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Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:43 pm ]
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Say My Name! - A Handful Of Units #21

The space where the city name went was blank.

Ronjermy had been considering that for turns and turns.

Mentally, he filled it in.


It was a good name for a good side.

The city order was now complete, ready for final approval. Schmuckers allocated. Design finished.

He had taken his time with this. He wanted to get it right the first time. And he found that he enjoyed it. It wasn't the architecture, so much. Cirke the Changamancer had the flair for that. But building a structure as if it was a unit, with its own lifelike presence of attack, defense, bonus and survival and effectiveness and and and.

He looked forward to building more.

He had worked with all his casters. Ensten the thinkamancer had linked each of them together with Grava, one at time. Each contributed to the planning, offering whatever they had to offer. And Ronjermy had wanted to start putting his Thinkamanacer through his paces. He needed to investigate what was possible from linking his casters up.

He hadn't been provided a Thinkamancer for nothing.

The group had sat together many nights over dinner, talking about construction plans, needs, contingencies, what should be subtle, what should be obvious. This had also helped him to get a better understanding of his commanders.

It was ready. He was satisfied.

He was also feeling a little guilty. He shouldn't have built up such an impressive level 5. He should have saved schmuckers and kept it to a level three. This city would never be attacked. No force sizeable enough would make it to this inner sea, unless a major force attacked in the next handful of turns, in which case it wouldn't matter.

Cost-wise, he feared he would regret it. Still, with the savings provided by having a Dirtamancer, Moneymancer, Changeamancer, and the addition of a popped-just-in-time Shockamancer, he didn't feel that bad about it at all, really.

And he gave himself the luxury of feeding his ego. The design was overkill.

And Overlord Ronjermy was determined that that would be the point. This deep sea cavern was his. He would fill it with cities and units. No uninvited unit would ever survive entry.

It would begin, and it would end, with his stronghold.

He would give it two more turns before he approved the final expenditure, who knew what might show up as necessary to add.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:26 am ]
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No Choking Yet - A Handful Of Units #22

Ronjermy laid on the vast pile of gemstones. It wasn't particularly comfy, but it had served as a good enough bed for long enough. Sino and the others had only a blanket to pad whatever spot of stone floor they chose. Turns out the Marmen slept on the sand of the beach.

He was mentally going through the waiting list and order of his production queue's.

Different cities were in different stages of design and schmuckers allocated accordingly.

Construction at Misty Hole would have to wait. It was the vital chokepoint protecting his territory, but he was confident it could wait. He kept one warlord stationed in the dark as sentry.

Namer and Whalor's earlier exploration showed them to be alone in the cavern. The sea was full of life, but no dangerous predators or units to be tamed. It was more important to start city production for the revenue.

And then, choosing and expanding unit production...

What was best? What would fit his plans? What did he need, what was worth the upkeep?

He wondered what Raeptor's thoughts had been as Overlord.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:27 pm ]
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Build It And They Will Come - A Handful Of Units #23

They stood together on the deck of the war barge. Ronjermy, his six casters and the senior two of his six warlords. Only a small amount of light from his crown illumined the deck, casting shadows out into the water and the darkness. They looked at each other in turn, showing various degrees of excitement.

With a flourish, Ronjermy touched his crown, and all went dark.

Moments of void and silence passed.

"Fire it up!" Ronjermy commanded the blackness.

A spark arced from the Shockamancer and lit an archer's arrow. The arrow flared into brightness as it was launched high into an overhead arc.
Cresting high off to starboard, it left only a small nimble reflection on the water, then disappeared with a barely audible splash.

A moment after, the darkness disappeared in a silent explosion of light.

Each of the observers gasped in awe. The Korsican archer, the six casters, the Sea Twoll sitting between a set of oaken oars. Even Lord Ronjermy.

The Great Sea Wall of Korse was formidable and impressive.

A huge curved wall of great slabs of black granite rose from the sea. Encircling the city the wall , it consisted of two pieces. Each connected far apart to the cavern walls, then curved out into the water, forming a safe deep water harbor and leaving the only entrance to the harbor a narrow opening. Only a single galleon could comfortably pass through. One wall was longer, offsetting the narrow opening to a position on the far side of the port wall from the Misty Hole.

-If- an invading armada made it into the cavern, -if- they made it the six hexes from entrance to city, they would have to round the city, they would have to round the wall at a safe distance to come at the opening from an awkward turn.

If they could even see the wall in the dark, that is. Assuming that they brought enough lights, they would see a design in bas relief of offset stone slabs, of giant tentacles reaching up out of the water, one wrapped around a dwagon, one holding a galleon up in the air about to be crushed, and several more free and searching for enemies.

They would also see that the walls were topped with stone and metal ramparts. Defensive engines were visible at regular intervals round the walls, currently manned by a single stack of Korsican archers on each side nearest the opening. Atop the ramparts along the length of the wall, a thick silver and steel band ran the length of the wall, sitting on thin 40' tall pillars, like Korse's crown. And like the crown, it shone a brilliant light, illuminating a good quarter of the sea cavern.

-If- flyers made it to the city they would have to make it through and past the relatively narrow space between the rising, curving cavern ceiling and the defenses at the top of the majestic city wall.

It was beautiful.

The sea twoll started rowing, moving the barge slowly towards the port city's entrance. Without speaking, those on the boat watched the towering walls get closer, looming overhead.

Suddenly off to their right the surface of the sea exploded, releasing a swarm of at least 50 flying fish, with a Marman and Marmaid warlord and flying out with them. They circled the boat once, and just as another flight burst from the water, the original group dove in.

Ronjermy couldn't help but notice that the shadows they cast were beautiful. Three flights broke from the water, then again silence and still water, but from the kersplash of the oars working.

'There will be more,' Ronjermy knew. He was not the kind of ruler that needed a strong showing of forces just to satisfy his ego. He knew that he would have more. And it was time to build.

They passed through the walls. 20 feet thick. As they passed through, they turned at the sound of giant chains clanking and water cascading. A steel chain web made up of 10 inch thick chain links was being raised by heavy gears turned by sea twolls above. They hung loose; the edges guided up in and secured by thick metal railings that Ronjermy knew went deep into the rock.

Anything that could ram through that web portcullis and break it from its moorings would collapse the weight of the chain down upon it. In the event that that happened, a series of 20" thick steel bars would be triggered to slide from their moorings on the inside of the wall, quickly extending across into moorings on the other side.

If they could get through both, more power to them. Of course, they would then have the opportunity to contend with the defenses waiting inside the harbor.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:35 pm ]
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It's Wet Inside - A Handful Of Units #24

A fishing fleet was moored on the dock along their right side, with tackle and bait shops, as well as a networking shop, and warehouses. A dock also ran the length of their longer left side. Two dozen war barges and various galleons moored there. There were dry docks and cranes for boat building and repair, and barracks and training buildings and more warehouses.

