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 Post subject: The Mage of Ethica
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:06 am 
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Uhhhh.... so here's a story I started to write about 2 years back. I might continue with it and it's got alot of potential and I know where I'd like to go with it but real life says its more important =P

(sorry about the length)

So without further ado:

The boy sat on the stump of a tree, staring out across the green valley; it was
such a clear and beautiful day. The sun was shining, there were leave's
blowing in the gentle breeze of summer as it carried the noise of the nearby
woodland animals. The boy stared at the scene, taking it all in with his
deep hazel eye's. He breathed deeply, letting the summer's sweet scent come
to him and fill his lungs. It was a perfect day. A day to compare all other
day's to.

Standing slowly the boy looked around. Everywhere he looked was the
beautiful green scenery that he was so happy to call home. But still there
was something more. Looking on, over and through the trees, the boy saw the
mountains. Giant, huge, snow-capped mountain's. Oh how he wished to travel. To
see the wonder's of the world. Oh how he longed to be away from this small
valley. Away from this beautiful isolation that formed the bar's of his

"Oh well" he thought to himself. "Best head back. Mother won't be happy if
I'm too late back." And with that the boy started on the small path that he
travelled daily. The path that lead back to his home. This would be the last
time. The last time he walked his path home.

Emerging from the shrubbery into a small clearing the boy saw the little
wooden house that was home. Outside, under a tree his mother was stood. But
there was someone stood with her. A figure that wore a light grey cloak. Two
hands were extended from the cloak and the hood bobbed in conversation as
the boy's mother nodded at the gestures.

Cautiously the boy approached. Trying to get a glance at the figure under
the cloak. The figure it turns out was a man. An elderly fellow, his skin
weathered and thick. The creases on his face deep like the crevasses on a
mountain. His dark blue eye's glinted under the hood. The man smiled at the
boy as he came near. It was a thin wisp of a smile, creasing the man's face
a little further. "Ah. Speak of the devil!" said the old man, his voice
gentle in the whisper of the wind. "We were just talking about you young
man." The boy looked up at his mother. Curiosity etched on his face. "Tell
me little boy," said the old man. Slowly going into a crouch to meet at the
same height as the child. "What is your name?" The boy was more confused
now. Why would a stranger ask about him? But his mother had taught him
manners and it was rude to ignore a question. Especially from your elder's.
"Nathaniel" said the boy, the sun filtering through the nearby tree,
highlighting his cropped blonde hair. His face small and innocent like that
of a cherub in the summer light. The shadow of the leaves from the nearby
tree's played across his face as the old man thought deeply to himself, his
smile briefly disappearing as if lost in thought. Then, remembering his own
manner's the old man smiled again. "My name is Galaphile," said the old man.
His face, seeming to beam with pleasure at the young boy. "But, please tell
me. How old are you?" the old man inquired. Yet again, not wanting to seem
rude or impolite, Nathaniel answered him without too much hesitation "I am
Fourteen." He said. Keeping eye contact with the man as the tree's shade
suddenly gave way to a ray of light shinning brightly in his eye's forcing
him to squint. Noticing this the old man suggested they go for a walk to
discuss matters further. Nathaniel asked his mother if this is was
acceptable and she agreed. A smile on her face she kissed her son goodbye
and watched him walk off with ...

They walked for a while in the forest. ... Asked many a question with
regards to the boy's identity, these included his quirks and interest's.
Nathaniel answered all and asked none in return. The old man seemed happy
asking these questions. They carried on walking, talking about thing's that
were in Nathaniel's life. Of his home, his mother. What it was like to be an
only child. Before too long they arrived at the city of Newport. It was a
large city with high stone wall's all around. It sat on the coastline and
was a very popular place for trader's of spice, gold and other less... Legal
tender. As they approached the city gate a guard came out of a small wooden
hut to the right of them "Halt!" he said. His voice serious and low.
"Identify yourself and state your business." Nathaniel looked at the guard.
He stood at least head and shoulder's higher then the boy and suddenly
Nathaniel noticed that it was getting late and also as to why the old man
had taken them here. "My name is... said the man. My business is my own."
The guard seemed a bit taken aback by this. He expected the old man to be
fully co-operative "Very well." Said the guard with a sigh. "Just don't
cause any trouble!" Nathaniel felt that this was mainly directed at him. The
thought was confirmed when he noticed that the guard was glaring at him. A
small silence passed before the guard continued "you may continue." After
they were clear of the guard house they continued through the port-culls
"What are we doing here" was what Nathaniel had wanted to ask but he didn't
have a chance. As soon as they were through the noise and smell of the city
took hold of him. Everywhere he looked there were people, rushing too and
through. The smells of herbs, burning coal and many they thing's Nathaniel
couldn't put a name to flood through him, almost overwhelming. "Now." Said
the old man, trying not to draw attention but trying to make sure the boy
could hear him. "This place is both wonderful and dangerous. Thieves and
murderer's lurk on every corner and behind every alcove. Be careful."
Nathaniel didn't really pay that much attention. He was busy staring into
the hordes of people that bustled in the busy city. He had never seen so
many people in one place! It was such an amazing sight. Then he noticed the
towers; huge stone tower's made by men. They stood, nearly touching the sky.
Or so Nathaniel thought. There were four in all. One near each entrance and
one near the coast that acted as a lighthouse as well as a look out.
Grabbing the boy by his shoulder the old man gently urged him forward's
"come" he said. "We must find a place of rest. We have a long day ahead of
us tomorrow." Looking up at him, Nathaniel realised that he wasn't going
home this night.

