached to. A number of cavalry units blew horns, announcing the attack. All their boots were polished. Ronjermy expected them to parade around in formation for a while before attacking. But a swift and direct assault it was.

    "Overconfident," Ronjermy thought. Still, ultimately, to attack, one had to attack. He chided himself to never consider any enemy an easy victory. And to never attack without a secret weapon, whenever possible.

    Korse's forces stood motionless, watching the wall of attacking host quickly close the distance, like a tsunami wave of croak on wings..

    Overlord Ronjermy raised his arm, his gauntleted hand a fist.

    Behind him, hidden in the shadows of the fruit trees, Cirke completed the casting of the spell she had been holding ready.

    Suddenly Argiz's and Shriw's eyes widened, mimicked by a dozen other warlords, as suddenly their heavy mounts could no longer hold themselves aloft and dropped on a sudden vector that pulled them swiftly below the rooftop.

    Ronjermy could no longer see them, but heard the heavy, crashing thumps as their forward and downward momentum smashed most of them against the unyielding stone walls of the city.

    Ronjermy wished he could see them fall. But there was no time to look. He was busy watching the enemy stats as confusion set it, but still they came full speed.

    He knew Larry the Shockamancer was manning the air defenses and was not surprised as the front stacks suddenly slowed as if caught in a thick substance.

    With sudden suspension of momentum, stacks of flyers began to pile up from behind.

    At just about the amount of time it took a unit to fall three hundred yards and impact against the steep jagged rock of the mountain below the city, the stats of the invading units dropped. Significantly.

    Ronjermy pumped his fist in the air.

    He couldn't help an instinctive wince and turn of his head as Larry set the second phase of Well Hung's magical air defense off. With the sound of a vast, wet, slurpy explosion, the invisible quagmire blasted out. Invisible (to Ronjermy's eye, anyway), but he felt the concussive displacement of air and the results on the incoming stacks of fliers and their riders was immediate and devastating.

    Without the defensive bonuses of their suddenly absent and croaked royal prince, level 10 chief warlord, a dozen other warlords of various levels, and the heavies they had been mounted on, the flyers and riders had drastically smaller bonus to resist the blast. With forward momentum stalled just at the epicenter of the air defense's blast, the bulk of the invading force took the full impact of the blow.

    And the full splash of wet bits that blasted back from the weakest of them hit those in the rear.

    It was an intense burst with almost no range. But with the morass of magic they had flown into that packed them together, fully half the attackers were instantly destroyed.

    More that were just stunned, fell.

    More that weren't killed or stunned but who sat on mounts that were, dropped.

    Again, Ronjermy would have enjoyed watching the majestic visual of that great change of momentum and direction, but the rules were the rules. After the schmucker shot comes the clean up.

    He dropped his fist and freed his weapon, a spike footed handle attached to twin short lengths of solid chain attached to two now freely swinging, heavy metal balls. While he freed his weapon, a tight volley of arrows reached out into the front ranks of oncoming attackers.

    In unison the Rocs screamed a hunting cry as the dropped from their perch.

    A seemingly endless stream of flying fish and twelve warlords again fountained from the innocent looking garden fish pond.

    The Sirens opened their mouths and let loose their offensive magic, a sonic scream that ripped the air in waves out in front of them.

    The air defense spell was spent, offering no resistance. Enemy flyers that were still caught in the momentum of their attack came onto and over the deck, right into the path of the Siren's combined oral attack. Some were broken apart. Some tumbled to the deck; the rest met the head on attack of the warlords, flying fish, and the next of many volleys from six stacks of archers with a loud and audible *crunch* and clash.

    The Rocs in tight unison dropped into some of the remaining oncoming stacks with an crash of stone on soft bodies and armor, taking a horrible toll with their claws and their weight, dropping out of sight below the deck and taking units and screams with them.

    "Now Ensten." Ronjermy sent that command to his Thinkamancer, and then waded into the pile up of bodies across the deck, followed by Rebeche and his battle axe, both hacking their way through the downed and wounded and keeping an eye out to engage upwards to hit at flyers as they could.

    Ronjermy missed the feel of Mjighty in his hand. Still, he felt a certain amount of pleasure when he swung his heavy balls into the anguished face of an enemy Sylvan and watched her go down heavily, choking and gagging.

    The air was a chaos of sounds. Various wings flapping, screams, grunts, snarls, war cries, the slice of blades and arrows through air and flesh, bodies landing heavily. Ronjermy took pleasure when his battle mind noticed that his warlords fought without noise; silent but deadly, focused, and effective.

    He was quickly joined by his Siren bodyguard, the two that were left. With the warlords and flying fish fighting the low air battle just overhead, the Sirens stuck near their Overlord, lancing opponents, targeting others with smaller targeted use of their mouths, using up the last of their juice.

    Almost 10 minutes it lasted, but totally one sided after about 5 minutes. Unled units forced to attack until the very end threw themselves at the now superior numbers, and then it was suddenly quiet.

    Surviving warlords and at least a hundred flying fish rose and circled the airspace, patrolling for stragglers and veiled units. The untouched archers came forward, slinging their bows and drawing their short swords to finish off any wounded.

    Rebeche hefted his axe to his armored shoulder, surveying the rooftop covered with bodies sprouting arrows like wheat. The bodies of flying fish filled the gaps between larger forms. Two Rocs now sat perched on the beam over the city.

    Ronjermy couldn't help but notice how some of the bodies, foe and friend alike, lay together, some with arms around each other like lovers in a final embrace.

    Rebeche was not even breathing heavily. Ronjermy liked this experienced warlord more and more.

    He thought it was fitting to give him the honor of his next order. "Rebeche," he pointed to a group of croaked flying lions, "Make me some rugs out of those."

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     Post Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:35 pm 
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    Panty Raid - A Handful Of Units #45

    A livid King Thispian lunged and pierced the green tinged skin of a bare chested attacker, feeling the feeble resistance of the tough flesh of a heart give way to the thin piercing point of his blade. Then he turned and ran through the great doors of his throne room and down the stairs to the garrison below. A few remaining squires closed ranks behind him and even got the doors closed before they fell to a tight swarm of flying fish and Marmen tridents.

