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 Post Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:25 am 
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pSycHOtic chICkeN wrote:
I wonder why the plant was not immune to attack? Perhaps removing the floor from underneath someone does not count either. A trap door. A trap bed?

I think Olive's spell only affected units. It makes one unit unable to inflict damage on another unit. If this interpretation is correct, there are a few ways to get around it. A side with a Dirtamancer could undermine and collapse the garrison. A unit with firebirds or red dwagons could burn the garrison. A unit with purple or yellow dwagons could attack the garrison. This could potentially be a spell that backfires on the defenders, making them unable to engage a unit that can bypass it.

BLANDCorporatio wrote:
Aww man, I hate this. I really do. These updates are turning me into a Wanda fan. Which is bad, because as prequels, we all know where they are supposed to go to. It's not that I disliked the Wanda of the previous books ("Wanda = villain" doesn't quite fly for me), it's just that she was so ... leaves-me-indifferent-like, a mere cypher. Gosh, once Book 0 is done I'll need to reread the other books sometime, with a fresh eye.

I have to agree. I've always like Wanda, the character, the role she plays. These updates are really making me like Wanda, the person, albeit fictional. It's depressing knowing she's going to go through so much and change so radically.

Fcannon wrote:
Interesting caster debate. Given the typical responses I've seen to sufferers of locked-in syndrome, I'd say Olive's argument that life>motion would have a lot less traction than she'd expect.

Given what's we've learned about Florists and poison, I wander if they capable of using tetrodotoxin.

Whispri wrote:
Will there ever be another chance? I'm leaning towards 'no'.

I disagree. I still believe Delphie's prediction that Wanda will serve under Olive for a long time. While Delphie is a known liar, future Wanda has the fatalistic belief that Fate cannot be avoided. That implies that every Prediction of which she is aware has come to pass. I believe this one will as well. In my opinion, Wanda will serve under Olive. I think they will probably have a relationship during that time. Look at modern Wanda's livery. It has Olive's flower with a skull. Originally, I thought it merely reflected the nature of Erfworld; a cute, girly necromancer fit with the dissonance of the place, and the livery reflected that. Now, I think it speaks more about Wanda. This is the symbol with which Wanda identifies herself. I think using Olive's flower for her livery tells us a great deal about Wanda. Originally, Wanda kept the flower because she liked it, but I think there is more to it in the future. I think Olive will be such a big part of Wanda's life that it is an ubiquitous part of who Wanda is. I think her time serving Haffaton might be more important than her time at Goodminton, Faq or Gobwin Knob. I suspect that the skull will be added when Olive dies, although part of me would like to see present Wanda and Parson interact with her, if only for the amusement of Parson's reaction to her flirtatious nature. I doubt that will happen, though. As I said, I suspect she and Wanda will have a long relationship, and her death with affect Wanda deeply before we reach the present. Even Wanda's choice in colors reflect Haffaton. It seems her preferred colors are black and white, which are Haffaton's colors. Gobwin Knob's colors are black and red. While Wanda does use red alot too, the white may come from Haffaton. She certainly isn't going around wearing Goodminton's blue or Faq's green and yellow.

On the other hand, this may have been their one chance to start a truly loving and happy relationship. While I believe they will have a long relationship, it will always be tempered by Atomic's fate. If Wanda had shared Olive's bed, things probably would have played out differently.

There are a couple of things in this update upon which nobody touched.

"That was the mellowest rampage I've ever seen," she said in a soft, distant voice. "It was wonderful."

I find it interesting that Olive refers to the rampage as wonderful. I feel it says something about her, but I'm not smart enough to figure out what.

"He and I talked a lot, actually. About you, and Delphie," she said quietly, brushing her hair from her eyes. "He told me more about Delphie's Prediction than Delphie did."

I can't help feeling that Tommy basically killed himself at that moment. I would also very much like to know what, exactly, Delphie told Olive to get her to offer such a generous peace. At this point, I do think the offer was genuine, but that changed once Tommy told Olive, or at least, once Olive reported the new information to her Ruler. It does seem that Olive was the force behind the original offer. We know Delphie did not tell her that Wanda would be serving under Chief Florist Olive Branch. I doubt Delphie has Predicted that Wanda will Attune. What could Delphie have told Olive that would have made the latter convince her Ruler to offer such terms? The only thing that occurs to me is that Delphie told Olive that Wanda would be the love of her life or something, but that seems really cheesy and cliched.

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