They arrived at a small inn. There were no real incidents on the way to
there. A wild cat had threatened to claw at Nathaniel but that was all. The
Inn was an old wooden constructed building. Its support beam's were clearly
worn and used. The door looked rickety. But the inside was rather quite
pleasant. Upon opening the door and entering the building they were both
greeted heartily by a tall Elf. His long brown hair flowed down his back.
His features were keen. His face narrow and gaunt. His blue eyes bore some
resemblance to a faceted Gem. Nathaniel had never seen a real life elf
before. Only been told about them. He was told that they were a kind people.
Ancient in the way's of lore and tradition. Steeped in what some would call
myth. But what was really a history the elves rather forget. Remembering his
manner's Nathaniel tried not to stare too much at the Innkeeper and managed
to tare his gaze away from his oddly pointed ears.

"Hail and well met!" The elf cried joy hinted in every word "And what can I
do for you this kind evening" ... looked at the Elf from under his cowl and
enquired about the price for a room for the night. While the adult's
continued their conversation Nathaniel decided to look around the room a
bit. He saw a main sitting area with some stair's leading up to a dark
passageway. In the sitting room there crackled a small fire. It looked warm
and inviting with the fur skin of a snow leopard acting as a rug. The fire
burned brightly carrying its smoke up the stone Chimney into a diamond lit
night-sky. Before he could take in any more the boy was once again urged
forward's. "Come now boy. We best be getting on." The man led him up the
stairs and into the third door on the right. There were two lanterns about
the place. One on an old wooden dresser and another hung from a hook on the
ceiling. In the centre of the room lay a double bed. And in the corner was a
single bed. "Come on. To bed with you young one. We have an early start
tomorrow." Muttered the old man. Not seeming too fond with the early start.
"When will I be going home though?" Asked Nathaniel "and why are we here?"
he asked. "All will be revealed in the morning. Don't worry." Replied the
old man. "Just be sure to sleep." And with that they both made their way to
their own beds. Nathaniel to the single one in the corner and the old man to
the one in the middle. Nathaniel lay there for a moment wondering about what
lay ahead. Then sleep took him, someplace far off and away from the bed in
which he slept.

The blade fell, shutting off the scream's that came from the woman's mouth.
The assailant let the corpse drop to the floor. Lifeless, the boy's mother
dropped to the ground. Her life gone, her spirit sent to whatever awaited.
The man stepped over the broken corpse. His boots sinking into the
blood-soaked ground slightly. Slamming open the door he looked around. His
heavy black cloak making him an ominous presence. He searched thoroughly.
Yet he could not find what he sought. His master would not be pleased he
thought to himself. Those screams were loud. There may be people nearby that
will come to inspect the screams of pain that sounded only moments before.
He should leave. Time was not on his side. The figure left through the door
and was gone in an instance.

The daylight shone in from a crack in the curtains. It was morning. And
Nathaniel was lying in bed with is eye's open. He hadn't really slept well
at all unless he was in his own bed. And this was nowhere near as
comfortable as his own bed. He slowly sat up right and looked around the
room, using the light that probed cautiously through the curtains. Looking
tower's the bed where Galaphile had slept he noticed it was empty. Slowly
getting out of bed, his legs aching in response. He walked over to the door
and pushed it open cautiously. Peeping his head around to see who was about
he exited the room and closed the door, double checking he had all his
possession's on him. He found himself checking the amulet around his neck;
it was a beautiful black pendant. Carved from some sort of stone. Nathaniel
wasn't one for jewellery, but when he wore this pendent he felt comforted.
Heading down the passageway and going down the stairs he walked into the
main sitting area. There sat the elf. Smoking on a long wooden pipe humming
to himself by the fire. His eye's were closed and his head tilted upwards as
if relaxing or maybe asleep. Slowly one of the elf's eye's opened. And upon
seeing Nathaniel a small smile found itself on the innkeeper's face. "I
suppose your wondering where Galaphile is?" asked the elf, care still
riddling his words. Awkwardly Nathaniel shook his head "y.... Yes sir" He
stammered in shyness. Noticing this the elf sat upright and turned his head
to the child. "Come, sit with me and we shall talk" The smile on the elf's
face was warm and inviting. Nathaniel stood there for a second not knowing
what to do. He didn't want to seem rude so cautiously he approached the man
and took a seat by the side of him. "Do you know what I am?" Asked the
innkeeper, his smile nearly beaming now. "Yes sir. You're an elf" said
Nathaniel, slowly growing less shy. "Ah. It is good that you know that!
You're a clever one aren't you?" Nathaniel smiled at the compliment. He
liked to think he was clever, but no one ever said so. "So then. Nathaniel
was it?" asked the innkeeper. "Yes sir." Said Nathaniel confidently. "Do not
worry, Galaphile will not be long." Nathaniel liked this elf; he seemed
friendly and happy. Not a sour old grumpy traditionalist elf of which
Nathaniel had heard so much about.