The walls shielded a port harbor that could easily hold 100 galleons at anchor.

The lone manned war barge they all rode in cut a wake directly toward the stone pier in front of the castle complex.

Centered between where the great walls connected to the cavern wall was Castle Korse. Spanning from nearly great wall to great wall, it was simple yet majestic.

Block granite construction, another thick wall of great height with a flat concourse on top that could house a thousand units in formation. From that rose three giant turrets with windows and stairwells backed against the stone of the cavern wall.

Tunnels, rooms of various sorts, housing, a dungeon complex, plumbing, library, kitchens, etc, all burrowed and connected deep into the stone of the mountain as well as lived in the castle.

Each of the turrets hung a single huge banner that matched the banners hanging on the outer walls. Stark black, with a white ring in the center.

Ronjermy had stood on top of those three great turrets. Each held two ballista with sharp heavy bolts larger than he was. Each turret roof would also make a grand open air ballroom, were they ever to throw a celebration. He wondered what the view was like from up there.

There was beach still near the walls, then a smooth stone esplanade with galleon slips, stairs and ladders and ramps into the water. Their galleon bumped into its slip, and the passengers departed.

"Sad to think we'll probably never face attack here," Namer mused.

"oh...the tragedy!" Ensten exclaimed in mock disappointment. "Never to know the sounds of battle!"

"Hippiemancer," the Shockmancer accused the Thinkamancer.

The group started to meander towards the castle. Ronjermy and Sino lingered behind. "Still think it's overkill?" Sino asked?

"Ab-So-Lutely," Ronjermy replied without hesitation.

"But you haven't even popped the Giant Sqwuid yet."

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:44 pm ]
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Something's Missing - A Handful Of Units #25

"Something's missing," Ronjermy said to his companions.

They were at the top of the longest arm of the great wall, as far around as they could go, looking out over the water, down into the gate passage, in over the harbor.

Sino, Ronjermy, Namer, and Larry the Shockamancer had made it this far. The others were exploring other areas, or hadn't made it this far out the wall.

Namer nodded. "Giant Sqwuid," he confirmed.

"No." Ronjermy didn't smile, even though Namer hadn't been in earshot for Sino's earlier comment.

"Lots of giant sqwuid?"

Ronjermy shook his head, tapping his fingers on the stone of the bulwark he was leaning both hands on. "No."

Larry spoke up. "Air defenses are amped up and ready, even though you can't see them."

"Yes, no."

"Luck could not get a force through this wall," Sino mused.

The new Overlord turned to his Luckamancer. "We built these defenses so that luck could not be a factor. But no, that's not what I mean."

Namer started to open his mouth again, but Sino motioned him to silence. 'Let the man think' seemed to be the message.

Ronjermy kept tapping his fingers, agitated. It was almost there, he could almost place it.

The great light was still on, though he could not see the far shore. He knew there would soon be other cities out there, including one at Misty Hole. They too would have lights. Using them to communicate had already been a topic of conversation. Communication wasn't the issue. Identification and location wasn't an issue. But something about the sail into port...something was missing.

Ronjermy smiled. "Got it."

"Lord?" his three commanders asked in unison.

"It's already in the construction que, gentlemen." And he turned and started back.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:53 am ]
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Send In The New Guy - A Handful Of Units #26

Early the next turn, they were all gathered for breakfast, reaching for it as soon as it popped.

"Namer!" Ronjermy shouted. "Assign our newest warlord as regent. I want all the bonus his inspection provides."

Ronjermy would have done it himself, but that warlord was at the far end of the great oaken table, and he wanted to utilize the chain of command. As his army grew, he would no longer be able to personally supervise it all himself. As Sino and Larry had already advised him, that tendency was something he could not afford to do as Overlord.

Namer nodded in assent.

The casters sat mixed in the first several seats to his right and left, intermixed with his warlords. 20 chairs ran down each side of the newly popped table. Ronjermy counted 6 casters and 10 Marman and Marmaid warlords.

The table was centered in the grand throne room. It was a simple room, with smooth black polished floor with a giant silver circle inlaid, the dark granite walls decorated only by the banners, white ringlet on black.

A simple elegant chandelier hung from the ceiling, glowing white light brightening the entire room. The stairs up to the cutout were now of granite flecked with silver and gold, and a gold trimmed obsidian throne opposite the stairs had replaced the boulder. The gems were now piled in a side room treasury, protected by a massive steel wrapped stone vault door.

"Grava, you leave for the Magic Kingdom today. Your purse is full and you have my permission for any expenditure. Stay as long as you need, learn everything you can. Golems upon your return. And I have some digging for you to do..."

"Larry, same for you. We'll soon be venturing outside. Anything useful offensively or to increase what you are capable of, you have my permission." The amount of schmuckers having a Shockamancer saved him on Korse's magical defenses more than made up for whatever training in the Magic Kingdom would cost.

Ronjermy looked to Cirke, the Changeamancer. A strikingly beautiful woman with long black hair and deep blue eyes, she was to go to the Magic Kingdom today too. "You as well. Learn and train to your and our highest benefit."

"All of you, keep your eyes and ears open. Report back to me your experience of the magic kingdom. For the time being, -if- anyone asks, you are from a new side and are not at liberty to divulge what or where."

They had spoken on the topic of whether it mattered or not. Whether 1 caster at a time should go, or all 6. Ronjermy didn't necessarily want any side to learn through their casters that there was a new side and prompt them to go looking. He was tempted to send all 6, but 6 casters all from a new side would surely raise curiousity, if not suspicion. He'd take his chances with 3 now and 3 later.

Besides, he wanted the benefit of a moneymancer and luckamancer at work on the current production que.

Korse had popped two level 2 cities across the water at start of turn. They would be inspected today. It had been easy to hold back on spending on these cities, though had taken some deliberation about whether to pop level 1's or level 2's. Their purpose was for increasing fishing and sea farming revenue, and unit production. And while Capital cities could pop units regardless of level, warlords could only be produced by level 2's. And Ronjermy wanted warlords.

After a warlord popped for each city, Korsican archers were already in the queues.

The next warlords produced would be assigned as regents. The next level 1 warlords, anyway. Only Namer and Whalor had popped with a higher level. Which was fine with Ronjermy, he had gotten enough from his luckamancer. And the Titans. No need to get -more- greedy. Still...

"Sino, there's 5 more warlords in the production queues. I want one more caster. And leveled warlords." He spoke in a commanding voice. No reason to let his caster think that he was off the hook.

Sino pursed his lips slightly, but only responded with "I will do my best, Lord."

That was all Ronjermy wanted from any of them.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:02 am ]
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Inspecting For Growths - A Handful Of Units #27

After watching the casters enter the portal, Ronjermy, Namer and Whalor skimmed across the surface of the sea to inspect the two new cities.

