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 Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:26 pm 
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I'm just going to put this up here and if you people playing now could please put your sides up here all nice and neat (and without spoiler tags) that would be super helpful for me and the other GM to use as references.

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

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     Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:31 pm 
    E is for Erfworld Supporter Battle Crest Pins Supporter Print Book 2 & Draw Book 3 Supporter This user is a Tool! Year of the Dwagon Supporter This user was a Tool before it was cool Pin-up Calendar and New Art Team Supporter Here for the 10th Anniversary Has collected at least one unit Erfworld Bicycle® Playing Cards supporter
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    Side: The Sandmen
    Favored Terrain: Desert
    Colors: Pale yellow (primary), White (secondary), Gold (tertiary)
    Symbol: Golden sunburst on white

    Side Specials wrote:
    Jinn Stealth (3 points): If the unit has full Move when its side ends turn, it becomes veiled until it leaves the hex or attacks.
    Fate Sense (3 points): The unit has an exceptionally strong feeling of the flow of Fate around it, providing combat and awareness bonuses.
    Tremorsense (3 points): The unit can detect any ground units which move within a three-hex radius, regardless of concealment or terrain type.
    Infantry Units wrote:
    Sand Warrior (Stabber-class Infantry, 30): 5/6/2/5, Desert-Capable
    Swift to strike, for there is no greater hymn to the Titans than the screams of their enemies upon the dunes.

    City Guard (Piker-class Infantry, 20): 7/3/6/5, Garrison, Desert-Capable
    Guards alone amongst all the Sandmen are popped to protect what is theirs rather than strike the enemy; they are stubborn in battle and stubbornly prideful to match.

    Desert Archer (Archer-class Infantry, 30): 5/9/0/5, Garrison, Ranged, Desert-Capable
    Quick to fire, quick to kill, quick to die.

    Djinni (Scout-class Infantry, 30): 3/0/0/21, Flight, Scout-8, Jinn Stealth, Desert-Capable
    Capricious and elusive spirits, least of their kind, no more than bearers of visions and whispers.

    Fedaykin (Knight-class Infantry, 90+10/level): 13/10/5/5, Rider, Fate Sense, Desert-Capable
    They read their lives like a book, fighting their battles from pop to croak along the uncompromising strands of Fate.
    Special Units wrote:
    Fremen (Knight-class Special A, 60+10/level): 11/8/4/6, Rider, Desert-Capable
    Blue eyes merciless as the desert skies, knives not sheathed until the enemy lies croaked on the sand.

    Ebony Horse (Beast-class Special B, 60+10/level): 8/2/2/30, Mount, Flying, Speed Boost x4, Desert-Capable
    Each of them a swift work of art upon the winds.

    Ifrit (Knight-class Special C, 120+20/level): 12/6/6/10, Flying, Ranged, Jinn Stealth, Speed Boost, Fabrication, Desert-Capable
    Skilled craftsmen of the unseen jinn, conjuring deadly armaments for use against all the Sandmen's foes.

    Shai-Hulud (Beast-Class Special D, 300+50/level): 16/12 (24)/4/19, Heavy, Mount, Siege, Burrowing, Tremorsense, Battlecrap, Speed Boost+, Desert-Capable
    Grandfather of the desert, devouring all from below.
    Water Units wrote:
    Dhow (Ship-class Sloop, 60): 6/2/3/8/[8], Water-Bound
    Small, speedy vessels popped to bear the Sandmen across the seas.

    Corsair (Ship-class Galley, 90): 8/6/3/8/[16], Ranged, Water-Bound
    Larger and deadlier, suited to bring stacks of Sandmen into battle and sink enemy vessels.