    It had been a surprisingly rough but one sided battle for the tower. Having risen from the river under cover of a burning dock and smoke, they had made it to the tower airspace unnoticed, their attack fully surprising the archers and air units in the tower zone. Namer wasn't sure why he had taken such heavy losses, but he lost fully two hundred fish and five warlords. He shouldn't have against the small numbers of units and flyers, but he did. It had been a vicious battle, and oddly so.

    Namer suspected some sort of passive magic defense was in place. Usually a caster manned the air defences. Namer knew they had a successful sneak attack, but there was -some- defense in place. They should have easily swarmed the defenses that Thispian had kept at his capital.

    Namer was thankful his Lord Ronjermy had given him Mjighty for this mission. With it he felt nearly invincible, and now that he knew its secret, it was not surprising why so many flying beasts fell to him. In his first real battle, it also became clear how attaining a higher level was crucial for creating a more powerful flying fish contingency.

    Now standing in the throne room after croaking its defenses, the tower, throne room, and royal chambers now belonged to the Korsicans. For the moment, at
    least. Namer looked to his 9 surviving warlords. To half he said "Barricade the door. To the rest, "Plunder."

    The hundred remaining flying fish circled the upper reaches of the great tower hall while the warlords went to work pulling the throne room apart. Some pieces went to hold the door, some just went to the floor as the warlords grabbed valuables. There were many large barricade-worthy parts around, from the stage and backstage Thispian enjoyed producing and watching plays from.

    Whalor himself led the raid into King Thispian's bedroom.

    Before long, there was a pounding on the great doors, as Atlan's ground units returned to take the tower.

    Whalor and two other warlords returned, hefting large bags and a couple small chests. Whalor pulled a large candle down from a wall scone and started sealing one of the chests.

    Namer looked to his returning Warlords as the pounding started to buckle the door.

    "Time to go. Topple the throne. Break it. Fire the stage and anything else that will go up."

    One of the warlords asked as they broke away to that task, "No way we can take the city?"

    It wasn't that foolish a question.

    Atlan had had first move of the turn, which he used to attack Well Hung. It was also their Allies turn, and Thispian's eager anticipation of hearing the news of
    Ronjermy's fall was brutally interrupted with news from his units occupying neighboring Evony and Fetex. When news of the successful defense of Well Hung reached Queen Promisa through Ensten, Thispian's 'allies' had risen up, taking prepared actions and croaking all his occupying ground units and either destroying or driving off his air units.

    Even hearing this news was interrupted with the sounds of fighting in his own courtyard as the relatively small contingents of Evonian and Fetexian guard units set fire to the river docks, grain silo's, storage rooms, and other strategic buildings, and then fought strategically to keep them burning. The smoke was an annoyance that filled the air around the entire level 5 city. The rebellion was put down quickly once the situation was assessed, but that had taken far too long, as the fires had been set in secret and the attackers waited until the most opportune moment to draw arms.

    But the fires and smoke continued well after their turn ended. Ground units were put to work fighting the fire. Atlans' casters were no help with that.

    Namer was upset that they had not had an opportunity to croak any casters. Still, he had leveled to level 5 when they had taken the tower. Croaking Prince
    Donteder hadn't taken him over, but apparently had gotten him close enough Namer was sure some of his level 1's and 2's leveled with him.

    King Thispian had single handedly killed three Marmen when they broke into the throne room from the outer tower, shrugging off the flying fish that swarmed over the infantry suddenly thrown into a role of protecting their King from surprise attack.

    Namer had to admit King Thispian was a great warrior. And he knew he was a far distance from having a chance of overpowering that armed royal in a one on one fight.

    As the doors to the throne room began to buckle, the warlords took flight, out through the remains of a huge stained glass window that they had come in through, followed by a stream of fish, most with blood on their large sharp teeth. Out into the smoke clouding the now uncontested sky above the city.

    Like a great dark fog, smoke covered the whole of the level 5 capitol city of Atlan. Namer couldn't see the ground, only the walls of the city until they disappeared into the smouldering remains. But he knew where he was going.

    Towards the river they flew, keeping tight together. Vague red glows showed that fires still burned. The cries of soldiers and beasts wafted through the smoke, echoing diffusely off the city walls.

    He momentarily considered sending the remaining flying fish down to battle. They couldn't take the city due to sheer numbers on the ground, but hidden in the smoke and the confusion, they could do great harm, maybe even take the whole thing, unlikely as that was.

    Still, it would be satisfying and would add cost to Thispians recovery. And Ronjermy's directive had been to protect the warlords but consider the fish expendable. All three factors fit his orders.

    Down the fish went, closing their wings and catching the swell of gravity, disappearing into the dark smoke. Soon the cries of work to fight the fire turned to screams as sharp toothed and strong jawed fish, led by a level 5 chief warlord, including those in Namer's personal stack, attacked Atlans in the smoke.

    The warlords slipped through the worst of the billowing smoke, struggling to breath. When Namer figured he was near the dock, he recalled his small warriors.

    Straight up the surviving 60 went, then vertical to rejoin the warlords.

    The smoke drifted down the river, and the warlords followed, then dropped silently into the flowing water, smoke washing from their skin and gills.

    Then, having disappeared from the battlespace with none having seen them come or go, they dove deep and headed back upstream at full spead. Far before they exhausted their move, they settled to the bottom, and ended turn for the night. Hidden in the deep water even better than they had been in the smoke, none found them, and none even thought to look for them there.

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     Post Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:45 pm 
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    The Morning After - A Handful Of Units #46

    Ronjermy and Rebeche stood on the deck, looking out over the vista and valley. The sun was rising, breakfast would pop soon, and soon the deck would be clear.
    Armor, weapons, and anything of value had been stripped from the corpses, and many had been pushed over the side. Ronjermy hadn't bothered to hang corpses from the deck as he had done to Donteder. They were just going to vanish soon.

    Ronjermy had allowed his units to take trophies as they wished, along with those that he ordered for himself. Many Gwiffons and winged lions were missing heads, skins, teeth, paws, and claws. The Sea Twolls and the Rock Twolls that would pop this morning would be busy.