Both level 2's, both nothing but functional. Named Kipsore and Kerpies, Ronjermy hadn't paid for any defensive measures other than what came with basic level 2 construction costs. Nothing new had opened up on his unit production options, but these cities were designed solely for production of schmuckers and units.

Each city had a single large pier out into their shallow bays. Fishing boats and wide canoes for algae farming parked on the beaches. Barracks and useful buildings and huts.

Ronjermy wondered if there were ever any construction flaws, and what he would do if there was one. Could one get a refund for faulty construction?

Then they again flew at full speed towards Misty Hole. A galleon with the casters and warlords met them there shortly after their arrival.

They again spoke about what was possible and best for construction here.

Ronjermy inspected the walls, and the 100 yard long tunnel the sea emptied into before it fell forcefully down the mountain. He surfed his flying dish out towards the opening, flanked by his senior warlords. The mist was bright, reflecting sunlight, and thick, one couldn't see through to the outside clearly.

He got to the edge of thick mist where he could make out clear blue sky through wisps blown by the wind, and stopped.

He yelled over the falling river's massive noise to Namer, "Once this city's defenses are in place, we will venture out. As soon as Grava returns, I'm popping it."

He rode the galleon on the return trip. It was still eerie, moving through total darkness, deprived of his visual perception.

He had turned his crown off, and his casters had done the same with their personal handhelds. Cirke had worked her magic on simple stones she had found on the beach, changing them to some sort of glowing stone. She had ordered a sea twoll to fashion clasps and necklaces for each stone, and the casters kept them veiled beneath their clothes unless they wanted their own source of light.

He imagined a stack of flying units making their way into the cavern. It would be humerous to be able to watch them in the dark. Except that he wouldn't be able to see the dark.

Ronjermy enjoyed the irony of that. Then he had a thought, and bent his will towards his crown...and he could see. It was as if everything was illuminated by a grainy green light. It wasn't as bright or clear as his regular vision with a light source, but he could absolutely fight with this crown vision, make his way through the darkness, and probably read.

He wondered how he could provide such vision for his casters.

He turned off his crown vision. And sat again in utter blackness, as if he was alone. He wondered if his casters were brave, as they sat silently, or just following his example.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:45 pm ]
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Tweak It Just A Little - A Handful Of Units #28

"So what you're telling me, is that I can alter any unit type?"

Cirke stood before the throne, bathed in the crownly glow of light, long shadow cast behind her. "Yes Lord. Though it could prove to be exorbitantly expensive."

"If you were linked to Usban?"

"Less exorbitantly expensive."

"I could make Korsican archers into flying units?"

"You could"

"I could change the Ebon Swan into a Dwagon?"

"More than exorbitantly expensive."

"Could I just make it breath fire?"

Cirke smiled. "Yes Lord." She was pleased to have a Ruler with a sense of humor and a high leadership stat. The few turns she had spent in the Magic Kingdom she had overheard more than enough stories and complaints to know that she was a lucky caster to be popped into this Side.

"Can you add a unit to the production capabilities of a Side?"

"No Lord."

"Can I alter the Ebon Swan into a Kite?"

"You don't approve of the Ebon Swan, Lord?"

"Not so much."

"Maybe you should pop one and see for yourself."

"Maybe I should."

They were interrupted by Whalor flying at full speed into the hall, to the base of the stairs.

Ronjermy motioned for him to come up to the throne level. He ran up and kneeled, hair and skin still wet from a recent immersion.

"Something interesting Lord!" he announced.

"That was a very fast entrance for something interesting, Whalor."

"Very interesting, Lord!"

"It's going to be that kind of turn, is it?" Ronjermy asked, looking at the beautiful Cirke, who smiled demurely.

"Tell me."

"You have been informed, Lord, that as we have started fishing the pop rate of native fish has increased."


Whalor, a larger, pudgier version of the Marman Race who could usually be counted on for simple talk and straight answers, impressed Ronjermy today with this
instance of holding back to create tension.

"And you know that all previous search has determined that our forces alone inhabits our Sea of Total Darkness."

Ronjermy nodded once, noting his warlord's use of the now official name of his underground terrain.

"We have been attacked Lord."

Ronjermy raised his eyebrows. "Oh?"

"It seems, Lord, that the Sea of Total Darkness is now popping feral predators."


"The regent of Kipsor was attacked while on his inspection rounds."


"Nearly croaked."

"OH?" Nearly croaked a warlord? Even a level 1 warlord...that was not an insignificant predator.

"By a land shark."


"Warlord Aquan was inspecting the fish smoking facility and heard mumbling from the other side of a door. He thought it was Korsicans, opened a door and was attacked by a land shark."

Ronjermy raised an eyebrow.

Whalor was excited but perceptive. "Land Shark, lord. A water unit that is land capable. It seems that it is inclined to hunt on land."
The warlord continued, "It surprised Aquan and wounded him gravely. Even injured, he kept it at bay with his trident and nearly defeated it until archers arrived."

"I see."

"Yes Lord."

"I bet he'll take greater care when he does his inspections from now on."

"Yes Lord."

"And what is being done about this?"

"Lord, Chief Warlord Namer has ordered regular patrols of the fishing grounds to assess whether we are taking losses as well as to assess any increase in predator population. He has also ordered increased patrols of all cities, and for an escort to accompany each regent on their rounds."

"I would hate to lose a warlord to a random encounter."

"Yes Lord."

"Anything else?"

"No Lord."


Whalor kneeled and bowed his head, then rose and retraced his steps and flight path out of the throne room.

"That is interesting." Cirke offered.

"Why do you say so?"

"Things change, Lord. All things change. Just when you come to rely on them achieving sameness."


"Things are changing, Lord. A useful thing to notice."

"I agree."

After several moments of silence, she continued. "It is my understanding that Swans are, in general, useful guard units."

"Is that so."

"Yes Lord."

"Let's get back to the topic of altering units, shall we."

"Yes Lord."

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:59 pm ]
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Sotomy For All - A Handful Of Units #29

The City of Sotomy wasn't so much a city, as a kill zone.

A horse shoe shaped castle ominously framed the opening of Misty Hole, creating a long length of tunnel of its own. With walkways and ramparts and inner facing firing ports that would allow 100 archers to fire down onto any seeking entrance, while another 40 units could be working 20 anti-heavy crossbow encasements shielded within the walls

Stone piers with mooring for galleons extended at a V angle off to either side, far enough out that archers or other units with ranged attacks could fire at anything coming through. A dozen Siege war barges equipped with ballista and catapults were secured there, and could be positioned with firing arcs into the Hole hex and vicinity.

Six massive chains were lowered to criss cross the entrance. Any fliers would have a hard time avoiding them, heavy fliers an impossible time.

