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 Post Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:30 am 
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Erfworld Empires VI: Return of the Kingdoms

The assassins came from nowhere. No one saw it happen, and certainly no one saw it coming. Well, mostly no one. Maybe one or two. Call it four, tops. Definitely less than seven. The Ruler was out, touring a local farm when a Sowcow became enraged and trampled him… or was it a rockfall in a gem mine that crushed her? Or was the Overlord merely admiring the view from the Great Tower and slipped? Details are a bit sketchy. What is absolutely certain is that you are the rightful heir, and now rule over all you survey… except to the North. Oh, and the South. And behind those hills there’s a pesky bunch of weirdoes who refuse to bow down to your enlightened governance… maybe you ought to do something about that…

This thread is calling for interest for players interested in participating in a play by post forum game. Players run their own Kingdom, and set about beating their neighbours into bloody, but submissive, pulp.

The rules can be found in my signature, below. They are still a work in progress, but I hope to have the blanks filled in over the course of the next few days.

Indicate interest or concern here... and give some fluff about your nation and new ruler...

Benemala Edupad OCC

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     Post Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:03 am 
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    Interest given, Fluff pending


    Follow the link *Waves hand*

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     Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:54 am 
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    Erfworld Empires VI: Return of the Kingdoms

    Winning the Game
    A Player is the winner of the Game by matching the achievement of Stanley the Tool – namely, controlling eleven Cities.

    Starting the Game
    Each player starts the game with 50 units (one of which must be Ruler), a Level 3 Capital City, a Level 2 City, and a Level 1 City.

    How to Play
    Players will post their orders on the forum. All the information will be public. This reduces the chance of blindsiding an opponent, but makes the GM's job a whole lot easier as there are many eyes to check for discrepancies. Also, I've found that in games with secret information players don't tend to attack each other as they are never sure how powerful their enemy really is.

    The Rules as they Stand
    Spoiler: show
    There are two classes of Character – Lords and Casters. Lords can be Rulers, Heirs, Warlords, Chief Warlord, or Commanders. What you call them doesn’t really matter. Lords cost 100 smuckers per turn in upkeep in addition to their unit cost upkeep.
    Casters cost 250 smuckers per turn in upkeep in addition to their unit cost upkeep.
    Characters must be humanoid, and have between 7 and 10 hits.
    All Characters pop as level 1.

    Your Kingdom (or Domain, if you are a despicable nonroyal…) needs a Ruler. This Character is automatically Governor of your Capital. If your ruler is cwoaked and there is no heir, then all units in the field are automatically disbanded, all cities turn neutral, and you can go and find another game to play…

    When popping a Lord, you can designate them an Heir. This costs 1000 smuckers. You can have multiple heirs, but they assume the throne in the order they were popped. Keep your heirs happy – they might decide to topple you and assume the throne. Also, you probably shouldn’t keep your Heir and Ruler in the same hex, and they certainly shouldn’t board the same aircraft…

    Chief Warlord
    The Chief Warlord gives a leadership bonus to every stack in the same hex. This is the Chief’s Level halved, rounded down. Any Lord can be promoted to Chief Warlord at a Cost of 1000 smuckers. Only one Chief Warlord per side at a time…

    Warlords & Commanders
    Lords can lead stacks in Combat. They add their leadership value into the combat formula. They count as a unit in the stack, so be careful to include their values in average defence, etc.

    When you pop a Character, there is a chance it will be a Caster. A small chance. The more Casters you have, the smaller the chance of popping one. A Caster may not be an heir, though you will not get a refund of smuckers invested.

    Casters pop with a discipline, though Players may influence what kind of discipline by whining and throwing tantrums, or by suggesting in their fluff what kind of caster the side would appreciate. A side may not have two casters of the same type.