    The Turnamancer was still on the payroll, and Ronjermy was using him to replace his losses side-wide. Much of Donteder's ransom was going towards the hiring of the Turnamancer and the replacement of lost units, as well as new ones. Linking that Turnamancer and Usban was well worth it.

    The four warlords Ronjermy had previously ordered camped down the mountainside had stripped the bodies of the fallen, including Chief Warlord Shriw and Prince Argiz. No Atlans had survived the fall.

    The Marmen had recovered loot, but Ronjermy hadn't looked at it yet. Instead he had sat by Cirke's side all through the night. She had pushed her spell on more flyers than she should have, and she had had a rough night, worrying them enough to consider sending her to healers in the Magic Kingdom.

    Still, the entire plan had hinged on her, and he owed their victory to her. Had she failed to temporarily remove the flight special from the fliers, the air defense would not have croaked such a large number of the enemy, and Well Hung would have been overwhelmed. Eliminating the bonuses of a royal prince, a level ten chief warlord, leveled warlords and heavy flyer units....Ronjermy's entire side owed Cirke their lives.

    "So what do you think?" he asked Rebeche.

    Rebeche took a deep breath, his finely crafted black armor slightly expanding noiselessly. He looked out at the pall of smoke and death over the valley. "I think that went extremely well. That was clever dropping leadership bonus like that."

    The warlord considered some more. "I've always hated how the right caster in the right situation can turn a sure victory into an overwhelming defeat."

    Ronjermy nodded. "Yeah. I prefer to be on this end of that bone. How will Thispain fare now?"

    Rebeche pondered. "Atlan has suffered a serious loss of power. Down both heirs, his top warlords, many of his warlords actually, the majority of his flying units, and much of his ground forces in occupied territories now without air support.

    But I predict that King Thispian will come out on top down there. He has kept Evony and Fetex as underpowered and drained of resources as he is now, but he has a strong treasury and listens closely to his moneymancer. He will race to rebuild his air capable forces. He will put his Moneymancer and Carneymancer to work. His neighbors will possibly take a city or three from him but I doubt it. Certainly Dewbi or Dialup on the far side of Atlan will take a city as soon as they notice Thispian's troubles. They are the only ones that surely can."

    Rebeche finished. "But beware. Thispian is a brilliant leader. You caught him with his pants down after a long time with no challenge, and kept your true resources veiled. In his favor, had Well Hung really been a new side he wouldn't have faced the strength of your numbers or resources. If you leave him be, he will make a comeback and dominate the valley again."

    The turned warlord continued. "Unless you dominate the valley."

    Ronjermy nodded. He wasn't worried about Thispian for now. It would be a long time before Atlan regained any of its former glory, and it would be hard turns ahead for the veteran ruler with the build ups and battles and power grabs that would be happening for turns to come.

    Suddenly, Well Hung's roof was clear of bodies, parts, bits, and the rest of the signs of battle. The valley below cleared of smoke and was again clear.

    The new turn was fully upon them.

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     Post Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:19 pm 
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    Letting It Dangle - A Handful Of Units #47

    Four Rocs again perched on the beam above Well Hung. The original Roc and one other had survived the air battle.

    Ronjermy, Rebeche, and Aquan perched on the edge of the rooftop deck, their feet hanging over into nothingness.

    Ensten preferred to stand safely away from the edge, but Cirke and Sino and Larry also sat dangling their feet over. The Sirens Jenna and Marilyn and newly popped Debbie and Ms. Jones stood guard spread out on the rooftop.

    "The question of the moment, is, what do we do now with the valley. Options."

    Aquan replied first. "All three sides are weak, with Atlan having the only real flyers. We could take some cities. We could take the capitols of Fetex or Evony, but not both. And Atlan is too far away to mount another attack against with the forces we have now.

    Rebeche added "Take and hold Fetex or Evony. Good incomes. But then we would be a direct neighbor to Atlan. He has respectable ground forces. Leave them and we have a buffer. Depends on how much ground you want to take. Expand, or consolidate."

    Ensten added from behind. "Produce units. Attack. Increase production, balance against revenue. Defend against attack. With small variation." It was a statement, with just a hint of complaint.

    "That's a fair point Ensten. Eventually we -could- likely take all three, with increased production and pulling all units from Inner Korse. To what end, though. Then we have more territory. Then what? More?"

    Ronjermy pointed down to the giant lake the Sea of Total Darkness emptied into. "And if we don't take some or all of their territories, should we build down below? Should we stay high in the mountains?"

    There was silence and consideration.

    Sino was the first to answer. "The flaw with Well Hung is that it has no revenue. No mines, no crops, no nothing. Unless you find other mountain city sites that can be mined, you cannot build high. Inner Korse can sustain this city, but I don't recommend that you build other cities without income sources. I suspect that Usban would say the same."

    Ronjermy smiled. Usban had already said as much. Emphatically.

    Rebeche added "If you build down there, you open yourself to attack by land and water. Well Hung is attackable only from air and mountain capable units. There is something to be said for expanding all your cities with this advantage. Well Hung is a hard target. A city down there will receive any future first attack."

    Larry added "If you build on the lake, you do have the defensive benefits of being in the same hex, almost directly below Well Hung."

    The warlords nodded in agreement. Cirke had a look on her face like she hadn't considered that.

    Ronjermy looked to the lake and river and still didn't see Namer's contingent.

    "Ensten. Inivite Queen Promisa for another visit. Rebeche, train the troops. Sino, Cirke, find something useful to do.

    He stood up and dismissed the group. Looking to the Sirens, he said "Ladies, get my chambers ready. I need a massage."

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    Getting A Piece - A Handful Of Units #48


    Ronjermy and a couple other commanders stood with him looking at the objects laid out across Ronjermy's huge stone desk.

    Wearing a thick soft white robe, Overlord Ronjermy felt better after his session with the Sirens. Now he stood barefooted, looking at stats.

    Various objects gathered from the corpses of Prince Argiz, Shriw, and other fallen warlords lay on the desk next to the haul from Thispians tower rooms.

    "What from Thispian?" Whalor moved forward. Opening the bag, it was full of various items of precious metal that could be converted to schmuckers. Opening one of the small chests, a small fortune in small, rare, high value gems. Ronjermy would need to ask Usban how many dozen turns the contents of that chest would support his growing side.

