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 Post subject: A Tool of the Titans
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:32 pm 
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Bonnie snuggled closer to Parson, "whisper that idea in my ear" she purred.

"Um, Bonnie?" studdered Parson, "Please no, your cute and all but I am... big, too big, I don't..."

"That can be fixed," Bonnie purred, as she began to nibble on his ear.

"Huh!!!" Parson responded in shock.

"You are a tool of the titans," Bonnie explained, "just like the Arkendish, you can be resized as needed..."

Bonnie grabbed hold of his massive right hand with both of hers and suddenly hers started to get larger, no his hands, his everything was shrinking. Soon she was twice as big as him. She looked deeply into his eyes and smiled, time stood still.

Somehow she had become topless and he was being pressed into her massive chest. He tried to protest but she was all over him and he was overwhelmed.


For hours Parson had been kissed and touched and man handled in ways he didn't know were possible. Then it stopped. He openned his eyes and saw Bonnie was thinkogramming with one of Charlie's archons. He began to panic, suspecting she had turned traiter, but she looked at him and smiled and broke off the thinkogram.

"We win", she laughed at his horror. "Charlie's archons have all agreed to take you as ruler instead."

But Parson's horror didn't fade, it kept growing stronger. Bonnie was explaining how erfworld mating normally worked, it was just a few kisses and suggestions but not like what she did with Parson. He assumed it was wierd "kid frendly censoring". But Bonnie had made porn with him and used her thinkomancy to upload it to Charlie's archons and they all wanted him now, the man with the strategy ideas that could win battles against charlie and the body that could be resized and played with for hours. All 600 of them would have him, they had some thinkomancy, healomancy and other magic to keep him going long after he wanted to quit, they wouldn't end turn till they all enjoyed him. His duty to his side would force him to cooperate.

And the hippies agreed to force no fighting in magic kingdom if they got him first. And that crazy blonde girl from FAQ...

Parson woke up with a scream. He was covered in sweat. Fortunately he was in his bed, and alone. Thank goodness. Through the door he heard a muffled voice, Bonnie's "Are you ok, chief?" she asked politely and professionally with a hidden edge of concern. "YES, I'M GOOD GOOD GOOD" he stuttered, "Just a bad dream".

"Well if you had any strategy insights in that bad dream, please share them with us in the morning", Bonnie coolly replied through the door.

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