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 Post subject: The Lay of Gormund
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:31 pm 
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Greeting, this is an entirely fabricated by me norse saga in the traditional 8-line stanza format. It was inspired by Beowulf(I know it's anglo-saxon not norse, but I digress) and a tolkien retelling of the Lay of Sigurd and Gudrun. It is a very slow work in progress, and constructive criticism only please :)

Anyway, enjoy!(hopefully :P)


A thrall is thrashed
Fled from his master
Hidden in fields
Searching for escape.
Stumbling through hills
Tumbling, falling
Through hall plummets
Discovers a cave.

Searching in darkness
Running through halls of stone
Cavernous tunnels
Lifeblood of the Earth.
Forgotten tombs
Abandoned mines
Chill winds blowing
Foul spirits abode here.

Suddenly thrall stumbles
Knocks against a wall
Then huge eye opens
The wall trembles.
A dragon is awakened
The wall is moving
A ferocious roar
Flame bursts into the sky.

Sleep is disturbed
Wyrm’s brethren awaken
Tired bodies shake off their sleep
A terrible hiss arises.
Thrall begins to tremble
Screams a terrified scream
Drakes turn to look
Eyes shining in the darkness.

The dragons’ eyes gleam
The cavernous maw opens
The gigantic teeth close
A scream is heard in the mountains.
Now the dragons turn
Their eyes fixed on the entrance
They slither towards it
The sun was setting.

* * *

And so behold
Kingdom is aflame
Farmsteads ruined
Castles broken.
Stone burned
Flame froze
Ice thundered
Winds ravaged.

Fleet of dragons swarm the land
Destruction in their wake
King’s men strideth out to meet them
Swords sharpened for battle.
Heroes rose
Heroes fell
In burning sun
And shining moon.

But when light of hope was lost
To shadows of despair
Mighty hero strode from the mead hall
Gorend is his name.
Shield flashed
Spear clashed
Sword slashed
Hammer smashed.

When Gorend was all-a hewing
Through hordes of wyrms
Beheld he a mighty dragon-king
A challenge was issued.
“Who will be he
Of great might and valour
Who dare fight in combat
With his terrible foe?”

And to this brave Gorend cries
His voice booming in the storm
“My sword is sharp enough to slay
My shield strong enough to batter
I will fight thee monstrous Wyrm
And end your evil days
Drive you from the Kingdom shalt I
And glory shalt I gain!”

A great fight was then ensuing
Between Drake and mighty hero
Man and dragon alike
Stare in wonder.
Sword was dancing
Spraying draconic ichor
Gigantic claw was crushing
Spewing mannish lifeblood.

Mamnir snarls a terrible snarl
Cavernous maw is opened
Fire roareth across the battlefield
Engulfed is our mighty hero.
Dragons cry out in joy
Man cries in despair
Burning flame died down
Gorend stood unscathed.

Taking mighty sword in hand
Gorend yelled with valour
Impaling wyrm twice betwixt the eyes
And once through softened breast.
The beast lets out a fearsome scream
An elegy for a lost hope
Dying dragon curses the hero’s line
But words were lost on the wind.

As to stone the dragonskin turned
Gorend teareth out his vorpal blade
Laying it across his palms
He wondered at the sight.
For dragon-blood on blade was hardening
Into metal stronger than iron
Wyrm-like patterns inlaid and outlaid
The dragon sword, as it would be known.

* * *

In mighty kingship did Gorend live
His honour rewarded with gold
But ever lusting was he
For happiness, joy, love, hope.
Aged king drew upon himself
The mighty dragonsword
Declareth that on one last quest
Shouldst he go to find true love.

With no convoy or escort he rideth
On his last strong deed
Alone he believes that he must face
The objective of his queste.
And all through Midgard he travelled
For search of one true love
There it is so far folks,I may update it soon depending on how much work I do.

Just a little cap on the rest of the story: Gorend finds Brynmareth, and she turns out to be a valkyrie shield-maiden(demigod servants of Odinn) who challenges Gorend to a duel and if he wins she will marry him. Gorend accepts and is losing, when Brynmareth gets so overcome with love and adoration for our valiant hero that she stabs herself in the foot so that she may marry him.
Gorend then acquires kingship of the land.
Later, a dragon, in revenge for his fallen brethren, ravages Gorends land and devours him whole, he then rapes Brynmareth. Brynmareth gives birth to a child, Gormund, the hero of this saga. Gormund was conceived of a triple birth, a dragon, a demigod and a warrior-king(Gorend's body which was still inside the dragon) and it was prophecied that he would become a mighty hero.

Gormund became such a mighty warrior that he was nigh invincible in battle, and he became scared that he would never go to Valhalla(the norse heaven which you could only get to by dying in battle) as no-one had the to slay him in battle. So Gormund declared war on the Gods and invaded their celestial fortress, Asgard. by raising all the gods' enemies against them. His army was butchered, but still he fought on. He fought in nine mighty duels, first with Heimdall(watchman of the gods), then Hermod(the fastest God alive), then Freyr(lord of the harvest reaping), Njord(the lord of the sea), Ullr(huntsman of the gods), Yngvi(the god of heroes), Tyr(god of valour and battle), Then thor(god of lightning and strongest man alive) and finally Odinn(king of the gods). Each he bested except Odinn, who he fought to a stalemate. Gormund then preceded to take Asgard apart stone by stone, which started destroying the nine worlds.
In despair at what he had done, Gormund consulted the Norns, who told him that he must destroy the 8 mighty dragons who chew on the world tree's roots, without which Ragnarok(the norse apocalypse) cannot happen. As they die, the dragons regurgitate the souls of all who recently died, resurrecting Gormund's comrades...

To anyone who is still reading, Thank you :P

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