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Author:  KonradKnox [ Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:19 am ]
Post subject:  Stanley Flow

You think you know what's evil and what's good?
Don't bother opening your mouth, I'm not in the mood.
Don't even think of eating royal propaganda plot,
If that's your taste, I'll make you disappear with a thought.
I hover on my dwagon's back,
Got seven more dwagons in my leadership stack.
Think you can boss me up, put me on a guilt track?
Bad guys do something right, get ready for the Hammer Attack.
When it rocks out, Charlie checks out
Bloodsuckers clock out, BOOM, it's a knock out.
Got foolamancy on my side,
My life from start to finish is a wild dwagon ride.
Croaked my king, got the throne
For that sin I won't atone
Because those who can see
Found and brought you to me
And you'll serve, and you'll kill
And enjoy it all you will,
Cause deep down, 'neath it all
You're just like me, only tall.
I'm a piker, you're a gamer,
An unstoppable world tamer.
I infect you with ambition,
You become my ammunition.
My desire for your lust
Brought you here, where fight we must,
My request for your blood thirst
Made sure that fully you immersed
In the world we take in stride.
Just like me, you've got the pride.
From what we are you cannot hide,
For your life too is a wild dwagon ride.

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