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 Post Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:20 am 
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It might just be me--I guess, since nobody else has mentioned it--but there seems to be some kind of adbot registered to the site. Not only that, but it keeps changing its name, which seems decidedly not bot-like to me--more like a virus or someone that hacked the site.

Really, my main question is why hasn't anybody mentioned it and why is it still running around the site unchecked so far as I can tell?

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Looks like I have to resort to the politician's golden rule: "If they can't prove it, deny, deny, deny."

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     Post Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:57 pm 
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    Because it's happened before, has been mentioned, and we're really not sure if Rob has ever done anything about it. Whenever it happens it eventually dies back off again, and I don't recall there ever being confirmation as to whether that's been due to action from Rob, or just dumb luck of the bots getting "tired".

    Many computer-savvy forumites have made suggestions of very quick fixes that have been summarily ignored so far as I can tell. And now with a new website in the works, I'm pretty sure Rob won't make any changes to this one now.

    EDIT: Removed a portion bashing the webmaster because I realized that the webmaster Harknell isn't the guy I was thinking of who got fired for poor conduct.

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    GJC wrote:
    Two guys with basically the same name in a discussion about a character getting cloned.
    There's gotta be a good joke in here somewhere.

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