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 Post Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:51 pm 
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One of my favorite books growing up was Villains by Necessity, by Eve Forward. It's a reversal of the typical high fantasy quest to save the world, where a ragtag bunch of adventurers are forced go on an epic journey to defeat a seemingly all-powerful enemy and stop them from obliterating everything.

In this case, it's the last remaining evil folks who need to stop the world from being sublimated into pure light because the good guys went overboard in the last great war, and the elven wizard of the party devised a spell to make people be good.

Anyway! One of the few allies the villains run into is a boogieman of the swamps, the Orthamotch.
The figure was an apparition out of nightmares, a strange conglomeration of reptile and human, scaly skin dripping from human flesh, with powerful clawed hands, a tall but hunched figure, and a thick, muscular tail like an alligator's. The face was a half-crocodile's snout, with large, mis-set eyes, one blood red, the other a deep yellow. The pupils were like a cat's, but doubled and crossed over each other, forming an X. The figure wore a tattered, patchwork tunic made of some sort of fur... if the legends were to be believed, the scalps of naughty boys and girls, as well as careless travelers. The apparition winked at Sam from its red eye. "Old Orthamotch ugly, yes? Bite your head off in a minute, he would."

He was an evil monster, there can be no argument, but... he was likable enough, in a way.

Orthamotch.jpg [ 616.89 KiB | Viewed 103 times ]

"Are you always so pessimistic?"
"Not at all. I saved it for my last battle."
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