    "Wait till you see this…" Whalor teased as he broke the wax seal on the other small chest and lifted the lid for all to see.

    Everyone in the room broke into some variation of laughter or surprise.

    Whalor's smile was the broadest, proud of his accomplishment.

    It seems that Thispian had made, in his naked, glorious likeness, a 16 inch wood statue of himself, with 8 inches of pure excitement branching out from the front.

    Ronjermy worked hard to keep a straight face. "Okay then….."

    Argiz's ring gave it's wearer an extra Warlord level and a Loyalty bonus. Ronjermy gave this to Namer. There was much talk about how this would strengthen the warlord/flying fish combination.

    Rebeche received Shriw's bracers. They gave every unit in his stack a defensive bonus.. He also noticed this gesture received no unhappy looks from any of the Marmen warlords.

    The rest on the table were interesting but magicless or very minor magical baubles and weapons.

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    My Way Or The Highway - A Handful Of Units #49

    "That was a tough turn for you a while back. Sorry about that."

    King Thispian had finally accepted his thinkagram attempts. "No, you're not."

    "True, I'm not. I did give you fair warning, so you really can't hold it against me."

    There was silence, and Ronjermy continued. "But I know you will, so let's get to it. Next turn I'm bringing heavy fliers to attack you. I will do this once every 20 turns, unless you pay a small fee. Enough to annoy you, but less than what it would cost to replace what I would destroy, and much less than it would cost to defend and replace the advantage your neighbors will gain over you."

    "That won't last long. The others will overrun me."

    "No worries on that count. I'll be passing over Fetex and Evony while I'm at it. They'll pay up too, it will balance out."

    Again silence. Ronjermy surmised it was angry, simmering silence.

    "Oh, also, you and the other two are hereby prohibited from popping any heavy fliers."

    With restrained outrage, the King growled "You think I'm just going to let you dictate terms to me? Arrogant whelp. I have ground troops enough to withstand anything you can gather, and will soon rebuild my flyers."

    Ronjermy knew Thispian wouldn't take it laying down, and he did in fact have enough units to keep Ronjermy at a careful distance . He also knew the King had more immediate problems. "No Thispian, I rather imagine I'm going to have to bring some flyers over and teach you -again- not to underestimate me. At least once, before you agree to my terms."

    The Overlord continued "I -could- ally with your enemies and sooner than later end your side. I -could- take them one at a time, and then you. Perhaps I should. But I'll take air superiority and a regular income, and avoid the hassle of managing other sides like you did. Less income, less headache."

    More silence. Ronjermy noted that there was no outburst, and continued. "I know it's tough to swallow, but you've taught me well. You ruled these territories for a long time, though fate and your own actions conspired to bring you down. I can't say that I like you, Thispian, but you've earned what you've got, and if you build yourself back up, I may start to fear you."

    Ronjermy waited a while longer.

    "Ok then. Them's the rules. No fliers popped. Payment every 20 turns. Stick with that, and I won't intervene. Same goes for your other neighbors. We'll be talking with your moneymancer momentarily."

    Ensten ended the connection. "That went well."

    Ronjermy smiled, knowing he was referring to Promisa's reaction to the news. In the end though, she had regained free reign of her side, and the regular payments were far less than Thispian had been extorting from her. Ronjermy considered his terms fair, considering the circumstances and alternatives.

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    Talk To Me - A Handful Of Units #50

    There were still 30 chairs at the table in the throne room's hall. This turn, not all of them were full.

    All his casters were there. Namer and Whaler and Aquan were there. 14 other Marman and Marmaid warlords were there, all at least level 2's. Rebeche watched over Well Hung, along with its regent.

    "Lubber, report."

    "Lord, all four Inner Korse cities are fully functional and efficient lord. The Turnamancer is producing at full capacity, no issues. That contract ends next turn. The oyster farms are fully mature, kelp and fish farms at steady production and output."

    Ronjermy nodded. He was satisfied at his troop level recovery to this point. And with nothing imminent, the normal passage of turns would produce units at a rate he didn't need to pay a mercenary mancer for.

    "Wallwuses and Land Sharks?"

    "Lord, the wallwus population has risen since last we spoke, and seems to have hit full pop rate. They provide a significant reduction in upkeep for Castle Korse. Land Shark landings have remained steady also. I and five other warlords have leveled on them. As we hoped, this seems to be a reliable and repeatable strategy."

    Ronjermy nodded, not showing his smile. "Excellent. Rotate level ones in as regents, and level two's to Well Hung. You remain regent here , continue overseeing Inner Korse operations, and let's see if we can get another level out of this for you."

    What a boon! A fast and free method of leveling his level 1's!

    "Namer, report."

    "As we've spoken about before, there were no surviving enemy units after the Atlan attack. Unless they had a lookamancer or some other form of lookamancy, or unless one of the commanders was in contact with a Thinkamancer, Thispian does not know the tactics that were used to defeat him.

    "It's been 8 turns, and with the Turnamancer and full production, we are replacing our losses. Units are training. Rebeche's turning seems to have produced a loyal unit. He's certainly capable. And from my interactions with him, he -seems- pleased with his new side and with Atlan having been knocked down a notch."

    Ronjermy nodded. "Good. Assigning him a Siren girlfriend hasn't hurt anything."

    "Grava, report."

    "The preliminary tunnel is complete Lord. I have put in a couple drop points, and adding further fail safes will be easy to do if we move to the next phase. There is only a small opening" she made a head sized hole with her hands "so we can observe out but no one will notice it. A warlord rotation has been stationed to watch the area and will rotate and report every two turns, first report next turn.

    Also, if a city site is constructed in the area, it will definitely have a strong mining income. Attackable only by air and a single small trail the city can cover with artillery."

    Ronjermy nodded.

    "Anybody else have anything new or interesting?"

    Everybody looked around, nobody offered anything.

    "Very well. Casters, spend time as you wish in the Magic Kingdom. Filter through the portal at a staggered rate. Learn something new. You have ten turns until you are again needed."

    Ronjermy noticed a troubled look on Sino's face, but continued speaking. "Namer, draw up battle plans and contingency plans, for future expansion and defense.

    Work with the best warlords of your choosing. Debrief Rebeche on Thispian as much as you are able."

