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 Post subject: The Frozen Conflict
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:00 pm 
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Gordon regretted being popped as soon as he appeared.

The ruins were frozen and uncomfortable. He was the de-facto leader of the barbarians there, and yet their camp was still miserable.

They'd been hoping to get a warlord to pop this turn, but Gordon was a Thinkamancer. He gave barely any bonus to the stack of stabbers there. If it wasn't for the gems that popped with him, they'd have to try to forage for rations this turn.

And there were no animals in sight, just endless hexes of frozen fields and ice. Ice as far as Gordon could see. He supposed that this was supposed to be adjacent to a water hex, but this unbearable cold was enough to freeze it.

But, it could be worse...

He heard the rumbling of the units before he saw them: a pack of 5 Heavy Siege units, with a team of archers.

When they entered his hex, he got their stats immediately.

Hits: 12
Attack: 25
Defense: 20
Move: 30
Special: Heavy, Armored, Siege, Mount, Ranged
Upkeep: 220

They were black, groaning things, spewing dirty smoke into the air. And each seemed to carry an archer.

They were also very ugly.

The leading Tonk lurched up to his forces, bearing a Chief warlord.

He was a bearded man, in grey uniform, a Noble, by his stats... Unlike Gordon's stack, he actually seemed to have suitable clothes for this Titanless place... "Alright you unaffiliated miscreants. You popped in our territory. That means we're getting each and every one of you into our stack."

Gordon blinked at the man, "So you're planning to hire a team of newly-popped units?"

The warlord laughed, "You could say that. We're capturing all of you as of this moment to be inducted into the Imperial forces."

Gordon frowned at the warlord, "What if we refuse your offer? Will you croak us?"

"No need for that, Caster. The nation of Icebox has a master-class Turnamancer. We can easily make any of you join our side. You're all level ones." The warlord grinned, "You are to get in our Tonks immediately."

Gordon sighed and led his stabbers into the tonk. He'd been alive for one turn, and already someone had forced him into an alliance.

He was right, It COULD get worse.

At least it was warm inside the Tonk.


Chief Warlord Rockin-Bak was pleased with himself. He'd secured eight stabbers and a Thinkamancer. Icebox would finally have the ability to link casters! Of course, he had no idea what a Thinkamancer, a Dollamancer, and a changeamancer would be able to do together... but that was one more caster!

Icebox loomed ahead, a frozen assortment of buildings behind a great frozen wall. Nobody ever came this far north... Well, except Charlie.

The Tonks rolled into the courtyard, And the Emperor strode out to meet the Warlord.

"My lord, our mission was a success. we have captured the barbarian units and recruited their leader. How are our holdings?"

"Please, you can try to drop formalities. We're all freezing out here. I expected you to do well, and our holdings are fine. Our mine is yielding gems, Fridge is making Tonks, Cooler is still frozen over, so it's farming..."

"I see. Well then, we should hire the remaining barbarians, and turn them to our forces within the next few turns."

"Indeed so. Come, let us get inside before we end up croaking from the cold." The Emperor coughed and nodded towards the door.

The two turned and headed into the tower, as the stabbers were led into the dungeons below.


Gordon found himself standing in a level 5 city with new clothes suitable for the environment. Shaking off a feeling of uncertainty, he dashed into the warm glowing tower doorway.

It was there he met the Turnamancer. He was a big man, rippling with muscle. A level 10.

"Out of the way, little man..." he growled, "I know you are the new Thinkamancer, but you have a lot of leveling to do... good luck with that..." He smirked and strode below, leaving Gordon with the urge to go the opposite direction.

He stumbled into the situation room by chance, the Emperor turning to face him.

"Aha! there's the new recruit! Welcome to Icebox!" The Emperor grinned. He was clearly a Royal, the entire attitude about him said nothing less, "I was wondering when you'd arrive. Now, I'm Emperor Paten. You are?"

"I'm Gordon, Sir, a Thinkamancer."

"yes, our scout units managed to-" The emperor was interrupted by a shattering explosion. "Blast, he's here..."

