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 Post subject: Games with Novelty
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:41 pm 
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List the games who bring something new. This could be art style, music, mechanics, anything about the game that makes it worth your time. These games need not be good, they just have to be interesting.

Feel free to contribute, but please say why and if there are any major detractors from it.

Artemis; A co-op game where people work together to fly a spaceship. Each role (engineering, captain, helm, weapons, comms) has different screens and controls and have to communicate with the others involved in order for things to work effectively. Most interestingly, the captain generally doesn't get controls; just a display and makes the calls about what the other crew should be doing in the scenario.

The bad is that there never was a push for an official campaign mode, so there isn't much variety. It has campaign building tools, but they aren't very intuitive. If you could mix it with a sci-fi D20 adventure it would be amazing.

To the Moon; This is an adventure game build in RPGMaker which is entirely adventure game. No leveling and hardly any combat, this is all about the story. You play two scientists who alter peoples memories on their deathbeds so they think they've achieved their life long dreams. In this case, convincing a man that he was an astronaut and went to the Moon.

The only major bad that I can think of is that there's a question that it expects you to find the answer to relating to the Animorph book series by asking around, but the answer they give is wrong.

Spoiler: show

Last Word; An aristocratic society where wordplay is war. Getting the last word in an argument essentially forces the other person to do what you want. A scientist builds a one way speaker, giving him the opportunity to always get the Last Word...but what will he do with it?

It's RPG turn based combat and can get a bit grindy if you want the real ending (which is worth it by the way). It also requires you to have knowledge that your character shouldn't have - specifically by reloading a save after finishing the game.

Interplanetary; Turn based strategy with a physics engine. You control a planet, managing its buildings, and resources with the goal of annihilating all others. However, you have no troops and can't move between planets. Your only weapons are missiles, railguns and lasers - the paths of which you must select manually. At the end of a turn, all weapons are fired simultaneously and their trajectories shown in a dynamic simulation of the solar system with moving planets and hence shifting gravity wells. Like Worms, but requiring more thought into aiming.

Don't rely on the path that's shown on the screen when selecting your target. That parabola is based on static gravity and won't be accurate. Expect to have a few railgun bullets slingshot around your target and come right back at you on your first few plays. Again, no single player campaign (or at least not last time I checked) but it has potential.

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