    He stood up to end the meeting. "Take a breath people. Ten turns and we are in motion again."

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    Hanging Out - A Handful Of Units #51

    The top commanders sat again on the landing deck of Well Hung, feet hanging over the edge. The second payments were just received from Fetex, Evony, and Atlan without incident. Grava was on task tunneling in the rock wall of the Inner Sea. Sino, and Ensten were on a boat to Sotomy en route to join them at Well Hung.

    It was a beautiful sunny day, and they sat relaxed. Last turn, Ronjermy, Namer, Rebeche, 14 Rocs, and 17 other Marmen warlords with Flying Fish stacks had returned from a 'diplomatic' flight over all the territories.

    "It's all been received Usban?"

    "Yes lord."

    "The Flight went well Lord?" Larry the Shockamancer spoke up. He had wanted to go but Ronjermy preferred to keep his casters at home. Theoretically the risk was low, but Ronjermy preferred to hold much respect for Thispian, just in case.

    "It did go well. You didn't miss anything but the scenery." Ronjermy concealed his smile when Larry looked disappointed. The young shockamancer seemed to be developing a desire for battle. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

    "It seems Thispian has popped very few fliers. Fetex and Evony have a more visible air force.

    After several moments, Larry perked up. "So he's hiding something!"

    Ronjermy nodded. "Or he's up to something. Rebeche agrees with you. The question is, is he producing heavies and keeping them out of sight, or is he up to something else?"

    Fate wasn't the only one that knew he'd have an answer to that question far sooner than he'd like.

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    Sending The Minions Forward - A Handful Of Units #52

    Rebeche continued the thought, "We don't have any idea what he's really up to. But he's up to something, and it's directed at us. He hasn't commenced a single offensive action against his neighbors. And -"

    Ronjermy interrupted him "Here it comes!" They all turned their heads to look down at the lake below.

    Atlandis popped.

    One moment there was a clear empty expanse of lake with an island slightly off center. The next, with a sudden ripple out across the lake, there was a city resembling a dark craggy rock tower jutting up proudly out from the lake's waters.

    Everyone on the deck rose to their feet and peered over. Even the Rocs took an interest.

    Atlandis wasn't a pretty city. It retained a certain underworld cavern asthetic, made entirely of dark craggy basalt rock. It jutted up proudly out of the wetness of the lake, thin slits of windows and tiny balconies all the way to the top. Like a great shield, there was a hood of rock, thick and mushroomlike, capping the great tower. Enemy fliers would have to fly up into the gap between the overhang and the tower wall to attack forces on the tower deck.

    The tower took up the entirety of the small island. Regular openings at water level allowed boats, water capable units, and smaller varieties of non-heavy fliers in. They lead to a maze of tunnels, some of which opened up to dock space. Ronjermy had designed it as a wicked killspace.

    Ronjermy reached out to Ensten. "Where are you and Sino?"

    Ensten thought back. "We missed the boat Lord. We're just leaving Castle Korse now."

    Ronjermy frowned. Sino would have liked to see the city pop.

    "Not very pretty." Cirke commented as she scrunched her brow.

    Ronjermy shrugged. "All business, baby.

    "Safe from land units," Larry the Shockamancer and Whalor said at the same time.

    Rebeche asked what the other warlords were thinking. "What does it pop?"

    Ronjermy had actually been looking at that. He responded, "Nothing new but a Kingfisher unit, not a heavy but a rideable flier."

    Ronjermy looked to Namer. "Transport is ready?"

    "Yes Lord."

    "Begin the transfer then."

    "Yes Lord."

    Ronjermy sat there throughout his side's move.

    He watched Ebon Swans do the heavy lifting, four of them soaring out of the mist from the Sea of Total Darkness in tight formation, all connected by simple harnesses towing a giant sqwuid. The sqwuid didn't look happy hanging out over a two thousand yard drop, but the Swans quickly spiraled down and adequately handled the load, even with each having four archers on their backs.

    This trip was made many times. More trips with Korsicans and Sea Twolls hanging gamely from the harnesses. Passed by schools of flying fish transferring from sunless waters to sunfilled waters. Six Rocs and a number of warlords were ordered down as well. Units moved from Castle Korse, Kipsore, and Kerties and arrived at Sotomy, where they assembled and took their turns loading onto the Ebon Swans to be shipped out through Misty Hole and then down to Atlandis.

    Atlandis and Well Hung were in the same hex so Move wasn't a problem, but all agreed that signamancy demanded that a new city be manned.

    And next Turn would produce boats, and Korsicans would begin to train as sailors.

    Ronjermy reclined by the deck pool, taking in the sun and watching his units exit Misty Hole and drop out of his sight down to Atlandis below. Ms. Jones was massaging his feet, Rebeche stood at attention, Larry seemed to be taking delight in the perks of his station, in a reclining lounge, an umbrella'd drink in his hand, and a Siren rubbing lotion on his belly.

    Namer and Whalor stood at the deck edge, overseeing the transfer.

    A good fifteen Rocs remained perched on Well Hung's rafters or soaring patrolling circles over it.

    "Ensten, where in Titan's craw are you?"

    Ensten's frustrated sounding thought entered his head. "We're waiting for the Dirtamancer. She's coming over from the Tunnel. Then we'll be over." Ronjermy could hear that Ensten was also talking that thought outloud to Sino.

    It was an industrious turn, about to end with a populated and well defended city.

    Ronjermy wondered if building Atlandis was a mistake. Now that it was here, he felt that he needed to attack something.

    Ronjermy walked to the edge and watched the sun go down over his new city. Annie, his old Kite mount would have loved this perch.

    "End Turn." He said out lout for flourish.

    He turned back towards the deck pool, where the Sirens were putting on heavy robes against the evening cool. Settling himself down in the lounge chair, he looked at Namer and Whalor coming to join them.

    Ronjermy smiled and relaxed back into the chair, and then suddenly jerked back to attention, as did his commanders, as Ensten's alarmed voice rang into their minds "Sotomy is under attack!"

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    Getting Hammered - A Handful Of Units #53

    "Ensten! Ensten!" Ronjermy yelled at the roaring waterfall emptying out of the Inner Sea, reaching out mentally to his Thinkamancer. Nothing.