    Marid (Knight-Class Galleon, 130): 10/11/11/8, Ranged, Jinn Stealth, Water-Bound
    Malicious and powerful jinn who lurk beneath the waves and delight in the desperate struggles of the drowned.
    City Templates wrote:
    1: Improved Combat (4 points)
    2: Throne Room (4 points)
    3: Improved Warlords (6 points)
    1: Improved Combat (4 points)
    2: Resource Point (4 points)

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     Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:35 pm 
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    Battle Crest Pins Supporter Print Book 2 & Draw Book 3 Supporter This user is a Tool! Year of the Dwagon Supporter This user was a Tool before it was cool Shiny Red Star Pin-up Calendar and New Art Team Supporter This user posted the comment of the month This user is a part of Erfworld canon! Here for the 10th Anniversary Has collected at least one unit Erfworld Bicycle® Playing Cards supporter
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    Location: Morlock Wells
    Morlock Wells
    Ruler: Queen Victoria Verne
    Colors: Black and White with Red Trim
    Livery: A Red Rose set inside a Black Gear, on a White field.

    Stats in Parenthesis include the bonuses from all specials. (some units are hyperlinked to example images)
    Special Abilities of to my Side:
    • Healer:Once per day, this unit can restore 1 hit/level to another unit.
    • Simple-Rhyme-o-mancy: The unit gains the Dance-Fighting special while is has juice remaining, and can spend 10 juice/round to boost it's Dance-Fighting bonus by 3

    0beron wrote:
    Morlock Wells
    Favored Terrain: Mountains

    (I am choosing the Mountain Terrain Capability for my side, so all units have this special)
    • Artisan (Stabber) - 8/4/2/5
      Wielding the tools of their trade as improvised weapons to surprisingly deadly effect, they charge into battle to advance their side’s prosperity.
    • Bouncer (Piker) - 10/2/5/5/garrison
      Clad in masks and tight leather vests, these mysterious soldiers are unflappable in the face of danger.
    • Arbalist (Archer) - 5/8/1/5/garrison, ranged
      Armed with crossbows, these commonly female warriors are rarely seen by their targets before it is too late.
    • Bird’s Eye (Scout) - 3/0/0/20/flight, scout
      Small humanoids with pale skin and dainty features, outfitted with wings crafted to resemble all manner of aerial wildlife.
    • Mechanic (Knight)- 10/9/9/7/flying (Promoted Inf. gains +0/+3/+3/+1)
      These soldiers fly into battle alongside the Dwaco-mechs using all manner of weaponry they craft themselves.

    • Engineer (A): 8/2/3/6(18)/Knight-type, Builder, Surveyor, Fabrication (Speed x2)
      These learned units who can always think up just the right gadget for the job at hand.
    • Dwaco-mech (B): 11/3/3/6(18)/Beast-type, Mount-2, Flight (Speed x2)
      These mechanical beasts are fashioned to resemble the dwagons of myth.
    • Prodigy (C): 12/3(7)/3/4(10)/Knight-type, Flight, Ranged, Leadership, Simple-Rhymomancy, Dance-fighting, Healer (Speed)
      Gifted with an exceptionally pure understanding of both the physical world and the mind, to lead and inspire their fellows from above.
    • Pop-Star (D): 24/7(13)/10/3(19)/Beast-type (Heavy), Mount-3, Flight, Ranged, Siege, Sonic Breath (Speed+)
      Perched at the center of a disk of crystals and levers, the metallic facsimile of a human torso blasts enemy walls to dust with waves of sound.

    City Template
    Level 1:
    Resource Points (4 points)

    Level 4
    Resource Point (4 points)
    Throne Room (4 points)
    Fortified Outer Wall +3 (6 points)
    Boosted Tower +2 (4 points)
    Storeroom +2 (4 points)

    "I'm afraid I don't understand. And also afraid that I do."
    GJC wrote:
    Two guys with basically the same name in a discussion about a character getting cloned.
    There's gotta be a good joke in here somewhere.