The three strode onto the balcony to face a burly metal-clad man on Dwagonback. Behind him were a stack of four yellow Dwagons, and a massive pink gummy ship, floating in the air.

"Titans Disband! Hans, you incompetent buffoon! You're breaking alliance?!" Rockin-Bak roared at the dwagon-riding warlord.

"You stole that caster from us! We saw him as soon as he popped! We had dibs!" Hans growled, "Weremany alliance state that you cannot steal from our territories!"

"It was on the border, no alliance broken. Those ruins are open to who gets there first." Emperor Paten frowned at the Weremany warlord, "And we got there first."

"Because you just had to drive your tonks over the water! We had to cross mountains!"

"You could've broken stack from the Dwop Ship there..." Rockin-bak smirked at Hans, who was starting to turn red.

"Ever since the water froze, they're all we can produce! We don't have a Dollamancer to turn siege engines into Tonks! All we can build is ships, and turn them into Dwopships!"

"You have a changeamancer, change your ships into Tonks." Emperor Paten sighed, "There's no need to break our turns of peace over a level one thinkamancer..."

"Ships take longer to pop than Tonks!" Hans spat in disgust, "And your turnamancer speeds your Tonk pops. When you break alliance, then you'll overwhelm us with Tonks. This isn't about just the Thinkamancer. We want you to stop building Tonks, or there will be a reckoning!"

The chief warlord of icebox looked towards his ruler, an eyebrow raised, "So, you are telling us to surrender?"

"Yes! Argh, if you can't figure out such a simple-"

"I thought so. Tonks open fire on the Dwop Ship." Three powerful hits landed on the gummy flyer, causing it to drop from the sky in a pink goo, a stack of it's crew, about ten stabbers, swarmed out of the molten remains.

"TREACHERY!" Hans roared, "You'll all croak this turn!"

"Says the warlord in the air above a garrison with 500 archers..."

Hans tried to retort, but his words died in his throat, "what?"

"You always were a stupid warlord Hans, Goodbye." Rockin-Bak turned away as the barrage of shots knocked the Dwagons (and Hans) to their croaking. "We should double production of Tonks, milord, they'll be back for revenge."

"Of course..." Paten frowned, "A pity. I was enjoying our turns without conflict. I'll miss them dearly."

"Wait, what's going on?!" Gordon ran after the two, "Who is coming?! Wasn't that the chief warlord?"

"No, Thinkamancer. Their chief warlord is Imrich. Hans was just one of many warlords that Weremany has... They were our allies until this turn. Things look grim now. They outnumber us, because our units pop better, but are more expensive. They also took half the land from the old nation that stood between our areas. This weather is a result of a powerful shockamancy scroll. They have a shockamancer, a changeamancer, and a lookamancer on their side, and possibly ten warlords." Rockin-bak explained.

Gordon paled, but maybe, he hoped, Icebox was better than weremany, "What do we have?! how many warlords are in Icebox?"

"Counting me?" Rockin-bak asked, smiling at Gordon.

The Thinkamancer nodded, "Yes. How many?"


All I have are my ideas.

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     Post subject: Re: The Frozen Conflict
     Post Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:54 am 
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    The Tonks moved across the ice with haste. Gordon never imagined moving this quickly across a water hex, but here he was. Rockin-bak had insisted he join in the battle, and now Gordon was riding a tonk across an ocean.


    They arrived at the first port town, rolling up to it from the sea hexes. It was a level one, but it had a garrison of 60 archers, who made themselves known as soon as they could.

    The arrows, however, did little to the Tonks, which quickly made short work of the port. Within a single Turn, Icebox took the port of Dishwasher.

    They decided to rest after that, and spend schmuckers to raise it to level 2. Still, it wasn't enough to produce Weremany's key units.

    "Gordon!" Rockin-Bak strode up the town's street to the Thinkamancer's Tonk. "I see you saw some combat. Don't worry, by the next 3 turns, we'll have croaked enough to make you reach level four!"

    Gordon shuddered in distaste. He'd rather be back in the capital than fighting alongside the warlord, friendly as he was. "Thank you, sir..."