    Cirke stood by Larry, clutching his arm. "Not good, not good," she repeated to herself. Larry looked confused but watched his Ruler and the Marmen warlords for any cue to act.

    At a motion from Namer, Whalor took to the air and formed the Rocs into a hovering stack. Any enemy exiting Misty Hole would get dropped on by two stacks of Rocs led by level 2 and Level 5 warlords.

    Another motion sent a level 2 warlord down to Atlandis, to return with flying fish and other forces.

    Aquan was currently Regent of Atlandis, and already had orders for a strong defensive posture.

    Ronjermy was aware that his other regents had also received the blast from Ensten, and would be pulling in their defenses.

    Namer strode to Ronjermy's side. "A sizeable force must have snuck through Misty Hole."

    "No response from Ensten. Not. Good." Ronjermy took a deep breath. "Sotomy is under attack. They're inside the city. Not. Good." He was angry and ready to spring to the defense of his city. Ms. Jones delivered Mjighty to his hand, and his knuckles gripped tight and white around it's sheathed blade.

    Ronjermy didn't take his eyes off the mist blossoming from Misty Hole. "Get my armor. Prepare Well Hung for battle." Sirens dashed away.

    Namer finished his thought. "And we're stuck in this hex. We can't help. Nor can any Inner Korse cities."

    Knowing there was a battle going on just on the other side of the Misty Hole tunnel, and being unable to join it, was suddenly very aggravating. Even more so knowing it was likely a losing battle.

    Ronjermy paced to the rooftop edge providing the closest view "What forces ended Turn in Sotomy?"

    Namer frowned and his face looked grim. They all knew that most of Inner Korse's units had been shuttled out, with skeleton forces at Castle Korse and the outlying cities. Many had been stationed at Atlandis, most of his side's warlords had been given permission to come out and see the new City pop.

    Inner Korse had enough defense, he wasn't too worried about that. The outlying cities though……

    "Two stacks of archers, a small number of flying fish, the regent and one other warlord. Sotomy's remaining resident Ebon Swan ended turn at Castle Korse."

    "And three Casters." Larry reported gravely. Ronjermy could tell by his expression that he was getting up to speed. He knew Namer and Whalor knew the score.

    He also had a sick feeling that Larry's role as a soldier and a commander was about to rise.

    "Usban is in Castle Korse?"

    Cirke nodded. "Yes lord."

    He tested his caster. "Tell me the situation, Shockamancer."

    The beautiful Cirke watched the young caster's wheels turn, and noticed with some pride that he stood up a little straighter and spoke as the warlords spoke.

    "There's an enemy force inside the Inner Sea. They've launced a surprise attack on Sotomy. Ensten is not responding, it's possible that he, and by extension the Dirtamancer and Luckamancer, were the first to be attacked, or the primary targets. There is a very small defending force, taken by surprise."

    He thought for moment, and then continued. "We can't move from this hex. Sotomy will receive no reinforcements. Depending on the size of the invading force…and we should first assume that the enemy has had time to plan this and move troops without us noticing…we should expect to lose Sotomy this turn. The speed which with they attacked after ended turn suggests that they were ready, and had objectives targeted. Though we must hope that the invaders are few enough that they could launch an attack but would then be quickly overwhelmed. ."

    Ronjermy responded harshly. "We don't hope. We prepare for the worst."

    There was a long moment of silence, then Ronjermy sighed angrily. "Clearly we -didn't- do that, but this mistake will never be made again." It was an order, not a promise.

    They all knew what he was talking about. Nobody had expected an attack, much less an attack on Inner Korse that they didn't see coming from Well Hung.

    Ronjermy knew he had taken it for granted that Inner Korse was impregnable, that they were safe. He hadn't worried about it, so his warlords hadn't worried about it.

    He had let his defenses down. And by all accounts, he was about to pay for it. He couldn't help but think that his run of good luck just ended.

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     Post Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:52 pm 
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    Three In The Hole - A Handful Of Units #54

    "Shockamancer, if they take the city, can they use the Tower Defenses?" Ronjermy stood in his black armor at the edge of the roof facing Misty Hole. Rebeche stood next to him on one side, also armored in black, with his battleaxe resting on his shoulder. Namer and the two Casters stood on his other side. Seven Sirens flanked them in full battle bikini and silver lances. Above the cloud of mist hung two stacks of Rocs, across from the mist, in an equal sized cloud, swarmed Flying Fish and several Warlords.

    Ronjermy had one foot on his Serving Dish, and one hand tight on the grip of his sword Mjighty, ready to go.

    "No Lord. I built defenses such that if a city is lost, any defensive magics remaining dissipate. They can still use the mechanical defenses, of course."

    Ronjermy nodded. Hopefully they wouldn't need to deal with those. Flying fish and Marmen could fit through the great blocking chain. With no additional magical defenses, and hopefully few enemy forces to defend, he should be able to take the city back.

    Larry continued. "And…you can't upgrade or downgrade city structures during a battle…so no removing them."

    It was a grim mood on the roof of Well Hung. Forces were fighting and croaking, and only Fate knew the circumstances or the outcome. Ronjermy was surprised it had lasted this long. That boded well. If the invaders had been too powerful, the city would have already fallen. Every moment that passed meant the defenders were still defending.

    Though every moment out of contact with Ensten was a constant reminder of how at risk they were.

    Helpless, Ronjermy stood and looked over the scenario. Only a single city was being attacked. That meant that only a relatively small force had entered into Inner Korse. How long they'd been in there, he had no idea. How many there were, no idea. Obviously some kind of Foolamancy had been used. How had a force of -any- size made it through though? Since Well Hung had popped, there had been many eyes on the airspace. And all the activity of last turn, all the units at Sotomy…the invaders had to already had been there. Watching everything going on. Watching Korsican units leave the Inner Sea.

    Ronjermy remembered Ensten speaking out loud that the Dirtamancer was on her way. Could they have been so close that they heard him, and knew another target was on the way.

    Ronjermy grimaced. He had ended the turn with three of his Casters in a skeleton crewed city. He had thought it safe...

    He made himself look at the ramifications of losing three Casters. Three. He clenched his jaw, his teeth pressing together until it hurt.