Any force coming through would take great losses before they even cleared the tunnel to gain the opportunity to engage the rest of the forces that would be waiting for them.

Ronjermy had considered letting Invaders through, if only for the opportunity for Korsican units to level.

Out past the piers were more functional buildings, barracks, training halls, weapon making facilities, fish pens, algae hanging warehouses, etc, but it was a city built for battle.

A near invisible causeway on each side of the great tunnel allowed sentries to walk all the way to the sunny outside, though what good it would do as the mist took visibility to zero, Ronjermy wasn't yet sure.

The ruler took in his fourth city. Forty archers had been shipped over. Two warlords were assigned to city defense. A huge swarm of flying fish were under their command, in the deep water below the Sea of Total Darkness's outlet

To the Chief Warlord floating next to him he said, "Namer, put together a stack of warlords. Next turn, we go take a look around."

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:16 pm ]
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Finally Coming Out- A Handful Of Units #30

They broke through the mist into full daylight, 7 warlords and Ronjermy on his magical surfing dish. All stacked together, just in case.

They turned south, to the east of the waterfall entrance to the Sea of Total Darkness.

The mountain towered over them, one of several mighty members of the long mountain chain. The terrain was incredibly steep, with various rock formations cropping out.

Several sizeable outcroppings were on either side of the waterfall. "We'll build there," Ronjermy pointed out the spot for his warlords' benefit.

Ronjermy was troubled about that. He could certainly build a city on the steep mountain face. It would only be attackable by air units and possibly mountain capable units. But again, that cut both ways. Only units with flight or those on mounts would be able to leave the city. Which would be fine, he considered, as he seemed to be leaning towards more powerful specialty units and bonus stacking combinations, like his warlord and flying fish combo. He wondered what unit types a city here would make available.

And the city wouldn't have any income source unless there was something to mine. Grava had indicated that she didn't think that would be an option.

The waterfall fell a good thousand yards, at the bottom meeting a great lake with a rocky shore. Two main rivers also fed into it, formed by various tributaries coming down from the mountains.

It was a major river that snaked out and down into a vast hilly terrain that spread out from the mountains. Below, Ronjermy could just see the edges of flatlands far beyond.

"Spread out, survey this mountain side two hexes in every direction. Keep an eye out for cities here or down there."

The warlords broke stack and fanned out. Namer and Whalor stayed by his side. They floated motionless, looking down upon the mountain side, the rocky lake, and the hills beyond.

Ronjermy could just make out two cities off in the distance, partly hidden behind small mountains but on the river.

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:58 pm ]
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One At A Time - A Handful Of Units #31

"You leveled last turn?"

The warlord proudly stood before him at attention, trident at his side. "Yes lord!"

"From croaking Land Sharks."

"Each one lurking around the wharf, Lord!"

"6 in the last 112 turns?"

"Yes Lord."

"But the archers didn't level."

Aquan was silent a telling moment, face impassive. "No Lord."

"Tell me what you're not telling me." Ronjermy ordered.

"I called them off, Lord." The warlord admitted.

"You ignored your chief warlords's orders?"

"No Lord!" Aquan quickly defended himself. "As ordered, archers patrolled with me every turn. At my discretion, without orders otherwise, I engaged the trespasser myself without their assistance."

The natural predators had a high pop rate, but at least Ronjermy didn't have to worry about schmucker loss to the fish farms. Land Sharks had been sneaking ashore in each of the four cities. Archers at Misty Hole had made a game of lying in wait for the creatures to climb onto the piers and then using them for target practice.

He had popped an Ebon Swan in Korse and stationed it in the harbor. Turns out, they -were- good guard units, having been observed bobbing a land shark out of the water in one instance, and rousing the entire garrison with its loud honking alarm when it spotted one sneaking around the boat works.

Still, if he could level warlords...
"I am replacing you as regent and I have a new mission for you. Finish your rounds then report to Namer. He will fill you in. You leave after breakfast next turn."

"Yes Lord!!"

Ronjermy turned and walked back to where his Surfing Dish was stuck upright in the sand. With Namer and Whalor trailing him, they swiftly crossed the water, stopping short of the Great Wall of Korse.

Ronjermy flashed his crown three times and within a minute, the outer wall was lit by the city's crown.

The Overlord's face quickly gained a frown.

"What are those things on my wall?"

Namer spoke up. "Wallwuses Lord."

There were nearly a dozen wallwuses lounging above the water level on the vertical granite walls.

"Are they a threat?"

"Not so far, Lord."

"Are they good for anything?"

"Not that we've noticed yet, Lord."

"Can we eat them?"

The two warlords turned to look at each other. "Not sure, Lord."

Ronjermy didn't like them on his wall. It ruined the look. Still, if these newly popping creatures could be foraged, it would cut down on upkeep.

"Find out."

Author:  OneHugeTuck [ Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:00 am ]
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The Man Is Back - A Handful Of Units #32

There was much excitement at breakfast.

30 chairs full. Casters and Warlords all.

Aquan had returned. He had finished reporting his findings to the group.

Over a breakfast of popped eggs and wallwus steaks, there was much talk and consideration.

Ronjermy had tasked Aquan with a reconnaissance mission down the river.

If he still had Annie or access to Kite units, he would have sent someone out for a top down view.

As it was, he'd take what he could get, a much lower view. Aquan had swam down the river, seeing what there was to see. Three turns of full movement down, and three back. Cirke had temporarily increased his movement stat.

180 hexes down the river he had traveled. 180 back, spying all the way. 3 different sides he had observed, some with cities on the water, some not but still visible from the water. He did not know names or numbers, but provided a general accounting of the strength of the sides as visible from the river.

One side showed 3 cities, one at least a level 4.

One side showed 2 cities, both probably level 3s.

One side the farthest away showed 1 city, a towering level 5 where a major tributary joined the river.

Ronjermy knew this was incomplete information, but it was a start.

With his hands steepled under his chin over his plate, the Overlord sat in thought while his commanders finished their meals. Eventually they quieted, and began to look to their ruler.

Eventually, he spoke. "Well done Aquan. I will debrief you more later."

"New reports, Grava.."

"Linked with Cirke I was able to successfully create a water-based golem, Lord. New city construction is ready for your approval. And the answer to your new tunnel inquiry is 'no'."

Ronjermy wasn't necessarily pleased about that, but he moved on. "Larry."

The shockamancer replied with his customary lazy way of speaking "The air defense design you requested for our new city is ready for your approval, and will pop when the city does."

"Excellent. Sino."


"Is fate smiling on us?"

"Isn't it always, lord?"

"Ask me again tomorrow. Usban."

"Lord, our treasury and income can easily withstand our current upkeep rate, including planned construction. Barring, of course, adjustments or losses." She looked to the changeamancer when she said the word 'adjustments'. Usban had argued passionately against the use of large amounts of funds to alter troop types or institute permanent unit upgrades.

