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 Post subject: Playtesters Needed
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:10 am 
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You may or may not be familiar with the Erfworld RPG in development, although I'm betting you probably are since it's stickied in this forum.

Well, I'm helping with the playtesting, but I find myself short of a crucial resource: warm bodies to playest the various systems with.

Prior knowledge of what has been going on with the Erfworld RPG is not necessary. In fact, in some ways, it's even better if you aren't really all that familiar with the systems we are working on, as part of testing is seeing how intuitive the game systems being proposed are.

The requirements:

* The playtesting will occur within Discord and Roll20. You will need access to both of these to participate. Discord will be used for coordination and communication, Roll20 will be used for the actual playtests.

* To start with, I will be scheduling a one to two hour playtesting session on a weekly basis. This may go up or down depending on circumstances. Day of week and time of day is TBD and at least in part will be determined by who is willing to participate.

* I need consistent playtesters willing to commit to working weekly with us. I certainly understand scheduling conflicts and Life Happening, but I'm wanting some people who will not mind donating an hour or two of their time per week over the next several months.

* I need people willing to provide constructive criticism as well as specific-point praise and overall opinions. If you don't like something, then say so. But do so in a constructive manner. Instead of 'this sucks', try 'This mechanic feels cumbersome because...'.

* Chat logs will be recorded as part of the playtesting process and provided to various parties within the Erfworld RPG Project as needed. This seems fairly obvious, however I want to be up front and explicit on this point: Don't say anything you don't want shared. This will be a public test.

* Erfworld forum code of conduct will be enforced at all times in any and all venues of playtesting. As with the previous point, I feel this is fairly obvious, however I want to be up front and explicit on this point. As much as I need playtesters, I absolutely refuse to permit anyone to turn the playtesting sessions into a toxic environment, and I will not be democratic in the matter either. Make all the comments about the systems you want, as long as you keep it constructive. Start in on comments about people... ban bat's gonna come out in a hurry.

If you are willing to abide by these guidelines, and willing to help contribute to the project, please PM me so we can coordinate. Ideally, I need 2-6 playtesters. If I get more than six applicants, I *WILL* respond to everyone who responds, even if it is simply 'we are kinda full up right now, but I will put your name on the backup list in case someone has to leave the project'.

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