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 Post Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 2:45 am 
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I'm GMing the forum game "Return to Gobwin Bump" and I've written some narrative passages for the Gobwin Side. And I thought I'd post them here as a continuous narrative, so even if you aren't playing in the game, you can get an idea of what's been going on.

I've added some blank pages for turns where I haven't written anything yet, but I plan on writing things for there.

This thread will always be a turn or two behind the game thread - I don't want my internal musings influencing the players as we go along.

You'll have to use your imagination in some places - I'm not going to relist all the events of the turn so that the story makes perfect sense. It is what it is.

All comments etc, here. Please don't write in the other thread.

(it might be interesting for a player to write their perspective of events?)

Benemala Edupad OCC

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     Post Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:26 am 
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    Poor Gwegow. Turned to bits of Gobwin, and now presumably the plaything of a demented Croakamancer.

    It's really touching to read that journal, and see what it looks like from the side getting forced out of their lands. Gosh, Wivingston's a huge pillock.

    Anyway, even with all that wave of sympathy for the enemy, something felt missing. Something kinda like this-

    "The enemy took control of Gobwin Hollow."

    "That's all right, Lazkar's fliers will bring it back under our control."

    "My ruler ... Lazkar ... didn't have enough fliers and was croaked in action."

    (long pause)

    "These warlords will stay in the room. Rizka, Tuzki, Buzket and Pozka."

    (everyone else except the named warlords and Gwegow leave the room).

    "That was an order! Lazkar's attack was an order! How do you dare to disobey an order I gave? So this is what it has come to. The army is lying to me, everyone's been lying to me, even the treasurer! My warlords are just a bunch of contemtible disloyal cowards!"

    "My ruler I cannot allow you to insult our soldiers and wa-"

    "You are cowards, traitors and failures!"

    "My ruler, this is outrageous!"

    "My warlords are the scum of the Gobwin people! Not a shred of honour! You call yourselves warlords! Turns spent hunting easy prey to level up just to learn how to boost a pike's damage by 10%! For hundreds of turns the army has hindered my plans! You've put every kind of obstacle in my way! I should have left all my warlords to their fate, like Stanley!"


    "I never made hunting trips for easy XP, and yet I pushed the C-Elfs back all by myself! Traitors. I've been betrayed from the beginning! What a monstrous betrayal of the Gobwin people! But all those traitors will pay. With their own hides they will pay! They shall be hung by their own intestines! My orders have fallen on deaf ears. In these conditions, I am no longer able to lead. It's over. The war is lost."

    Sowwy. It's a testament to a certain film's worth however that one scene has proven to be so versatile.

    The whole point of this is lost if you keep it a secret.

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