It was incredibly tempting to increase the move, or any other stat really, of his units. Give them increased attack, or defense. He -could- make Warlords and or flying fish with higher attack. But it made them more expensive, and increased their upkeep as well. And as much as he would like to have Kite units in his que, or give currently available units the height and move advantages of the Kites, he wasn't convinced that at present the benefit would be worth the added cost.

Plus, tomorrow he was going to pop a city outside of STD. Who knew what units that would make available. He still had plenty of wealth in reserve, but knew it to be wise even without Usban's counsel that keeping a hefty reserve of wealth was a good strategy.

"Moneymancer, would you say that I have been spending freely, or have incurred any unwise upkeep costs?"

Usban spoke frankly. "Lord, I have watched you all along. I agree with your decision to spend as you did on Korse, if only because of the savings derived from inclusion of your available casters. Those at this table represents your largest set of upkeep costs. And you have produced primarily warlords and flying fish, these alone represent significant military might."

He took a breath and continued. "A handful of sea twolls, and a smaller handful of other units types. Just enough Korsican archers to fill a minimum number of roles. I am not a tactician, but I agree with your assessment that while you -could- fill this cavern with units of all types, there is little need for that. As you are well aware, this saves you from wasted upkeep."

Ronjermy did know that. It was a dreadful balance to be kept. Too strong a force would be a constant drain on resources. Korsican archers and stabbers could be popped in large numbers from all four cities cheaply if he needed a fast buildup of units. He was confident with his main battle corps of warlords and flying fish. He rather favored that combination for its bonus stacking options.

On the other hand, he knew that the forces he presently had would soon be spreading out. He needed enough to survive and to win, but not so much that he set himself up for bankruptcy. He was not short on wealth, but that was an asset to be managed and protected even more carefully than individual units.

And it was almost time for a burst of full production.

Usban continued. "If you build the new city as planned though, that will represent a drain on resources, as it will produce no income."

Ronjermy nodded. The city site had no mining value, and would not be able to produce anything from farming. "Well have to deal with that. We can't just stay underground forever. "

He moved on. "Lubber."

Korse's regent warlord spoke up in his smooth voice. "All cities report that Algae farms are mature and producing strongly. Fishing grounds are producing and fish pens are fully stocked. Oyster farms are half mature. I have assessed the pop rate of the wallwus population and it is increasing slowly. I now have a system in place for culling the herd."

With a glance at Aquan he continued. "Land Sharks continue to infiltrate the cities. The new regent of Kipsor has croaked two already. As long as we keep an eye out for them, they are little more than a pest."

Sooner or later Ronjermy knew, someday a regent was going to turn their back and get croaked. It would be a costly replacement for him, but a cheap lesson for his warlords to stay frosty.

And if this warlord levels after ten or less croaks also…..Ronjermy had already ordered all units except warlords to keep a distance from any located Land Sharks.

The Ebon Swan on guard duty had been ordered to follow and alert, but not to croak any sharks in the water.

Just in case this proved to be a fast, free, and reliable way to level up new warlords.


"Ready to go Lord."

"Excellent. Take your places people. Tomorrow we start making friends!"

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Well Hung - A Handful Of Units #33

"Wow. It really is well hung."

Cirke stood in front of him on the Surfing Dish, held securely with Ronjermy's arm around her waist.

Warlords floated around them, and Sino and Larry soared on an Ebon Swan, Grava and Ensten on another. The huge dark feathered mounts soared gracefully.

Ronjermy scowled. He just didn't like the swans. Maybe because they weren't Kites. They were worthy units, however. They didn't have much move, but they could carry four light units. And the rest of their stats made up for the low move. They wouldn't fare well against an elite heavy combat flyer like a Dwagon, but they were a solid heavy flier unit. Granted, they would likely never go far from the Sea of Total Darkness.

He turned his attention back to his new city. He had built it up to a level three. It was small, but as Cirke had noticed, distinctive.

A short distance horizontally from the clouding mist of Misty Hole, the city was a stout tri-rectangle tower, 8 levels tall, and self contained. And it was hanging from a single monstrously thick metal chain of the same height. Solid stone walls with small windows the structure was capped with a rooftop garden. The top tier was open air with a landing deck extending out, enough for multiple flying mounts to land on.

"I didn't name it Well Hung for nothing." He whispered softly into her ear.

It was architecturally unimpressive except for the hanging aspect.

The structure wasn't dangling, exactly, as half its depth was anchored on the edge of a rocky outcrop. But the chain spanning the space from a stone outcrop and structurally engineered vertical post gave it that impression.

A metal tube was visible running from the mist to the structure, emptying into a large pool in the rooftop garden. Unseen, it also diverted into the building for other purposes. Another pipe ran from the bottom of the building to empty into the waterfall.

Thick wooden posts extended out from the sides. Ronjermy expected to produce flying mounts here.

It had the look of a new, smallish, poorly defended side, all alone on the mountain. The impression it was designed to give.

They landed on the rooftop 'tower' deck and walked about. Soon they all stood at the edge looking out over the great vista.


"Yes Lord."

"Drop the banner."

The thinkamancer put his fingers to his temple for but a moment.

Seconds later a flying fish zinged from the mist of the exit, the black banner of Korse trailing from its sharp beak.

It had difficulty with the fluttering and heft of the 3'x3' banner, and at times lost control of its descent as it guided the banner down to the river. They lost sight of it, but knew it would reach it's destination.

"So it begins." Ensten said, repressing a frown.

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They're Coming - A Handful Of Units #34

"They approach, Lord."

Ronjermy looked down into his deep reflection in the rooftop garden pool. "How many?"

Namer replied swiftly. "Three stacks, Lord. Too early to tell the rest."

Ronjermy turned from the pool and moved towards the landing deck.

Together they moved towards the landing deck. They moved to stand next to Well Hung's first popped unit.

THIS was a flyer to be PROUD of! As soon as he had gone through the unit options, he immediately put this first in the queue.

The Roc was an impressive beast. A heavy of Dwagon proportions, with brown stone skin, darker brown stone feathers, and obsidian talons and beak. It didn't have the move or altitude advantages of a Kite, but this Roc could potentially beat two Kites in a fight due to it's high hit rating.

They stood together and watched the approach. The flyers were the same type as the one they had spotted last turn spying on them.

And then these arrived today, three turns after Well Hung popped. It seemed that the fish had done its job well, guiding the banner along the current to be found by the first city on the river.

Two stacks were each seven flyers and one rider. The other stack four fliers and four riders. As they approached, Ronjermy smiled and waved. Nobody waved back.

