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 Post Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:18 am 
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It has been said in the comic that cities like to be fought over.
Faq was a hidden kingdom, living in peace for many turns; but fate said that Wanda will bring its downfall, and she did, leading Stanley to conquer it. She was fated to do it many turns before Jillian was caught and told its location to Olive.
The city of Efbaum, since Haffaton conquered it, was likely never attacked. But in it was the last battle of Haffaton, in which Olive fell, and then the city was taken by Faq.
Charlesscomm possibly wasn't attacked in thousands of turns, which would explain why fate hunts Charlie so relentlessly - he protects the city against wars using diplomacy and trickery, so fate decided to end him.

Maybe it's all about the capitals, and units are just the tools for that end. Maybe what fate truly wants, is to prevent capitals from having peace for too long. Maybe even the arkentools are just a mean to that end.

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     Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:26 am 
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    Y'know, I was thinking something similar. I think that, with Isaac deiformed, it didn't make sense that he'd be leveling the playing field between Gobwin Knob and Charlescomm.
    So, this said to me two things:
    1) Jed is more than what we thing, as it was enough of a boon to GK that Deiform Isaac had to give one to Charlie. I had sorta seen it as a double-edged sword: Sure, he can communicate with us a bit, and, by turning Stanley into a lush, he preserved the side, keeping Stanley safe. Buuuut, he also has proven himself to have his own motives, selectively passing along information between Parson and Maggie. Interested to see how that plays out.

    2) (Maybe more important) Isaac transcended both side and discipline, to enact balance on behalf Erfworld. He may have done it with high level Eyemancy, but I think the act itself was some high level Hippiemancy. Maybe Mathamancy? It just doesn't seem normal for Isaac, or any of the heads in the trance, to have done anything for balance. They were power hungry and actively wanted to take out their rival Charlie, possibly gaining the dish in the process. Maybe Isaac saw this as atonement for his brood's un-woke ambitions.

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