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 Post subject: Re: Summer Updates - 047
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:26 am 
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SteveMB wrote:
Dancing Cthulhu wrote:
Erfworld seems to have fairly set dead/undead standards - if it lives it can be croaked, if it is croaked and you have a croakamancer it can be uncroaked.

Not the latter: "I can decrypt many unit types which had been impossible to uncroak before." (emphasis added)

True, I more meant the idea of a Vinnie or Caesar being uncroaked - thinking units.

Another disappointing update. Near the start of the updates Transylvito was going to smarten up and do things their way. We were lured with the promise of something grand, only to have it stripped away in favor of bland plot development. Apparently by smarten up they meant become complete idiots, and by do things their way they meant rejoin the RCC as soon as possible and do things the exact same way as before, only worse. I was looking forward to some vampire guerrilla warfare of super cool awesomeness. Instead they abandoned that plan, apparently the whole "new way of doing things" was only a plot device to get FAQ back in the picture, now that they are there it has been forgotten in favor of bleh and idiocy.

Maybe you are being to hard on TV and the Don like Caesar might be. We don't really know what they are doing. If Caesar had his way it doesn't sound like TV would be having anything to do with GK or the war war with the Decrypted.

Plus the Don deciding to pop a royal heir seems so out of left field it could only be part of some plot or plan.

teratorn wrote:
Why are people saying Jetstone has more than one heir designate? Ansom was chief warlord, Ossomer is chief warld. Tramennis is the oldest and probably he is the heir designate. I expect changing royals to heir designate to be much cheaper than non-royals (we know Stanley's promotion was very costly), yet I don't see how it would work to have a bunch of them.

I thought it was more "Royal Heir". A royal side can pop Royal Heirs who can, in the right circumstances, become a ruler (the name says it all). Either one takes over from the former ruler of their side, or they can split off and start a new side (Ossomer had talked about it).

In Jetstone's situation they had three royal heirs. Ansom was the one who would have have taken over when Slately shuffled off the mortal coil, the other two were presumably back up if Ansom croaked, of if Jetstone had the opportunity to start a new royal side. So only one "heir designate" but still a line of succession back past that individual.

And if I remember rightly Ansom was heir designate before he became Chief Warlord (so someone else must have been filling that roles for a while).

And so my time with the Tardy Elves draws to a close, and I am let to ponder how the experience will... eh, I'll finish later. No need to rush.

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