Close enough now to see physical details, Ronjermy saw the thick golden manes of the flying lions, the shimmer of sunlight off the soldier's chainmail coats, the green and gold of the uniform cloth over chainmail, the brown leather of boots and scabbards of slim longswords.

The stacks weren't in attack formation, and the stack with riders made their approach under the white flag of parley while the other stacks held their distance.

Still, the winged lions snarled and looked fierce.

Having left plenty of room, Ronjermy, Namer, and the Roc watched them land. The leader and his warlord dismounted and strode to within speaking distance.

Looking at their stats, Ronjermy saw the leader was a royal prince and his warlord a level 8. The four winged lions were strong combat units but not heavys, their remaining two riders knight class.

Were it a fair fight, 8 on 3 and Mjighty, Ronjermy wouldn't put schmuckers on the outcome.

Ronjermy stood in silence, not bothering to look Overlordly but trusting his long experience as Chief Warlord to do the job.

The newcomers stopped a speaking distance away, not looking particularly friendly. Ronjermy just smiled and neglected to offer a greeting. As did the royal.

It seems he expected to be greeted first, as he had what seemed to be the overwhelming force. His lions continued to snarl. Ronjermy found that rather rude.

There were several long moments that grew into an awkward silence. The two leaders locked gazes, one smiling pleasantly, the other getting more and more perturbed. Even the lions stopped their snarling and looked around, finding somewhere else to look.

When the Roc started to preen itself, the visiting warlord broke the silence. A big, swarthy man, Ronjermy gave him credit for having more tact than his leader.

"Greetings Overlord. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us. It would have been a shame to be forced to defend ourselves against hostility. I am Rebeche, Warlord of King Thispian. May I introduce Prince Donteder, of the Atlan kingdom."

He gave a small bow, the chainmail of his long coat of armor making that sound chainmail makes.

"Well met Warlord. It is clear that you bring honor to your King." He gave a head nod of respect. "This is my chief warlord, Namer. I am Ronjermy, this is my small side under the sun, Korse. Welcome."

He looked to Prince Donteder. "To what do I owe the pleasure of you stopping by?"

The prince clearly didn't like that he was spoken to in such a casual way. "We 'stopped by' because we have been watching you develop your city in our territory.

Perhaps we should have come sooner but it is our duty to investigate such activity. And we are curious, what brought you to this site?"

Ronjermy held back a scoff. They still wouldn't know about it if a clue hadn't been sent downriver.

"Gems." Ronjermy stated. He casually motioned behind him to the mountain. "Lots of them. Big ones. Huge vein in there."

The prince raised his eyebrows and forgot that that wasn't quite the question that he asked.

"And I was tired of being a barbarian, so….starting my own side seemed like a good idea. How hard can it be to rule, right?"

The prince narrowed his eyes again, flushing red. "As I was saying, it is our duty to investigate trespass upon our kingdom. King Thispian is not a violent king, and has commanded me to offer alliance to your side."

"Oh, alliance, great. It's good to have friends as neighbors."

"So you will ally with us then?" The prince looked disappointed.

"I admit, Prince, I don't know much about these things. What does alliance mean exactly, what terms are you offering?"

"Unsurprising that a barbarian would not know the aspects of ruling." The prince said disparagingly. "It means that you will be under -our- protection. It means that you will contribute 50% of your income to King Thispian delivered every twenty turns, and it means that you will assign unit production as King Thispian directs."

Ronjermy kept a half confused look on his face with some effort. "That seems quite expensive. And what if I turn down this offer of alliance?"

The prince smiled. "Then we will be forced to treat your city building as an invasion into Atlan, and we will destroy your tiny side and reclaim this city and its mines as our rightful property". Then Donteder paused, seemingly relishing this, "Alliance means that you get to keep your pretty crown."

Ronjermy had to work hard to keep any hint of pleasantness in his smile. "It is a nice crown, isn't it. Where is yours, by the way."

The prince bristled.

Rebeche, showing he possessed a high degree of wisdom or intuition, warned "Prince, we should go."

Before the prince could respond Ronjermy dropped his easy going demeanor and spoke in the tone he used for overseeing executions. "No Rebeche, you should have left before your arrogant prince offered me the opportunity to be his whipping boy. Offering me vassalage is an act of war."

With a thought, he triggered his crown to steal all the light from the landing deck.

Through the green glow of his night vision, he saw stunned looks on the faces before him.

"We could have been friends," he said poignantly into their darkness.

As Ronjermy drew Mjighty, the roc spread his wings and screamed a hunting cry and Namer leapt forward, his trident materializing in his hand and burying itself in Rebeche's torso.

Donteder had just turned to flee as Ronjermy lunged forward, grabbed the Prince by the hips with his free hand and then plunged his Mjighty sword into the prince from behind. The prince screamed and fell to the deck as a whir of 30 flying fish and two Marman warlords exploded from the garden pool to attack the knights on lion back.

The Roc reached out and wrapped its claw around the prince, pulling the now screaming royal under him, putting weight down on the cage of its talons. It screamed again, challenging any to come take its prize.

Namer dumped the wounded Rebeche to the ground and dashed forward to help finish the slaughter of the knights and lions. Ronjermy put a sword to Rebeche's throat, and knew that a stack of warlords were at this very moment attacking the other two stacks of flyers.

"We could have been friends." He said again into his crown's globe of darkness and the sounds of a skirmish ending, with a look on his face that showed he was not at all disappointed.

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Bound and Gagged - A Handful Of Units #35

"I wonder how long before they notice you haven't returned." Ronjermy pondered aloud. Two whole turns had already passed.

The Overlord lounged back on his reclining chair, wearing only a pair of tight shorts like the Marmen wore underneath their skintight fishscale armor pants. The warm sun felt good on his skin.

He accepted an iced drink from one of two newly popped Sirens. They were Knight class, water capable, had limited spell casting ability, and were somehow far more beautiful than the beautiful Cirke.

"What is this?"

"A Lava Flow, Lord," the Siren purred sexily, "Straw-berry and Bannnn-annnn-na."

Wow. That was nice.

Now that he had popped a Siren, he wondered why he didn't have an army of them. The small gills on her throat didn't take away from her beauty. And somehow even though she smelled slightly of fish, that worked.

Ronjermy put his attention back on the task at hand.

"I wonder if King Thispian will be cross that you got one of his Warlords croaked."

He took a sip of his drink. Very nice.

"How long will it take him to develop another level 8, I wonder."

He looked over at Prince Donteder. The man was bound into a fetal position, blindfolded and laying on his side on the lawn near Ronjermy's lounge chair.

The Sirens swam, splashed, and played in the pool. "The fish tickle!" one exclaimed.

Ronjermy decided that tact wasn't working.

"I was a barbarian, you know. Already told you I got tired of it. I ventured into these mountains because I knew your forces never came here, and that Atlan was too involved in its petty squabbles to look. Just a little bit of digging found a fortune in gems. It will build me a level 5 full of units, easily."

