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The Lim series of androids were built by a man who's girlfriend died. He tried to rebuild her, and failed. Not because she didn't work, but because she wasn't the same. But the designs... they were so advanced and well engineered that his designs were copied. He complained, but they were still used anyway. By the time of this story over 2000 designs have been created. All Lims are 'she' and are now the most common type of android in existence. And very human looking to boot.

After the Sixth Faceless war, the Lim 2000s, created by the mad Roman Tezuka, were set free from the military. They had wiped out thousands, and were a major cause of victory. But because of that very strength, they were declared weapons of mass destruction by the world governments. No more could be made. No more than three could be present on any battlefield. They could not upgrade their weapon systems unless faulty otherwise.

Lim 2000-24 was hired as the caretaker of Reginald Teradoc. The son of Asbes Teradoc, heir of the militant House Teradoc. She used to be a mother and a wife before, in desperation, she accepted the operation to become an Android to avenge her family's deaths. Now she found something of a surrogate son in Reginald.

They stood at a sink, washing dishes. This was a servant's job, but Asbes thought it good training for his son to do chores. They talked and washed dishes together. The android had a faulty memory chip, it sparked a lot, sending into a nearly constant flashback. She couldn't upgrade it because of the WOMD laws. She had too much combat knowledge in her.

"Could you show me your battle form? I want to see, they say it is like looking at a demon." He said, placing a dish into a rack.

"No. Your a little young yet to see demons. What would your father say if you became scared of me?" She manipulated the water temperature a little, too cold yet.

"I'm ten, you know, and I've studied wars, from the Column Wars, to the First Faceless War even the Estellion Sky Wars... I know you and twenty of your friends killed thousands of Faceless Ones in a single battle." He wiped a hot plate clean.

"Wars of demons, men and monsters. Very few heroes. But you're a Teradoc, so it's to be expected that you think like this." She put a little more soap onto a sponge. "I was built as a super weapon. I was born to be a mother. It's hard for me to be both. I would prefer not to be some kind of monster, but life is hard. Do you understand? That no matter what you are born as, you can be seen as a monster if you make bad choices?"

Reginald nodded, but it was a little too deep for him yet. "So you think you made bad choices?"

"Yes, I could have remarried, had more kids. I was young then. Tommy and Robert were... a lot to me. I wanted revenge when I came one second..." Her memory chip sparked a little. Another painful flashback. "I participated in the Sixth Faceless war."

"You were a hero! You and..."

"There is a lot of screaming in battle. Screams that come from our throats. The screams from the dying... and even the dead sometimes. And that scream... when I came one second too late to comfort my dying child." She paused again, the sparking was starting to hurt her. "That is war. You will enjoy it, young master Teradoc."

"I hope so. My dad does, anyway. I've always liked airships." He smiled a bit and started to describe a really interesting air ship his father had. She felt like he was her son... but her son was dead. A spark sent her into another portion of her past. Not so painful this time.

They finished the dishes and entered Reginald's father's study. He was away a lot so they were free to enter as they pleased. Lim 2000-24 read from a family register. It held wars, deaths and births. Reginald had very few responsibilities, but one of them was to learn the family history.

She suddenly was interrupted by a transmission to her head. It was the house's captain of the guard. The elf, Quale, was going a thousand years strong in a month. "Lim! We've gotten a problem! A Lim 2000 model is coming right for your position! You've got to protect Master Teradoc!" The transmission shut off and Lim sprung into action.

Reports came in, there was not time. She threw her charge onto a soft chair across the room. "Cover your ears!" She transformed. Four arms came out of her sides and her head changed shape, and spikes replaced her teeth. Blades snapped out of nearly every major joint and ranged weapons out of the new hands. She ripped off one of those hands and tossed it to Reginald. She could not control her memory chip. This was a chance... for redemption? "Tommy! As soon as the battle starts! Press the button on the hand! It's a shield!"

Reginald did as was asked, not questioning the name. The wall exploded and another monster stepped in. It looked like Lim 2000-24 but more crazed. Her lower jaw was missing and an eye had lost it's humanity and was a jury rigged camera. But all it's hands were intact, and these bristled weapons.

In a battle between monsters of equal strength, the battle can last any length of time. But this wasn't that kind of battle. Lim 2000-24 didn't have her shield and the Lim 2000 that fought her did. But still, the Lim 2000s were the greatest monsters of this era, and even taking a wounded one down with an army is a bad idea.

The battle raged around the poor Reginald. He was tossed as sonic blasts shattered cabinets and papers exploded by flame weapons missing their targets. Finally, the impostor Lim stood triumphant over her sister. Reginald huddled into a corner, hoping not to die. The monster gave another stab at the brain of Lim 2000-24 and left.

The End!

how is it?

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