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 Post subject: Moderation Notes
 Post Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 4:58 pm 
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There's a frequent poster on the forums who got a warning back in 2010, about derailing threads. A little while back, he was doing it again. So I gave him a 30 day ban, which recently expired.

In a long PM he asked me for some clarifications, and this is what I wrote back. He gave me permission to post it.


Okay, I appreciate your taking the time to cover that in depth. You're not someone I want to lose from the forums, because you do clearly care a lot and contribute a lot. But you also cause a lot of problems.

Here's the gist of it. It's not about what you post, whether that's positive or negative [about Erfworld]. It's about whether what you post has a positive or a negative effect on the forum community.

I'm not going to give you rules about what you can post. The only rule is "don't be a dick" and that's really only defined by how people are reacting to you. When a thread becomes all about contradicting what you're saying, then you're derailing it. Fair or not, that's the definition.


You [...] need to be more considerate of the feelings of other forum members and respectful in tone when you disagree with someone. Again, not a hard and fast rule. I don't make rules here; I just get rid of someone the second I'm sure they're more trouble than benefit. Deleting toxic posters does less damage than letting them stick around and turn off other people and drive them away from the community.

You have been both a lot of trouble and also a lot of benefit on the boards. I don't want to lose you, but I need you to cause less trouble. This is a social problem, not a content-of-your-posts problem. That's all the guidance I can give you.

On a side note, some of what I have written here might be worth re-posting. If I don't mention you by name, would you mind that?



The part in italics may help you understand why I have been moderating with a chainsaw lately. It's a mistake to assume I care about fairness. Neither fairness nor the appearance of fairness is a goal here. This forum is for the shared enjoyment of the comic and your other interests and projects. Anything that harms that purpose doesn't belong here, and I don't have to put up with it.

So threads and posters will keep being deleted. Yes, this annoys you. No, it's not doing more damage than giving the trolls free reign. People who contribute a lot to the Erfworld community have earned lot more slack in this, but don't set out to piss me off or cause an outbreak of mass butthurt. Don't make me think about whether you're more trouble to this place than benefit.

Dealing with recent haters has wasted my time, cutting into my writing and productive time and making things that much worse. I am writing the comics that you will be reading in September and October, and they need my full attention to be worth reading.

We'll be back on June 6 on a regular schedule that we will keep to for the rest of Book 2. There may or may not be any Book 0 updates before then. I'd suggest reading Girl Genius or Goblins or something. I like Wonderella and Basic Instructions, personally. Come back in a month.

BTW this post is locked. If it occurs to you that it might be a good idea to start a thread to discuss this post, then you may need to read it again from the top.

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