"I can't believe you guys never found this mine, or the capitol city site right here. The waterfall was an obvious place to look. You must have a sorry excuse for a Lookamancer."

Ronjermy smiled as the prince took the bait. "Fool. Even if we had a lookamancer, they can't look below the surface of a terrain. You're -still- a barbarian. Just because you got lucky and established a side does not entitle you to rule! King Thispian will crush you and your pitiful side!"

Ronjermy laughed. "So pitiful, yet you are captured and your entourage destroyed, your warlord croaked on my chief warlord's trident. Royalty may be superior, Donteder, but you are a pitiful excuse for a prince. You had better hope your king is foolish enough to consider you worthy of ransom."

Donteder snarled. "A cowardly trick. I'll see you croaked."

Ronjermy laughed again. "Like you saw your forces croaked?" Korse's warlords had hung the bodies of Atlan's croaked units by their necks from lengths of ropes from the city. Donteder had been allowed to briefly see them as his blindfold was adjusted.

"I promise you, princeling, any units you send against me will end up hanging from this city until end of turn. This is the Hanging City, and I will enjoy watching you swing if you aren't ransomed."

The prince spit onto the ground in Ronjermy's general direction. "Empty threats, barbarian. This level three won't withstand the might of Atlan, even if you are
hiding a few troops inside it."

The prince went silent, and Ronjermy smiled. He looked to the sirens in the pool that were watching the exchange with cool, calculating expressions. He toasted them with his drink, and winked. They knew the score, and he knew it.

Namer was also hovering there, watching.

Ronjermy closed his eyes and relaxed back. This is the life, he thought. Taunting your enemies from a position of power while relaxing on a beautiful day.



A short while later, he heard Ensten in his head. "They have made contact with the prince."

Ronjermy nodded mentally. If the prince had let slip truth about his side's lack of a lookamancer, that was great news. If he had fed them misinformation, as
Ronjermy had to him about the rich mine behind the city, there was nothing to be done about it anyway, really.

Ronjermy watched the prince grit his teeth, and clench and grind his jaw. That had to hurt. He wondered how soon Donteder would hang.

It was a good thing Ronjermy had mastered patience over his lifetime. It was nearly to the end of turn before Prince Donteder breathed through gnashing
teeth, "What is your ransom demand."

The Overlord smiled, and took the final sip from his drink, long ago melted.

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Groped In The Dark - A Handful Of Units #36

The prisoner was terrified.

He had a thick bag pulled over his head and then he was taken from his cell and moved, not far it seemed. There was a massive, surging sound of water that sounded like he moved right inside it. Then he was dropped unceremoniously onto a seat of some kind, a flat bench, he thought.

Then the bag was removed from his head. He blinked expecting to see something, but there was only darkness. He held his tongue, refusing to show fear or speak out.

The sound of paddles striking water arrived at his ear, and he felt movement, a sliding movement like a boat through water. Were they on a river, he thought? Had they blinded him somehow?

He sat still as the rowing continued. So dark, and not an ounce of wind. For hours, it seemed. Total silence but for the oars and water. He couldn't tell if his was on a lake, a river, or in a bathtub for all he knew.

Then he heard a sound, a far off sound but deep and somehow impossible to detect where it came from.

The sound disappeared into silence. It didn't come again, he stopped listening for it.

Then it came again. Closer, deeper, from many directions, echo amid echo. And faded into blackness, ominous and rolling like thunder.

Silence and water on oars.

Again it came, closer, ominous, reverberating impossibly.

50 slow beats, each louder and deeper into his bones, until he was unconsciously ducking his head from the thunder coming from right above his head.

He would not speak or cry out, however.

The booming did not return, and silence again invaded his remaining senses.

The rowing stopped, he could hear oars being docked.

Moments later, he leaned forward as the boat lightly rammed into something, all momentum ending.

What sounded like a hundred feet marching on stone approached him, some of them landing in the boat as they jumped in. Rough hands grabbed him, lifted him from his seat. They left his wrists and ankles bound, several sets of hands carrying him on his side, and carried him deeper into the darkness.

Still on the boat, two bare chested individuals remained. One of them spoke, "Lord Ronjermy was right. Something was missing."

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Thrice Poked - A Handful Of Units #37

Ensten contacted him from Castle Korse. "King Thispian would like to speak to you."

"Put him through."

Ronjermy soared circles high over Well Hung on his first Roc. Jenna, the first Siren he had popped, sat behind him, arms around him. The other Siren Marilyn rode the Roc that had popped today. Namer and another two warlords trailed behind them.

The chief warlord refused to let his Overlord go alone. And as Ronjermy was currently residing in Well Hung, Namer had earlier assigned the Sirens as his personal body guard. Ronjermy didn't push the issue of going alone, as he had experienced veiled units before.

That was actually his biggest concern right now, that Thispian had a Foolamancer that could veil enough flyers to get a surprise attack on Well Hung. And he had no intelligence on that. To his credit, the prince had given no more information of any kind regarding his kingdom.

Ronjermy looked down. Three individual warlords patrolled the city's neighboring hexes randomly. An invading veiled force would take them out, unfortunately, but that would give at least some warning.

"Connecting King Thispian," came a woman's businesslike voice.

The man's voice was regal, elegantly enunciated, with flourishes, but dead serious. "You are holding my Prince for ransom?"

"It seemed a more workable solution than separating his head from his shoulders. Which was my first inclination upon hearing your terms of so called alliance."

"I don't take kindly to threats, barbarian."

Ronjermy was already clear that this ruler didn't take kindly to anything. "That's Overlord now, to you."

"You will address -me- as King Thispian." The king's tone went dark and commanding.

"I think I'll go execute your simpleton of a princeling instead."

There was heavy silence, then "I will pay the ransom. Return your prisoner."

"Your price just went up by 50%. You could have done a better job of making friends."

Silence again, then there was a sigh from the other end. "Yes, I'm not very good at that. Horrible really. 10%."



"Have your people talk to my people."

"You won this round, Barbarian. But be very clear. -I- am the ruler in this territory."

Ronjermy could hear all sorts of ego in the king's voice. And of course the prince had told him about the mine the city sat on. The theoretical mine.
"I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

The connection faded. Ensten came back into his head. "He really is a poor negotiator, Lord."

"Tell me about it. Report to me as soon as the funds are transferred through Usban and in our treasury."


"No execucution for you, princeling."

Less than an hour after speaking with King Tremanis, Ronjermy waved Dontender's pointy little sword back and forth, making it obvious that it was in his hand, not Dontender's. "Defend yourself, princeling."

To his chief warlord now standing on Well Hung's garden deck, Ronjermy commanded calmly, "Namer, croak him, then hang him from a rafter."