    Rockin-bak shook his head, "No need for thanks, Gordon. This is procedure. We work our casters up to level eight before removing them from combat. it helps us out in the long run..."

    "...and makes it dangerous for casters..." Gordon added under his breath.

    "Good news though. A new Warlord should be popping soon, then we can up our production! More Tonks and Archers!" The Chief warlord grinned.

    "Um, If I might ask, what units did Icebox use before the water froze over?"

    "Oh, well, we used Battleships, and the Weremany used Submawines and Juggewnauts." The Warlord seemed almost wistful, "Those were the days..."

    "Um, I'm not familiar with those units..." Gordon gave a nervous chuckle, "How are they compared to Galleons?"

    "Better in all respects, but Submawines are the only units that I've seen that can go underwater. nasty units to fight. They helped us take down the old nation."

    "Old nation? Who were they?"

    "Oh, well, you see, there were three tribes of Men. One was Askimo, the other was Frigidair, and the third was Nutsy. The Askimo nation's capital was Spatub. and they held the water hexes with a fleet of Catamawans. Our nation, Icebox, would get raided for a while, but Askimos only built ships, not infantry. So we, the Frigidair, built a our first ship, a Galleon, and went to uncharted waters, where we found the Nutsy Kingdom. They were better at building boats and fliers. In fact, their fleet would dive under the Catamawans when they showed up, so we allied and took Spatub. we divided it down the middle so nobody could claim the capital."

    "What about barbarian warlords?"

    "Spatub is a wreck. both kingdoms scout it often to try to see if the other is cheating. We have sea to the north, impassible mountains to the south. Nobody else can take it."

    "So the Nutsy can't be trusted?"

    "Oh, they can be trusted. Just not to help you!" the Warlord laughed at his own little joke, leaving Gordon wishing he'd been popped somewhere else...

    "Will the ice ever go away?"

    The Warlord paused, "Hmmmm, for almost 200 turns it's been like this... You know, that could have been some titanic magic... Perhaps this will always be an ice land.... If that's the case, once we stomp Weremany, than we'd best look for other nations... At least we have an advantage..."

    Gordon was slightly confused, "What advantage?"

    "Who'd WANT to conquer a Titan-forsaken frozen wasteland other than us and Weremany?"

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     Post subject: Re: The Frozen Conflict
     Post Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:46 am 
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    Gordon found the next turn to be worse than the previous.

    They'd left the port, and had been rolling towards a Weremany town, Rockin-Bak called it Ohshi. They'd ended their move on the the field when the Weremany Forces moved in.

    3 Dwopships.

    Their stats made the upcoming battle look grim...
    Hits: 30
    Attack: 20
    Defense: 4
    Move: 8
    Cargo: 12
    Special: Flight, Heavy, Siege, Ranged

    The great gummy craft floated ominously in the air within sight range, spelling encroaching doom for the Tonk Brigade.

    Rockin-Bak grinned, "So, that means the Dwagons are coming from either Grammar, or Rules. Weremany City is probably popping Dwopships too... Gordon, I need a thinkagram back to Icebox. I need to talk to the Turnamancer."

    Gordon nodded, his first cast! he quickly opened a thinkagram to the burly Turnamancer.

    "Vat? Vat do you vant, Rock?" The Turnamancer gave a look to the warlord that seemed half contempt, half respect.

    "Enough, Ahnold, We need the turn ended for Weremany now!"

    "Alright, alright. I'll fix your little problem, but that makes four less stabbers to the front next turn." Ahnold growled in distaste.

    "Good, Rockin-bak out." The Chief Warlord signaled to Gordon to close the spell, leaving the thinkamancer feeling drained. The area shuddered as one Dwagon joined the Dwopships. the rest were out of sight, just beyond range. Had they arrived, it might have been worse.

    "ALRIGHT! Tonks, get your hitsies on those Dwopships next turn first thing! The next stack will join us to help repel the Dwagons! Right now these fools are unled!"

    Gordon frowned, finding it kind of unfair to pluck off units at the farthest range, leaving the carried to fall to whatever damage the Titans decided. Still, that night, the glow of the dwopships was haunting, as the two camps of opposite forces stood out of range.