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     Post Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:51 pm 
    Joined: Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:56 am
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    Name: Erf Command
    Insignia: A highly simplified picture of Erfworld from above. The Erf is surrounded by gold lines on black background.
    Livery: Gold and Black
    Leader: Kevin Crosett

    Stabber Class
    The wave of raw recruits that make up any army
    HP 6, Attack 6, defense 2, Move 7,

    Piker Class
    Base Defence
    Much more specialize soldiers, given better armour to protect the garrison. They rarely venture forth.
    HP 7, Attack 4, Defense 6, Move 6,

    Archer Class
    Highly trained.
    HP 5, Attack 8, Defense 2, Move 6, Special - Archery

    Scout Class
    Steam Scout
    Well trained light infantry, wearing a steam powered backpack that allows them the ability of flight. It makes them incapable of carrying much in terms of weapons or armour.
    HP 3, Attack 0, Defense 0, Move 22, Special - Fly, Special - scout range 6

    Knight Class
    highly trained and highly augmented soldiers.
    13 HP, Attack 9, Defense 8, Speed 5, specials - Rider, Ranged

    Special A
    We do everything.
    HP 5, Attack 4, Defense 4, Move 6, Special - Builder, fabrication, Surveyor, Leadership

    Special B
    Using recently uncovered ancient technology, distributed to experienced soldiers.
    HP 8, Attack 6, Defense 6, Move 6(12), Special - Flight, Ranged, Speed Boost

    Special C
    Small and well balanced though not carrying much in terms of equipment
    HP 13, Attack 7, Defense 7, Move 5(11), Special- Ranged, Siege, Mount, Speed Boost, FLY!

    Special D
    Heavy Weapons Platform
    The ultimate weapon, fast, powerful, large and carrying enough firepower to smash small cities
    HP 16, Attack 11(19), Defense 9, Speed 3(9), Special- Ranged, Siege, Lightning, Mount, Speed Boost

    A basic fast transport craft with some minor armaments
    HP 6, Attack 1, Defense 2, Speed 12, Cargo 8, Special- Water capable

    An average craft nearly capable of equaling the Searanger's speed but with double the capacity
    HP 8, Attack 7, Defense 6, Speed 8, Cargo 16, Special- Water capable, Ranged

    A large, well armed and slow craft
    HP 13, Attack 12, Defense 12, Speed 7, Cargo 32, Special- Water capable, Ranged

    Level 1:
    Resource Point (3 points)
    1 Point unspent

    Level 1
    Library (4 points)



    Follow the link *Waves hand*

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     Post Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:29 am 
    Joined: Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:09 pm
    Posts: 750
    Location: Probably totally lost.
    The Army of the Mountain King: Royal, Mountain-Based Side

    Livery Colours are black and dark green, insignia is a jagged mountain peak in dark green set on a black background.
    Okay, units w/o fluff:

    Stabber: Rock Armour: 5-4-4-5; Mountain-Capable
    Piker: Tunnel Guard: 7-4-5-5; Mountain-Capable
    Archer: Dark Moon Hunter: 5-8-1-5; Mountain-Capable
    Scout: Eagew Eye: 3-0-0-20; Scout Range=6; Flight; Mountain-Capable
    Knight: Earthen Cripplew: 10-14-3-5; Rider; Toxin

    A: Atalian Horse: 8-2-2-6(36); Beast-type; Mount; Mountain-Capable; Speed Boost x5 (Because why not?)
    B: Dirt Mover: 8-3-2-6; Knight-type; Builder; Surveyor; Fabrication; Ranged; Toxin
    C: Death Harper: 12-9-3-4; Knight-type; Leadership; Dance-Fighting; Ranged; Toxin
    D: Earth Master: 16-4(12)-4-3(9); Knight-type; Limited Dirtamancy; Leadership; Dance-Fighting; Ranged; Toxin; Lighting Breath; Speed Boost

    A-ship: Clay Racer: 6-2-2-9-8; Water-Bound (i.e., Water Capable but stuck in Water)
    B-ship: Porcelain Transport: 8-3-3-7-24; Water-Bound
    C-ship: Steel Murder: 10-21-5-5-32; Ranged; Water-Bound

    "The Infantrymen of Erfworld have nothing to lose but their chains. They have Erfworld to win. Infantry of all sides: Unite!"--Kawl Mawx, Master-class Moneymancer

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     Post Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:48 am 
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    The land of Hi-Rule

    Ruler: King Daphnes Nohansen Hi-Rule
    Favoured terrain: Heavy Forest
    Special benefit: Terrain Capable

    Colours are silver chestplate with bronze under-colouring. Insignia is the herald of Hi-Rule


    Galrudos (Stabber) – (6/5/1/6)
    Almost entirely female, a force not to be underestimated.