    Questing & Levelling
    You can send your Characters on Quests to increase their level. They disappear off into the wilds for a turn, slaying monsters and exploring ruins. There is a chance they will cwoak, but if they come back they’ll have gained a level, and might have some loot to show for it as well. The higher the level of the character, the more likely they are to cwoak on a quest.
    Casters are also more likely to cwoak on a quest, unless they are visiting the Magic Kingdom, where they can gain levels more peacefully, though it may take longer…
    You may not send units with a Character while they quest. Characters may not quest together.
    Characters may level in battle at the GM’s discretion…


    Unit Types
    There are Four unit types. Units may only form Stacks of the same type. A Character that joins a Stack assumes the same type as the rest of the Stack.

    Melee – standard hand to hand fighting units. Have an advantage against Ranged Units, so add 3 to Other in Battles.

    Heavy – also known as Siege, these units are for knocking down walls and smashing puny humanoid things... Have an advantage against Melee units, so add 3 to Other in Battles. May not have less than 12 hits. If attacking a City, a Heavy unit may apply its combat score directly to the walls of the City instead of a normal attack. Once the walls are breached, the defenders lose their defensive bonus and can be slaughtered as normal…

    Flyer – units that drop out of the sky and cwoak things. Have an advantage against Heavy units, so add 3 to Other in Battles. Ignore walls in City fights, but are vulnerable to ranged attacks from Towers.

    Ranged – shoot things with pointy arrows and other nasty zappy things. Have an advantage against Flying units, so add 3 to Other in Battles.

    Unit Stats
    Combat / Defence / Hits / Move / Type / Special
    Combat – the capacity of the unit to inflict damage on others, including cutting remarks and hitting with a stick. Must be a whole number, not less than 1.

    Defence – the capacity of a unit to protect itself and other units in the same stack. Must be a whole number, not less than 1.

    Hits – the amount of damage a unit can take before being ‘cwoaked’. Must be a whole number. Hits must always be equal to or more than Combat + Defence. As a general rule, Humanoid creatures have 8 hits.

    Move – represents how quickly a unit can move on the world map. Stacks move at the speed of the slowest unit. Move can be any whole number between 0 and 20. A unit with a Move of 0 is a Garrison Unit, and cannot leave the city where it popped.

    Type – as outlined above.

    Special – still working on this.

    Unit Cost
    While it does not cost anything to pop a unit, its upkeep must be paid each turn or it will disband or mutiny. A unit’s upkeep is calculated thus:

    Combat + Defence^3 + Hits^1.15 + Move + Special Cost (Rounded Down to nearest smucker)

    So a Garrison Stabber of 3C/2D/8H/0M will cost 21 smuckers per turn in upkeep.


    When Opposing Units meet in a hex, Battle results. The following formula is used to determine how many hits a Stack does to its opponent:

    Hits Inflicted = Total Stack Combat * 3 * ((Random [2d6] + Leadership + Other) / 10) / Opponents Average Defence (Rounded Down to nearest whole number)

    All hits are directed against the first unit in the stack until it is cwoaked, then flow on to the next in the order and so on…

    Average Defence = Total Defence of first 8 units / Total Number of Units (So beyond 8 units there is a disadvantage to Defence)

    Other = Modifications for Dance Fighting, Various A-Mancies, Natural Advantages, etc.

    Phasing in Battle
    The player that initiated the battle has the first “Phase” of battle. They choose which stacks engage which enemy stacks.
    Once every stack in the Battle Hex has fought a round of combat, or avoided combat if led, the battle begins again. The other side is now the “Phasing” side, and may direct which stacks engage. Regardless of phasing, a player may not reorganise their stacks during battle – units stay in their hexes and in the order within the stack. Stacks must leave the battle hex to be reorganised.

    One Shot Wonder
    In battle, each Stack has a “One Shot Wonder” (OSW) – this means that it can only attack once. A stack does not lose its OSW if it manages to destroy every unit in the stack with which it fought, unless the other stack takes at least 40 hits.
    Example 1: A Stack of Heavy Ogres is attacked by a lone Pigeon. The Pigeon is killed outright, taking 2 hits. The Ogres have not lost their OSW, and may fight again this round of battle.
    Example 2: The Ogres are attacked by a stack of 8 Marbits, each with 5 hits. The Marbits are slaughtered, but take 40 hits to be thus destroyed. The Ogres have lost their OSW.
    The upshot is that a “soak” stack should have at least 40 hits worth of units, or it may not serve its purpose.
    Once a stack has lost its OSW, it may be attacked by any other stacks in the hex without fighting back.