    The next turn started out with an ominous feeling in Gordon's gut. His rations popped as very high-quality food for some reason. The Tonks opened fire immediately afterwards, knocking down two of the gummy flyers.

    It seemed to unleash a horde of angry pikers from the fallen ships, and the attack had already been used for the Tonks.

    Then their turn ended.

    thirty dwagons flew into the hex and destroyed three of the tonks. The Dwopship blew Gordon's Tonk apart, leaving the Thinkamancer on foot. Only Rockin-bak's tonk survived the assault, but as the victorious Dwagons flew past, the roar of Tonk Cannons could be heard behind him. Two of the other stacks had caught u, and had begun to make the dwagons fall, leaving 10 in the hex between them, but that wasn't what made Gordon feel hopeful...

    Looming above the Dwagons was a single unit from Icebox, Popped from the last 3 Turns.

    Hit: 20
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 20
    Move: 10
    Upkeep: 600
    Cargo: 20
    Special: Armored, Heavy, Siege, Water, ranged, Flight (Aerial space dominance)

    It was a monster of a unit. A massive ship, covered in metal, floating in the air on spinning blades, and loaded with cannons.

    And it was filled with archers...

    The Aiwship was just out of sight before, but now it loomed above the field, occupying the entire hex's airspace with it's great bulk.

    And It held fire... until the Dwopship moved forward, tailing the Dwagons.

    The Aiwship's firepower smashed the gummy flying vessel apart, croaking all the units onboard as a side effect.

    But Gordon forgot one thing... The Weremany Stabbers from this turn also had enough move to capture him, which they did, right before retreating to Dwagonback and escaping.

    All I have are my ideas.

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     Post subject: Re: The Frozen Conflict
     Post Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:01 pm 
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    When Gordon came to, he was chained up in a dungeon.

    Standing before him was a man in black, smugly grinning, "Well, Icebox rat! Welcome to Weremany. I've been tasked with turning you."

    Gordon frowned, "You're a Turnamancer?"

    The man dropped his grin, "Do I look, like a Turnamancer?! I'm a Specialized Shockamancer! I'll shock you into choosing the RIGHT side to be on."

    "Great... Isn't there anyone else I can talk to?"

    "No! This is strictly my job! I happen to be the best at this sort of thing..." The man smirked, "I am Odillo! Even those in the Magic kingdom are shocked by my mere presence!"

    "...Are you sure it's not the smell?"

    Odillo gave a hateful glare, "That is the cesspit you are smelling, not me!"

    "So... You work in the cesspit?"

    "ARGH! I'll flay you, insolent dog!" Odillo pulled a whip off his belt and held his arm back. Gordon braced himself.

    "HALT! Odillo! That is not how we treat our guest..." A man in a red outfit caught Gordon's eye, with a rather ridiculous mustache and a bad combover as his prominent features. "I can turn this thinkamancer easily... Our turn just ended."

    "Very well, master..." the Shockamancer mumbled.

    Gordon fell from the wall, the chains replaced with shackles. The man led him out.

    "Now, allow me to introduce myself, and the reason you are on the wrong side..." He pulled Gordon onto the Tower balcony, "I am King Hidor. I am the ruler of Weremany..."

    He pointed to the courtyard in the moonlight, "And this is why Icebox will fail..."

    Below were what appeared to be tonks, but, sleeker, with more weaponry.

    Hits: 10
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 10
    Move: 40
    Special: Heavy, Armored, Siege, Mount, Breath Weapon
    Upkeep: 270

    There were ten of them, gleaming under the lunar glow.

    "You see, Thinkamancer, These units are my very best, each commanded by my warlords, all of whom are level 6 or higher! Next turn, they will destroy the entire force of Icebox tonks, before pushing into Icebox itself! And even if they are lucky enough to survive, I'll pop three dragons to support them! Once we've smashed Icebox, the only tribe of men in the north that will ever pop will be the Nutsy tribe! But that isn't all... After Icebox, we'll push down south. Soon nations thousands of hexes away will be part of Weremany! If you joined us, you could be part of the greatest kingdom that ever lived! And-"

    "No." Gordon had heard enough. This man was going the right way to get an alliance built against him. he was going to get himself croaked.