    And Sino. His first unit...

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    Going To Take It - A Handful Of Units #55

    Rebeche broke the silence first. "It has to be King Thispian's doing. But to get enough fliers in, while veiled, past all of us, and veiled during transport..." he shook his head in disbelief.

    Larry interjected. "If they were up high in the cavern, nobody would have been looking."

    Ronjermy thought he saw where Rebeche was going with this. "If not Thispian, then who?"

    "Oh, it's Thispian, no doubt. But…I don't think it's just him."

    Larry spoke up again "He could have hired a foolamancer. Or two. He has the funds."

    Namer stayed quiet, his eyes searching.

    Larry continued, "Or allied with a Side with a foolamancer. Which isn't Fetex or Evony. What neighboring kingdoms?"

    Ronjermy announced to the group in a calm, almost conversational voice. "Sotomy just fell."

    They stood in silence. "How utterly embarrassing." Ronjermy shook his head. He had experienced losses before, but never one so encompassingly...totally his fault.

    His commanders sensed they shouldn't try to talk him out of that view. And none apologized for letting it happen. They all knew they had gotten thoroughly beaten due to a false, though justifiable, sense of security.

    Namer was ready to move on. "If the enemy moved this far, this easily against us, we have to consider that they have a plan. Clearly we're going to retake the city as soon as our Turn starts. What if they're expecting that."

    Rebeche countered, "Possible. Though it could have been a strike of opportunity. A small scouting party of strong units. Drop down while veiled on the casters.

    Wouldn't take but a moment to croak them before moving onto the archers. Wouldn't take much to move through the archers. If the warlords happened to be stacked with the archers, maybe longer. Warlords on their own against a stack?" He let that trail off.

    Larry jumped in. "So it could have taken as long as it did because a unit of ours was hiding. City won't fall until every unit is croaked or captured."

    Ronjermy let them talk. Namer picked up, "Which still has us unclear on the size of the attacking force. What if there's 6 stacks of heavy fliers in there? Any city could be next this turn, or they could be waiting for us at the tunnel mouth."

    Rebeche continued to argue the other side. "Or there could be a single enemy unit left."

    "Remember this moment well, gentlemen." Ronjermy spoke in a rulerly way despite the raging turmoil of disgust and self hatred inside. "For this is the dilemma the next attacker will face. Should someday an enemy take Well Hung and Atlandis, they'll be standing here just like this, wondering what they'll be facing through that choke point." He pointed at the cloud of mist concealing the opening the vast waterfall exited from.

    "For good or ill, when our turn begins, we're going in and taking our lumps."

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     Post Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:36 pm 
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    Everybody In! - A Handful Of Units #56

    It seemed like an eternity before Turn ended and theirs began.

    Larry and Cirke were safely guarded deep inside the walls of Atlandis. Ronjermy wasn't taking any chances with his remaining casters.

    The moment their Turn began, Namer, Whalor, and 100 flying fish darted into the mist. 4 Ebon Swans with warlord riders followed.

    Ronjermy hovered on his sliver Surfing dish, mentally checking into Upkeep management. Grava and Sino were no longer on the list for daily approval of upkeep costs.

    Also absent were a couple stacks of archers and two Marmen warlords.

    But Ensten was there! Ensten not only lived, but hadn't been captured!

    "Ensten. Report!" Ronjermy reached out to his Thinkamancer.

    Moments later a confused sounding Ensten responded. "Lord, I'm here. I don't know where…."

    It was a new Turn, so he knew his Caster was healthy and at fully juiced. "What do you mean?"

    Ensten kept the connection open. "I'm...underground..." Then his tone changed. "Lord, we were attacked! Sino, Grava…I can't locate them….how bad was it."

    "We lost the city. Taking it back now. Connect me to the commanders, through Namer's eyes, he's in the hex now."

    Moments later, he was in Namer's head and seeing what he saw. And he saw nothing. The enemy had razed the city, there was nothing but barren cavern rock. "Namer, report". Rebeche and the rest all shared the same headspace.

    Namer and the swarm circled the airspace where Sotomy had been. "Sotomy is gone Lord. Tunnel defenses and all. No enemy has been sited. No corpses, no nothing."

    Ronjermy gave his orders as he lifted off and flew into the cavern, bringing in half of the assembled forces hovering outside Misty Hole with him. "I'm popping nothing but flying fish. Namer, sweep the entire cavern airspace with everything we have. Find them." He imagined veiled units hovering somewhere in the Inner Sea Cavern hexes.

    "Ensten, where are you?"

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     Post Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:26 am 
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    Hiding In The Closet? - A Handful Of Units #57

    Ronjermy and a retinue landed on a rock outcropping not far from where Sotomy had been. Ensten sat hugging his knees. Two of Grava's hulking water/rock hybrid golems stood guard behind him.

    He had joined the search, sweeping the airspace of the cavern in long lines of units, but after several passes with no success, he dropped down when he was alerted to Ensten's arrival.

    "They dropped on us out of nowhere. Sino was croaked instantly, and I was knocked to the ground, I was one hit away from croaking. Korsicans were alerted, but it was already too late. Grava was in the jaws of one of the beasts. With her last breath she...she ordered the golems to take me to safety."

    "One picked me up and took me to the water while the other two fought them off . We went under water...I don't know what happened after that. But I woke up this Turn in a cave they created in the rock, with two of them standing over me."

    Ronjermy was silent for a moment, sharing in Ensten's sense of loss. Then that moment was over. "Ensten, it's over, we lost. It's done. Now. Say more about the attack. Who were they. What kind of fliers were they?"

    Ensten looked up at him and swallowed. He willed himself to stand up and faced the spot where the city had been.

    "They weren't fliers Lord. Laying on the ground I saw them. They were running down the city walls. And they had some kind of natural foolamancy. Some kind of Lizawd. With riders." He looked to his Ruler. "I don't know how many. I'm sorry Lord."

    Ronjermy looked out into the darkness, his dark vision on. "Titans Teats...Connect me to the commanders."

    When Rebeche and Namer and the rest were online, "They're not in the airspace. They're mountain capable! Search the cavern walls. Every inch. Every inch of the
    cities. Under the docks. Tunnels. Every Inch!"