    Every stack in a hex must have lost its OSW (or evade combat if a led stack and phasing) before any Stack may be attacked again.
    Example: 5 stacks of Marbits are attacking a stack of Gobwins and a stack of Ogres. Both the Gobwins and Ogres must lose their OSW before either stack can be attacked again.

    Led Stacks
    Stacks which contain a Character are said to be “led”. Led stacks may choose to avoid combat in a round, if their side is “phasing”. They simply sit out the round.
    Unled stacks may not avoid combat. They must engage an enemy stack. If no orders are left, Unled stacks will engage the weakest enemy stack available.

    Specific Attack
    A led stack may focus all its attempts on eliminating a single opposing unit. Calculate as normal, then divide the hits inflicted by three, rounded down. The resulting number of hits will strike the targeted unit only.

    Shield Wall
    A led stack may declare a Shield Wall. The Stack;s average defence is increased by 2 – however a -5 is applied to its Other score in combat calculation.

    Any stack may guard a led stack, meaning that the guarded stack may not be attacked while the guarding stack still has its OSW. A guarded stack may not guard another stack. Multiple stacks may guard the same stack. An unled stack may never be guarded.

    Any wounded unit automatically has its hits restored to full at the beginning of the next turn.

    Terrain and Movement (MP = Movement Points)

    Open – 2 MP
    River – 2MP to move along, 4MP for to cross
    Water – Flyers only. 2MP.
    Woods – 3MP
    Marsh – 4 MP
    Mountain – Flyers Only. 4MP.

    All smuckers are held in the side’s capital, and are magically dispensed to where they are needed, as well as magically gathered. If the Capital falls, everything in the Treasury goes to the conquerors… (and the heir, if any, starts with a Treasury of zero).


    City Walls
    The Level of the City Determines Bonus to Average Defence of Defenders (only against Ranged, Melee, or Heavy. Flying units ignore walls when attacking… so you should build a tower, maybe…)
    Level 1 +1 (10 Siege Points to Breach)
    Level 2 +3 (50 Siege Points to Breach)
    Level 3 +6 (100 Siege Points to Breach)
    Level 4 +8 (250 Siege Points to Breach)
    Level 5 +10 (500 Siege Points to Breach)

    City Level Determines the number of Units that pop each turn (units always pop to max – if not upgraded, units will be Garrison Stabbers).
    Units Popped = Level x 2 + 2
    So a level 1 City will pop 3 units per turn.
    A level 5 City will pop 12 units per turn.

    City Level determines a base amount of income. Level x 1000 smuckers per turn.

    City Upgrade Cost
    Desired Level x 1000 smuckers – you may only upgrade to the next level in a single turn.
    If a City is Sacked, all the smuckers invested to raise it to its current level are generated. So a level 1 city generates 1000 smuckers, while a level 3 city generates 6000 smuckers.
    Cities may only be built on appropriate city sites, marked on the map by a horizontal line.

    Economic Structures
    Economic Structures may be built in the surrounding 6 hexes – only one development per hex.
    Farms – Cost 200 smuckers, produce 100 smuckers per turn (Open Hexes Only), or in River hexes produce 150 smuckers (River Hexes Only)
    Mines – Cost 400 smuckers in Hills, 600 in mountains. Produce 200 smuckers per turn. (Mountains and Hills Hexes only)
    Mills – Cost 300 smuckers, produce 100 smuckers per turn (Woods Hexes only)
    Fisheries – Cost 100 smuckers, produce 30 smuckers per turn (Water and Marsh hexes only)

    City Improvements
    Tower – Cost 2000 smuckers. Add 5 to all ranged units in the tower that target Flyers over the City. All stacks in the tower gain +3 to average defence against Flying units. Stacks in the tower may not engage enemies attacking walls, so remember to guard those as well…)

    Gateway to Magic Kingdom – Cost 1000 smuckers. May be built in Capital only. Allows Casters to “Quest” in the Magic Kingdom and learn new skills.