    "What? But think of the power! Weremany over everything!" Hidor waved his arms for emphasis, the color of the sunrise making him look somewhat bizarre.

    "No. I don't want to side with a king who only wants to conquer everything..."

    Hidor frowned, "Are you sure?"


    Hidor seemed to relax, and suddenly lost any inkling of kindness he'd seemed to have. "Fine then. Doc Marrow, You are free to have your way with this garbage... make him into a twoll or something useful." At that, a man in a long white coat stepped from the entryway with frizzled hair, and goggles covering his face. It was the Changeamancer.

    King Hidor passed him, leaving Gordon alone with Doc Marrow.

    "A twoll? no, no... not enough imagination... don't worry though, I've been reading on ideas... Transylvito's got a wonderful golem called a Skank..." Doc Marrow had a maniacal grin as he advanced, "Although I had to pay several Rands for this spell... I'm looking forward to having a lovely assistant..."

    "You can wait a bit longer!" Four shots of magic blasted part of the balcony away, causing Gordon to plummet. He was quickly caught by two women who were literally glowing. "Hello, Gordon. sorry we took so long, But Charlie likes his schmuckers upfront..."

    Gordon, suddenly finding himself carried by Archons, could only stutter out a "Whahabba?"

    "Articulate, isn't he, Amy?" One of the Archons winked at the other.

    "Funny Lacey. You probably didn't know that Icebox was willing to pay 5000 schmuckers for the return of one level 3 thinkamancer, did, you Gordon?"

    "They paid that much for me?"

    "No, they paid that much for us to croak the Changeamancer and rescue you..." Lacey replied.

    "Oh... That's..."

    "Rather cheap by Charlie's standards, but Hidor's been croaking any Archons his lookamancer can find... he's killed four so far."

    "Oh. I take it you'll be leaving afterwards?"

    Lacy shook her head, "Not a chance. Icebox paid a hefty amount to get Archon air support after the Aiwship nearly fell. We're just the ones they paid extra for. Although I doubt Icebox will be able to afford this kind of help for a while..."

    Gordon frowned, why not hire them earlier? "Um, why?"

    "Oh, well he had to cash in a whole bunch of Gems they found in a random pop. I bet they secretly used a luckamancer..."

    "Actually..." Gordon started, remembering how he was popped.

    "Well, here we are!" The Archons set Gordon on the ground in Ohshi. Rockin-Bak greeted him.

    "Thought you were a goner, but looks like you're a free man now!" The Warlord grinned, "Guess what? Your little capture got us to pour more effort into popping anti-air. Look at this!" He motioned at a Tonk-like unit.

    Wocket Launchew
    Hits: 5
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 10
    Move: 12
    Special: Ranged (Long), Armored, heavy
    Upkeep: 200

    "Dollamancer Brawn is very proud of this little beauty... We can take out about 3 dwagons with one of these."

    "Um, that might be great and all, but I have bad news." Gordon frowned, "We're going to need something tougher... They're using Pwnzers. With warlords"

    "Pwnzers?! Titans disband! We don't have that kind of firepower! We'll have to get units to soak up their fire so we can croak Hidor! This changes the whole plan! How many of them?"


    "Oh no... We need to send a thinkagram."

    Gordon nodded, "To Paten?"


    Gordon opened up his link to the Ruler of Icebox, allowing Rockin-bak to speak.

    "Sir! They're going to use pwnzers this next turn! I need more air power! Get the Turnamancer to pop an aiwship in Whirlpool, or somewhere close! We need to bolster the line!"

    "Paten shook his head, "My new warlord has a better idea last turn. we cancelled the Aiwship for more time. But you'll see the results soon."

    "What? what would be better than the Aiwship?"

    "Well, Rockin, let's just say a Pwnzer isn't ready for what Warlord Eddy Gal's Stack..."

    All I have are my ideas.

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