    Hi-Lians (Piker) – (7/3/6/5/Garrison)
    Defenders of the realm. They stand strong, resolute, and prepared.

    Kidkory(Archer) – (6/7/1/5/Garrison, Ranged)
    Small, but eagle-eyed.

    Fayree (Scout) – (3/0/0/20/Scout, Flying)
    Fast little creatures that are surprisingly nimble.

    Paladin (Knight) – (13/7/9/5/Rider, Ranged)
    Very competant ground troops ready for anything.

    Special Units

    Lufts (Special A) – (11/4/4/6(12)/Mount, Flying, Speed)
    Large-billed, colourful birds.

    Guhron (Special B) – (13/6/6/6/Fabrication, Surveyor, Heavy)
    Rock-hide, structural mind, poor sense of humour.

    Durk Almond (Special C) – (15/8/8/4(10)/Speed, Siege, Toxic)
    Powerful armoured units. A force to be reckoned with.

    Great Fayree (Special D) – (21/8/7/3(19)/Flight, Ranged, Heavy, speed boost+, simple thinkamancy, simple dollamancy)
    Beautiful beings with magical talent.

    With the dawning of each new day, my evil machinations inch me closer to world domination. And also breakfast.

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     Post Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:31 pm 
    Here for the 10th Anniversary Has collected at least one unit
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    Ruler: King Vlab Bolognarab
    Favoured Terrain: Swamp
    Special Benefit: +2 All units.

    Livery colors are dark purple and black. Insignia/flag is a purple drop of blood on a black back ground.

    Stabber[Wretch]: (5/4/1/10) (30) -An emaciated wretch with long, ghoulish claws, and four vampire like canines in its mouth. Not to mention a ghastly green complexion and bat-like ears.

    Piker[Beef Wretch]: (7/5/6/5/Garrison) (20) -Big and muscled, these wretches lack the claws of their brethren, but make up for it with meaty fists. Unlike their stabber brethren, they have more armor than pants(or chest wraps); a menacing steel mask.

    Archer[Sling Wretch]: (5/6/0/10/Garrison, Ranged) (30) -Some wretches have taken to the art of slingery; and armed themselves with slings. They also have a lemming-like disregard for their own safety, and often forget they lack armor.

    Scout[Eyebat]: (3/1/1/20/Scout, Flight) -A bat with glowing red eyes. It menaces with green hued bristling fur.

    Knight[Contagious Corvins]: (10/10/4/10/Rider, Toxin) (90+10) -The Contagious Corvins are clad in black robes and wear large black hats. But their most striking features are the pure white bird masks they wear, and a green-yellow falchion they wield that drips with diseases most vile. Features second only to their complete and utter silence.

    Special A(Beast)[Ding Bat]: (11/6/4/12/Mount, Speed Boost, Flight) (60+10) -A strange bat like creature, larger than a man. It has two large wings as its fore arms, and can take flight, or run along the ground at a terrifying speed.

    Special B(Knight)[Zurgeons]: (8/2/2/12/Simple Mancy- Healamancy(10 juice worth, can link up with units, no extra cost.), Fabrication, Speed Boost, Frightening) (60+10) -Clad in dirty, ichor stained lab coats, which cover a scrub clothed body, and the top parts of black jackboots. Blending nicely with the mask(only barely covering a terrible grin). The Zurgeons are not known for their hospitality. But rather, an intimate desire to see what makes everything tick. If you look closely, you'll see odd cuts all over them. Dainty enough to match the threatening, thirsty scalpel they wield.