    Then he conveyed the important parts of Ensten's story.

    Rebeche stated gravely, "The Lizawd King."

    "You're just now sharing this?" Ronjermy asked sternly.

    Rebeche offered a shrug but no apology, "We were all thinking fliers. The Lizawd King has a mountain kingdom FAR down this mountain range. I've heard of him, but as far as I know Thispian has never had contact with him."

    Cirke spoke up. "Lord, you haven't scouted this mountain range very far. There could be other cities with mountain capable units."

    Ronjermy frowned, it was a good turn to get -very- clear about the mistakes he'd made.

    Namer added. "Lord, I wager they're not in the Inner Sea cavern anymore. They could have just as easily razed the city then snuck out as far as their move would get them. We weren't looking at the mountain." With an implication that there may not even have been any checks to see through foolamancy, because they weren't looking.

    Larry finished that thought out loud, "And if we spent all turn searching the cavern with them already outside, then their next turn they'd get away free and clear."

    Rebeche conjectured, "It seems reasonable that they were already inside, exploring, when we popped and manned Atlandis. And the casters were easy targets, and worthwhile targets. Were the casters not there, they may not have attacked, and could have fully scouted Inner Korse. Assuming that they hadn't already."

    Ronjermy couldn't help but appreciate the strategy and how it had been favored by Fate. "It seems even enemy forces can benefit from the strong Luck of the Inner Sea."

    There was silence for a time. Ronjermy eventually broke it. "Fine. It is what it is. Namer, arrange the search. Inside and out. I want one hundred percent certainty that Inner Korse is free of invaders. And I want the enemy FOUND. Every inch. Every rock. Every blade of grass."

    He turned his attention to his Moneymancer in Castle Korse. "Usban, go to the Magic Kingdom and hire a Foolamancer. And rehire that Turnamancer. Both for a 5 turn contract. I'll send you back later to bargain for magic scrolls. Go. Now."

    "Yes lord. On my way now," came the willing reply.

    "Ensten, these golems are your bodyguards. They'll be by your side every moment from now on. Let's get you safely home to Castle Korse."

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     Post Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:07 pm 
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    Looking out Fromunda - A Handful Of Units #58

    The Lizawds were found clinging to the underside of a rocky outcrop 5 hexes to the west of Well Hung. Shortly after, Ronjermy, Larry the Shockamancer, and Rebeche hovered within view of them atop a stack of Rocs, another stack behind them.

    Ronjermy still didn't see them until Namer pointed them out. When his foolamancy check succeeded, he saw 6 lizawds and two level two warlord riders. "Chamewleons." Rebeche yelled across the distance. "Lizawds with natural foolamancy."

    Ronjermy frowned. He had been hoping to snatch a Foolamancer.

    The Lizawds knew they had been spotted, necks craned to look up at them.

    Ronjermy wasted no time. "Shockamancer, attack the riderless lizawds. Namer, capture the riders. I want to know what they know."

    Moments after, from a distance so he wouldn't be considered part of the battle, he watched Larry make a couple passes swooping in on Roc-back, from a safe distance, lances of blue lightning reaching out to pop lizawds off the rock, stunned or croaked.

    Suddenly, the remaining units disappeared.

    "Not good..." Ronjermy thought to himself as he saw them disband. That means they had been in contact with the LizawdKing. Probably the whole time. "Not good..."

    Not just that, but Ronjermy's new enemy just robbed his units of the experience they would have gotten from capturing or croaking the warlords.

    He waved to his forces, beckoning them back towards Well Hung.

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     Post Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:18 pm 
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    One Less Indian - A Handful Of Units #59

    "What do you mean, Usban hasn't returned yet. It's been two Turns!"

    Ronjermy had a sick feeling in his stomach again. He stood on Well Hung's rooftop deck, looking out over the expanse towards Atlan and King Thispian.

    Rebeche stood next to him, watching the visage of Ensten floating before them.

    "Is it possible that he was attacked inside the Magic Kingdom, Ensten?"

    Several moments of silence. "If so, Lord, it would be nearly without precedent. I don't know an instance of that happening, and by rule the Magic Kingdom is neutral. A caster assassinating another caster for political purposes would cause significant upset."

    "No caster is to enter the Portal." Ronjermy started pacing the length of the roof. He cursed himself over and over silently. 'I've lost another caster.' He swallowed that knowledge down like a sword to the gut.

    Rebeche spoke up. "So possible scenarios are, that the Lizawd King sent a scouting party to investigate our new Side, and took an attack of opportunity. And separately from that, Thispian hired an assassin to attack any Korsican casters coming through. Or, they acted together under alliance, with the intent of driving you to send a caster or two into the Magic Kingdom so they could pick them off..."

    Ronjermy frowned. "And they got three. With added costs of the loss of Sotomy, and rebuilding." Thispian had to have forseen Ronjermy sending a caster to the Magic
    Kingdom as a response to being attacked. "Our assumptions are croaking us."

    He had believed they were safe from attack. He had believed the Magic Kingdom was safe. How do you fight against that?

    Without a dirtamancer and moneymancer to reduce building costs, Ronjermy hadn't rebuilt Sotomy. There was now currently just a impenetrable gate.

    Nothing was getting in or out while it was closed.

    It would do for now.

    And Sino his Luckamancer gone too.

    Ronjermy stewed in his losses.

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     Post Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:33 pm 
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    He's Coming - A Handful Of Units #60

    Next turn, Ronjermy's gloomy reverie was interrupted by a thinkagram from Ensten.

    "Lord, a message scroll just came through Castle Korse's Portal to the Magic Kingdom."

    Ronjermy and Rebeche were still at the rooftop edge. Both frowned.

    "Is it safe?" Ronjermy asked.

    "It's not magical, Lord."

    "Have an archer pick it up and open it, anyway."

    "Yes Lord."

    After a short time. "It is a message from a caster named Normany Reach. I don't know the name, but he says he is a member of the volunteer justice co-operative. It says that the body of a caster from our side has been found, and asks if you would like the body returned. I don't know, it looks legit. The VJC exists."

    Ronjermy replied after a glance at Rebeche and a few moments thought. "I'll be there shortly. Take no actions."

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