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 Post Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 5:42 pm 
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Hi all, I’ve never really asked for a commission before, so here goes. :)

It’s been a few months since I finished a serial fanfic and it was liked enough to leave me with what I feel is probably enough shmuckers to make a serious offer for commissioning art for it. And honestly, I think I’d rather see art of it than buy a tiny Dwagon horde from the Erfworld store.

Here’s the fanfic in question: Unjust Deserts.

Book blurb-y synopsis: The only thing deadlier than the ferals, sands and scorching heat of the Capital Wasteland are the unforgiving sides and opportunistic barbarians, with everyone fighting to reach the bottom and turn an already desolate desert into a death trap. Fresh popped barbarian Beck Packer has to fight not just to survive, but to save himself from accepting the cynicism and cruelty surrounding him. He finds allies in the curiously bizarre and emotionless side of Adbot, but what secrets are they hiding? Can they be trusted with his dream to restore the flow of the Swiss Mississippi river and bring life back to the desert?

Hopefully that piques your interest, but you don’t have to read it to get the commission. ;) I’d provide scene descriptions and character descriptions, and a more extensive plot summary for flavor, whatever you need. While I would love if we could arrange for art for each part of the serial, we might ultimately reach another number while discussing the commission and coming to an agreement.

Just to toss it out there, I remember this beautiful piece for one of youngstormlord’s fanfics that made me want to read the thing just to find out what was going on. We could do something similar where the art goes up both on the fanfic and the regular Submission stream to garner attention for both, so you’d be getting both a commission and your own tips. ;)

So... anyone interested? Feel free to post here or via PM.

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