    Special C(Knight)[Dreaded Jackson]: (12/5/8/10/Speed Boost, Dance-Fighting, Leadership, Terrifying) (120+20) -Known by many names. These are The Dreaded Jacksons. The Smooth Criminals. But regardless of the name: these wretches are clad in gaudy red(body tight) armor, with enough mousse in their hair to run a small hair salon. And they have come to boog-hee-hee!

    Special D(Beast)[Hemoscreecher]: (16/12(18)/10/19/Heavy, Speed Boost+, Sonic 'Breath'(Siege), Ranged, Mount) (300+50) -Surely nature has known no greater horror than one of these beings. It is a large unruly bat-thing with atrophied wings(though powerful fore-arms), but it can speed its ground movement with little flapping hops. The creature has a horrible screech which it can project near anywhere in sight, and can crack walls.

    Sloop: (6/3/2/10/8/Water-Capable) (60)
    Galley: (8/6/5/10/16/Water-Capable, Ranged) (90)
    Galleon: (10/13/10/10/32/Water-Capable, Ranged) (130)
    -City Template-
    Regular City:
    Stabber Production/4 points.
    Throne Room/4 points, Improved Warlords(Special-Blood Drive)

    NOTE: I auto-included the speed boosts into the max speed of the units, but did not do the same for the Hemoscreecher's Combat stat.

    All systems nominal.

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     Post Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:14 pm 
    Joined: Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:56 pm
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    I'm going to trawl through my archives and post all of the un-allied critters I can find here, for easy reference. If I miss something, PM it to me and I'll edit this post. That'll keep the number of posts in here to a minimum.

    In no particular order:

    Marble Golem
    Hits: 18
    Attack: 8
    Defense: 10
    Move: 0 (Garrison)

    Hits: 6
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 2
    Move: 5
    Special: None

    Hits: 8
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 3
    Move: 5
    Special: Garrison

    Basilisk Shot
    Hits: 7
    Attack: 9
    Defense: 1
    Move: 5
    Special: Ranged

    Wuff Courier
    Hits: 3
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 0
    Move: 21
    Special: Scout

    Hits: 12
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 2
    Move: 10
    Special: Flying, Rider

    Hits: 8
    Attack: 16
    Defense: 2
    Move: 6
    Special: Siege

    Hits: 8
    Combat: 2
    Defense: 4
    Desert Capable, Scrounge, Salvage, Incapacitate Golems
    Scrounge: Instead of moving, may scrabble around for a single Loose Material every turn.
    Salvage: When razing an improvement or city for Schmuckers, intake is increased by 4% per level. Does not stack with other Salvagers.
    May incapacitate Golems or Dollamancy creations in lieu of normal attacks. This incapcatiation lasts for one turn.

    Mawsh Wight
    Hits: 12
    Combat: 8
    Defense: 5
    Move: 10.
    Swamp Capable, Speed Boost, Simple Foolamancy.

    Hits: 4
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 3
    Move: 10
    Special: Burrowing, Track

    With more to come later! I'm sure I've missed some, so PM me with the stats of the critters I've missed.

    Edit: More!

    Hits: 24
    Attack: 18
    Defense: 8
    Move: 22
    Special: Flying, Lightning Breath, Veil Breaker (Natural Foolamancy, sees through all veils), Limited Lookamancy (Sees into all adjacent hexes at all times)

    Hits: 10
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 4
    Move:: 6
    Special: Desert-capable, Mount, Toxin.

    Hits: 6
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 1
    Move:: 24
    Special: Flying, Scout

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     Post Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:04 pm 
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    E is for Erfworld Supporter Print Book 2 & Draw Book 3 Supporter This user was a Tool before it was cool Here for the 10th Anniversary Has collected at least one unit Erfworld Bicycle® Playing Cards supporter This user is a Tool!
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    Little-bump for convenience.

    UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

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