    Dungeon – Cost 1000 smuckers. Because everyone needs a Dungeon occasionally…
    Other developments available on application…

    A non-caster Character can be appointed Governor of each City. Your ruler is Governor of your capital – no other Character may be Governor of your Capital. The Governor increases the income from your city and any economic structures equal to their level halved x 10%.
    So a level 4 Leader as Governor would increase the income from a City by 20%. A Level 1 would increase income by 5%.
    The Governor may not leave the City during the turn or the benefit is lost.

    Benemala Edupad OCC

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     Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:08 am 
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    The Grand Duchy of the Fae Folk

    The Fae Duchy is a large nation of tiny folk, which on average works out to be quite below average in area. Surprisingly aggressive, the Fae have openly declared their intention to act in their national interests, which are chiefly cobbling and toadstools. The Fae occupy last swathes of this part of the world, and will fight all comers to protect their lands...

    Your standard winged biped, each Faeri carries a shock-staff, which fires a jet of bright light which blinds opponents before incinerating victims in a puff of golden stars.
    6C, 2D, 8H, 12M, Flyer
    Cost 36

    Garrison Fae
    3C, 2D, 8H, 0M Ranged
    Cost 21

    The Firee is a Faeri that cannot fly. As a result, they are remarkably easy to annoy. The Firee love making clever traps to snag the unwary, and engage enemies at long range…
    5C, 3D, 8H, 8M Ranged
    Cost 50
    Garrison Firee
    5C, 3D, 8H, 0M Ranged
    Cost 42

    The largest of the Fae, the Feaii are too fat to fly. Used to command, the Feaii are ready to blast anyone who makes unsavoury comments.
    4C, 4D, 8H, 8M Ranged
    Cost 86 (Commander 186)

    The Fazti are the swiftest of the Fae, able to carry messages and scout reports halfway across the Erf in a matter of moments.
    3C, 2D, 5H, 20M Flyer
    Cost 37

    The Fattee are Feaii that can’t fly, aren’t very bright, and are only useful for smashing things.
    8C, 4D, 12H, 8M Heavy
    Cost 97

    Adolescent Fae, who are not yet old enough to become Faeri, Firee, Faztie, Fatti, or Feaii, the Flittee are an ever present flock that are used by the Fae as scouts, ranging far beyond the combat in search of enemies that threaten the Fae Way.
    2C, 1D, 3H, 8M Flyer
    Cost 14

    Benemala Edupad OCC

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     Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:40 am 
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    WEZ GONNA SMASHZ STUFFZ! For this game, I will resurrect Nobgrub

    Capital (3): Nobgrub

    City (2): Urtygor

    City (1): Gobwort

    Units pending completion


    Follow the link *Waves hand*

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     Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:05 pm 
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    Hm, I'm a bit hesitant because I think the combat system's unnecessarily complex (as in, a lot of stuff that's happening which you have no control over, and which could be abstracted without adversely affecting gameplay)... I'll be on standby for now.

    The system's simple enough that I could probably write a short C++ program to handle combat, however it'd still take a bit of unnecessary (IMO) work feeding it input.

    "The Wizard is Charlie!"

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     Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:30 pm 
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    When you say that flyers ignore walls, does that mean wall defenders get no defense bonus, or that they don' even fight?

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     Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:36 pm 
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    Wall defenders get no bonus against flyers. They still fight.

    Benemala Edupad OCC

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     Post Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:48 am 
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    So, not a lot of interest, and I'm rapidly losing enthusiasm as well.

    No EE VI for the forseeable future.

    Let's see what else we can come up with...

    Benemala Edupad OCC

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