The Sirens stood by, watching curiously as Namer slowly advanced towards the confused, unarmed prince. Ronjermy moved behind them, putting an arm around each of their slender waists saying softly for their benefit, "I wonder if croaking a prince will be enough to level him," he said, and looked on as Namer's trident materialized into the warlord's ready hand.

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Do You Like Inner Korse? - A Handful Of Units #38

In the darkness, she whispered huskily into his ear. "How do you like Inner Korse so far...?"

Gagged, he couldn't speak. Bound down, he couldn't move. In total darkness, he couldn't see. His body was without wounds, but his brain hurt. Thanks to her, his body felt pretty good, actually.

"Don't worry, you'll see the light soon enough..."

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She Flew In On A White Horse - A Handful Of Units #39

The new arrival sat astride a powerful white winged Pegasus.

Tall, slender, regal, with waist length silver hair, wearing elegant silver chainmail armor, cut low and revealing in the front.

Ronjermy had watched her approach, followed by a second riderless Pegasus.

When he saw her stats, he was very, very surprised that she was alone.

Now on steady footing on the garden deck, she sat her mount waiting stiffly for Well Hung to approach her visitor.

Ronjermy rose from his lounge chair, balancing his iced drink so it wouldn't spill while picking up Mjighty. Barefoot and wearing only his tight swim shorts, he passed Marilyn, slapping her on the butt with Mjighty's sheath.

Namer and two other warlords already stood on the garden deck, arms crossed and eyeing the newcomer. Ronjermy slowly walked over, flanked by three bikini clad Sirens.

"Greetings, your highness. I am Overlord Ronjermy." With a slight bow, "To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

She had not moved as he approached, instead curiously taking in his hairy bare chest, his casual saunter towards her, the hard weapon in his hand, and the nearly naked Sirens trailing him towards her.

Without introducing herself, she replied "I have come to escort Prince Donteder back to his side."

Ronjermy nodded knowingly. "Yes, I wondered when somebody would be coming to fetch him."

The woman furrowed her brow and rose to her full height. "I am Queen Promisa. I do not fetch."

Ronjermy smiled. "My apologies, lady. Would you come down and have a refreshing drink while you wait."

She nodded apology. "I fear it would be rude to leave the good Prince in captivity while I enjoyed refreshment."

Ronjermy smiled again, with a small flourish and bow. "The princeling is no stranger to rudeness, as far as I can tell."

Promisa started to roll her eyes in agreement but caught herself, and Ronjermy began to see through her mask. "Come down, converse with your neighbor. You have come this far, and alone, I will consider it rudeness if you don't."

Promisa looked like she was considering it. "You, sir, are a kidnapper, and a scoundrel. It would be unseemly for me to consort with the likes of you. Return your prisoner and let me be on my way."

Ronjermy showed her a slyer smile this time and gave her a deeper bow with a flourish of drink and sword. "Indeed it would be unseemly, your highness. And surely King Thispian would fly into a rage. How could you possibly resist."

She furrowed her brow at him again, considering. And then she laughed.

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I'm Done. Get Out. - A Handful Of Units #40

She was an attractive queen. And she was intelligent. She could even hold her liquor.

Which was considerable, since the Sirens had felt his unspoken command and provided more booze in her drink than his.

Ronjermy was pleased his gamble of an invitation had gone his way. He had suspected that King Thispian kept his neighboring rulers under his thumb. Promisa spoke freely, explaining the history between Atlan and Evony, describing King Thispian's personality and penchant for elaborate plays on the great stage in his throneroom, of her distaste for the princes of Atlan who had free reign of her kingdom.

They spoke pleasantly for a short while, standing in the sun on the edge of the roof platform with Promisa pointing out the lay of the land far below. Her side was closest on the left side of the river, Fetex was the closest on the right side, with Atlan farthest away on both sides of the river.

"And why, my queen, did you come alone? Were you hoping to be kidnapped too? Or did Thispian order you here in hopes that you would be?"

Promisa bristled but Ronjermy raised his eyebrow at her in challenge. She deflated after a moment. "It is true. My kingdom is not truly my own, and I am but a figure head. Thispian could end my side at any time." She hung her head. "It is my deep and unending shame."

"And you came here why?"

"Thispians forces are two to four turns away. He asked," she winced at the term, "me to escort Donteder to safe ground. I came alone. Perhaps I hoped something terrible would happen to me..."

There were many moments of silence.

"And I was curious." She looked up to Ronjermy. "Curious to see if Thispian's new challenger was foolish, foolhardy, or otherwise."

"And what conclusions have you come to?"

"You are a fool, and will not survive the next 5 turns." She said it matter of factly, with a tinge of sadness as she looked at him, then back out over the vista.

Ronjermy nodded as she continued.

"It is as the Titans will, I guess. You, despite the bravery and cleverness it took to found this city and capture a prince, are not strong enough to survive the coming attack from Atlan. I, despite being the ruler of an ancient side, am not strong enough to break free of Thispian's tyranny. So much promise, cities and farms and wealth even, but so little of it is my own……"

Ronjermy led her to a bench in the garden, and they sat, side by side, his arm supporting her.

Again, there was a time of silence. Ronjermy was unsurprised to see her cry.

"I should go," Queen Promisa whispered. "Please deliver Donteder to me so I may depart."

After a significant pause, Ronjermy said "Can't. I croaked him and hung him off a rafter."

Promisa whipped her head up to look at him in disbelief. "You...but the ransom was paid."

Ronjermy nodded, watching her. "Thispian will destroy you..."

After a moment she paused and narrowed her eyes at the overlord. "But he would have destroyed you anyway."

Ronjermy nodded, still watching her as she worked it out.

"Thispian wants the mine behind this city…your Rocs are stronger than his heavy fliers… he would have destroyed you anyway. You had nothing to lose, but wanted…to make a point?

Ronjermy smiled. "It was a considerable ransom."

The queen looked about the city as if she were looking for something, then back to Ronjermy. "Perhaps you are not a fool, but you cannot win!"

"Win what, exactly?"

"The coming battle!"

"Ahhh, that. Queen Promisa, as your humble servant I suggest that you find a way to -not- bring troops here as part of Atlan's assault."

She watched him in disbelief. With less resolve, she said again "You cannot win."

Ronjermy smiled. "I can. I will. And it will be that much easier without the bonus provided by one prince Donteder.

She watched him in disbelief. And, Ronjermy saw, with some hope. She wanted him, he could tell. She wanted him to win. To give her an opportunity to break
Thispian's rule over her.

"I promise you, my queen, that any force brought here will fall. Keep Thispian from conscripting your units, for you will lose them."

She shook her head, unbelieving, looking down at her feet.

Ronjermy rose, guiding the queen up also.

"Now,leave. Inform Thispian his worm of a prince is croaked."

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