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Each two are a choice, please pick yours(please read post for signifigance of these choices)
Rebels  20%  [ 3 ]
Shapers  13%  [ 2 ]
Canisters  20%  [ 3 ]
no Canisters  13%  [ 2 ]
Power  13%  [ 2 ]
Charisma/Mechanical skills  20%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 15
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 Post subject: Let's Play Geneforge 4
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:16 am 
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I will admit i'm new to Let's Plays before i even do this, but i figured it could be fun so what the heck. The first step of this is letting you guys and girls make the basics of my character throughout the story. The Geneforge games(1-5) are heavily story based, with some fun combat and a bit of puzzle solveing(mostly logic puzzles) thrown in.

The basics of the setting are relitively similer. A group known as the Shaper Order rules most of the world, they are an order of mages who have learned how to use magic in a way that allows them to make life itself, they call this art Shapeing. The empire started along the north western cost of the continent of Terresia and moved out from there. Eventuilly the empire had the island of Sucia Isle(note from here on out there can be spoilers for the first game, though not too heavy.) as a research base. There they invented something marvelous, and yet horrible. The Canisters, they could Shape a liveing person so that whatever spell or magic that is contained in that particular canister is as natural to that person as moveing their arm, not something they have to remember over decades of study for. In game this comes as stat boosts to some things, or just powering up or even teaching you new spells/creations you can shape. The bad side effects of the Canisters where swifty proven though, first users of them gained glowing flesh and eyes, then they began to have anger problems, then they began to hallucinate, and then their rage grew to uncontrollible levels where they began to try to kill people over the smallest things. Sucia Isle and all of the Canister research was quickly Barred, forbidden, by the Shaper Council.

When the Shapers left Sucia Isle they left behind most of their research and a large number of Serviles, creations built to serve Shapers live slaves, who over more than a century alone(unlike most creations Serviles can breed since they take awhile to Shape) formed themselves into three groups, the Obayers who still viewed the Shapers as gods, the Accepters(i think) who wanted to be treated equally by the Shapers, and the Takers who wanted to slaughter all shapers. Eventuilly through events the canister research, along with said serviles, got out, a madman invented a new creation, something horrible, or beautiful, Drakons. Creations who where intelligant, strong, prideful, and worst, or best, of all they could Shape. All but one Drakon where eventuilly wiped out, but he hid and gathers allies, he shaped new Drakons, and then the Rebellion started. A rebellion of humans who wanted to know how to Shape(the Shapers themselves never allow Outsiders to learn Shapeing, other magics? sure, but not Shapeing) or who thought the way Shapers treated their creations was wrong, and Creations themselves(mostly Serviles, Dryaks, and Drakons).

Now Geneforge 4 takes place in the middle of the rebellion, unlike the other 4 games you start out allied to the Rebellion, but you can quickly switch to sideing with the shapers. Each side has its good points and bad points, and each side is willing to do horrible horrible things to win the war. I want you all to pick who i side with, the Rebellion, or the Shapers, hell even though its not on the poll just post if you just want me to(once strong enough) go Omnicidal Maniac and kill everyone. You also chose weither I use Canisters and gain their stat boosting abilities, or I don't use them and avoid the insanity it causes, and yes unlike most games the Canisters DO effect you, more than once when playing any of the games after useing too many canisters i've gotten into fights(some of which got me slaughtered) that might not have happend if i didn't use so many canisters. And finally I want you all to chose weither statwise I should focus on my Power(makeing strong creations/alot of creations and strong magic), or my skills of Leadership and Mechanical, which allow be to get through speech challenges and picklocks/deactivate traps etc. easier.
I'll begin playing on the 14th, so this poll will last a week.

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