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 Post Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 9:11 pm 
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Good question, multiple characters spring to mind because I'm famed for my eccentric, obscure and strange characters. My most unique character is surprisingly normal. However of my current characters that I'm playing at the moment, the following is the most "unique":

Birth Name: Edmond "ed" Dantès
Alias: Simple "ed"
Age: 40
Race: Human
Magic: None. It plays to his persona that he crafted.
Appearance: He wears plain clothes with purposely misbuttoned shirt and no shoes. His build is muscular with the exception of a pot belly from his years of excess but is shrinking with the time spent working as a laborer. His face is usually painted with a clueless smile and his glazed over gray eyes that wander from everything that they should be focusing on. He's noticing more and more wrinkles and gradual loss of hair showing his age while his tan hides his academic past.
Personality: 13 years ago, this intellectual prodigy tired of his life, feigned brain damage and crafted the personality of a simpleton to escape the troubles of his former life: adulterous wife, failing career, accusations of fraud, betrayal by colleagues and former friends, seizing of funds and a gambling debt which he purposely engineered to lead to an injury that could cause the damage. Although well aware of most of the complex theories around (he has one named after him), he feigns ignorance and confusion especially over words, advanced concepts and the occasional instruction. He mastered a clueless smile and the illusion of struggling to focus. He helps those that were kind to him and there families secretly as long as it doesn't jeopardize the validity of his persona (such as the son of a merchant that helped launch his first invention independently of his parent's wealth).
Current Vocation: Messenger/laborer
Former Vocation: Financier/advisor/inventor
Background: Born into a political family that was exiled. They settled in Trios and utilized there remaining wealth to ensure there son had everything and that they had a degree of influence. This lead to the finest education possible for Edmond and an arranged marriage that was loveless but resulted in no children. He inherited his parent's wealth which resulted in an improved lifestyle for him and his wife. This didn't make his life any better because it lead to allegations of fraud, tax evasion and other financial misgivings because his parent's wealth wasn't in a bank but concealed in a basement. Many turned against him out of envy of his new found wealth, especially his wife who plotted control over his finances with her lover and she nearly succeeded in his money getting temporarily seized, if he hadn't engineered a way out of this opulent life. It started with a small gambling operation on the docks. He brought it out, created his own debt, set thugs to "Give him a knock on the head to knock some sense into him." This sent him to the hospital and after several months of trying to prove that he had more faculty than he let on. This exempted him from his obligations and his loveless marriage was swiftly broken by her, taking most of his wealth. After this, a true friends came to his aid ensuring his employment. He repaid him while under scrutiny by giving him ownership of a gambling operation on the docks without him knowing it (after removing his own debt). He worked as a laborer but tried to get more work as a messenger because that was a lot less strenuous and helped him keep an eye on the events going on all around the city. This continues to the present day...

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     Post Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:04 pm 
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    Hm... 3.X D&D, Living Greyhawk Campaign

    Alokar Moraile, TN Elven Wizard
    Now, elven wizards have a notoriety for being arrogant. However, I managed to confound folks by turning the majority of that arrogance in an unusual direction--towards other elves. The campaign made it easy. A very common trope in Living D&D campaigns is the, "Elves buried an ancient evil on this site generations ago, now the humans have dug it up." This was usually done with a fairly heavy-handed environmentalist theme, though not always. In any case, Alokar's inevitable reaction was, "Of course they dug it up. They're shorts [ie, short-lived races]. They weren't even on this part of the continent when this thing was sealed away. Now, what's the local clan's excuse for not putting up a #$*&^ warning sign and keeping it updated whenever a new language was invented? There's hundreds of elves here (thousands, in many parts of Greyhawk)--couldn't you spare one or two to stand around saying, 'Move along, ancient evil undead demon thing sealed in the ground, move along, please'? You could have probably used it as a punishment assignment for troublesome adolescents! But no, you had to go and seal yourselves in your towers and your treehouses, and now we're ankle-deep in Illithid $#!^!"

    Eventually, Alokar became an Alienist, and thus became a Pseudonatural creature-type. After that, his tagline became, "I used to be an elf. Then I got better."

    Of course, by that time, he also had a lower Diplomacy score than anyone else in the game. (Being an Alienist gave you a -10 Diplomacy penalty. Coupled with a natural 8 Charisma and an in-game Curse for trying to keep the treasure of a god who hadn't seen fit to curse the orcs who had originally killed the priests that had the loot originally, that left him with a -12 Diplomacy score!)

    By the end of the campaign, he'd taken to wearing a Ring of Invisibility, and stuck almost exclusively to casting Summon Monster spells, frequently Silent Spelled with a Rod. So the party often was, in-character, unaware that he was actually there until the pseudonatural Dire Badgers started popping up out of nowhere to kill the villains. Had the campaign not had a hard level-cap of 16, he would have also taken Persistent Spell (I think that was the Feat--let you burn a spell slot permanently to be able to cast at-will a spell of 8 levels lower) at 18th level, allowing him to cast Unseen Servant at will, as many times as he liked--just to be able to completely mess with everyone around whenever he was sitting (invisibly) in a pub or other public area.

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     Post Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:07 am 
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    i've always had fun making up backstories to characters, sometimes i forget obvious parts that i have to make up on the spot but that just makes gaming sessions more enjoyable

    i mainly use rolemaster its a bit complicated when you first try it but it does allow a lot of customerisation for both the GM and the players and i found i was very good at balancing out the talents and flaws so it became the thing i would do for all my friends if they weren't sure what would work well for the story they were currently thinking of

    my first character i built completely with the dice and ended up having a special familiar and i had made a pact with the devil and had a secret identity and so i ended up with a ranger who had a fairy dragon as a familiar and as the creatures and mosters book said that royals usually got them i ended up being the younger son of a kingdom on the other end of the continuent the party was going to meet that was jealous that my older brother was goin to get a dragon familiar and not me just because he was the oldest son and one day walking through the woods i met across an old man who said he could get me the fairy dragon familiar for a price and one little favour at a later date and of course he accepted so the demon goes and gives me a fairy dragon egg that hatchs and then goes and kills my older brother so that when he walk back home i find his body and then everyone thinks that he had killed him so thats why i was on the run and has a secret identity.
    i was rather happy with the story considering i made the charcter from dice rolls
    i am a little sad that we never finished the campaign because that would have been fun when the demon came to ask for his favour.

    but my favourite is fae but i haven't found a GM who will let me use her yet but one day i will when i have the time to do some rpging again anyway

    Fae Lyre the female human bard thats the god of failure that has gotten kicked out of goddom by her nemasis the god of success who will do what ever he can to stop her from clearing her name (still haven't thought of a good name for him yet), i made her a bit weak but i thought every now and again she would be able to change someones outcome so they fail but she is quite prone to failure herself and you never want to roll a 66 with her around.

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