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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:11 pm 
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For those interested, here is a picture of Dunchaban:

Dunchaban das Einhorn.jpeg
Dunchaban das Einhorn.jpeg [ 431.25 KiB | Viewed 1730 times ]

Okay, what is this and what is its connection to Erfworld?

In the Erfworld channel the topic of rpg's has come up and we had a couple of lively discussions and anecdotes. This lead to me semi-regularily posting the ongoing rpg campaign I currently take part in. This is the picture that has been drawn by one very talented artist on a con of one of the main characters, namely Dunchaban semi-lunatic cleric of Kor, God of War.

The artist was inspired after playing with Dunchaban participating in a session.

The origin story of the picture:

A couple of heroes are walking trough Andergastian forests (Andergast is a rather backwards country of the setting we play in, which consists mainly of forest, low population density, barely existant "army", treated like a joke by its neighbors.) The party includes one Andergastian army officer and Dunchaban among others.

The party is attacked by a Todeshörnchen (basically a squirrel with a horn attached, they drop from trees on their pray, if the height is sufficient they can actually be quite deadly if they hit your head and you do not wear a helmet). The Todeshörnchen misses and is stuck in the ground.
The army officer draws his sabre a kills the Todeshörnchen with one stroke. Dunchaban looks at the army officer, at the squirrel then at the army officer again. He starts slow clapping while saying: "Another great victory for the glorious Andergastian army."

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