Just as Nathaniel was about to ask the elf his name, Galaphile walked in
through the door. "Ah, Nathaniel. You're up. This is good. This is good."
Said the old man, seemingly to himself. The elf said nothing and just smiled
at Galaphile as he always did. "Excuse me sir" Said Galaphile, addressing
the innkeeper. "But we have much to do. Come Nathaniel" and with that
Nathaniel stood up, bowed sincerely to the elf. And thanked him for his
hospitality. Then they were off. Galaphile and the boy. "Where are we going
Galaphile?" asked Nathaniel. "We are going," he said. In a hushed tone "to
meet some friend's of mine." Nathaniel didn't know whether he was too
pleased with this. While the old man was friendly, he was just about
company. He didn't really seem the type to want to play hide and seek like
the other boy's and girls of Nathaniel's age did.

After a walk through several twist's, turn's and bends. All through busy
bustling group's of people. The pair arrived at the docks. There were tens.
No hundred's counted Nathaniel. Of beautifully crafted ship's. The smell of
salt from the sea, the scent of fish and damp wood filled his senses.
Breathing deeply he felt a little something stir inside him, then it was
gone. Placing his hand on the boy's shoulder Galaphile said, "where could
that blasted pirate be?" Nathaniel didn't like the sound of pirate's. He had
heard that like to kill and steal and generally be bad people all around.
Galaphile pushed the boy forward, suggesting he wished to move on and look
for these "pirates" after about an hour of searching they found who they
were looking for. "Ah! Galaphile!" Said a woman's voice, from somewhere near
the docks. Turning to face her Nathaniel saw a woman. She was quite tall.
Nearly the same height as the elven innkeeper. She was wearing black
knee-high leather boots with a pair of red woollen trousers, a tight leather
corset and a bright white tunic that showed off her cleavage. She was a
slight build. Quite thin and dainty, Nathaniel noticed with a little bit of
worry that she carried a sword on her belt, it was a long thin blade
traditionally used in duelling and fencing. Her skin was well tanned and her
hair had a deep red tone to it. Her eyes were a perfect emerald green and
her lips were a bright red that contrasted well with her skin and nearly
matched her hair.

"Ah! Sierra!" shouted Galaphile. His old voice not carrying too well over
the hustle and bustle. "How are you?" he asked as the woman drew closer. "I
am well thank you. And yourself?" She asked as she looked at the boy with a
little curiosity. "Ah, keeping, keeping" he said. Then realising that she
was looking at the boy he said, "Ah, this will be one of the passenger's on
the journey. Say hello Nathaniel" Galaphile nudged the boy slightly,
beckoning him to make an introduction "H-Hello" He managed to say shyly. "My
name's Nathaniel." The pirate judged the boy, her emerald eye's looking him
up and down, then she looked to Galaphile "So, down to business. What
exactly can I do for you?" Smiling Galaphile said, "You can take us. To

The plan's had been set and the price had been paid. Galaphile had paid
Sierra 100 Gold piece's to ferry them across the sea to the far off land of
Ethica. It wasn't too much of a journey. But the weather had been
unpredictable lately. They were to set sail immediately, and the journey
would take roughly 3 day's. Providing all went to plan. Galaphile and
Nathaniel went to eat soon after. They went to a quiet tavern not far from
the docks. They both needed food and Sierra required an hour to make sure
the ship was operating fully. They both ate their food with no discussion.
Nathaniel was a bit too worried to ask any question's at this point. But he
was worried about not returning home. Which he thought seemed entirely

After their meal and a quick something to drink. The pair headed back to the
docks. They were to meet Sierra and let her take them aboard her ship. They
wandered a bit, then met with Sierra, then. As she said she would, she took
them to her ship. "There it is!" she yelled, pride and joy in her word's
"The Evershine!" And there it was. As beautiful a ship as any Nathaniel had
ever laid eye's on. It stood out somehow, amongst the other boats. Like
something more grand then the usual trade boat's that were around it. It was
huge. Including the mast Nathaniel guessed it was probably half the size of
the tower's there in Newport. The figurehead, Nathaniel noticed. Was a
beautiful gold colour, and was carved into the shape of a woman blowing into
a seashell like it was a horn. Nathaniel then blushed slightly as he noticed
the woman there was naked, and the artist had paid fine attention to detail.

"Come! Come!" Shouted Sierra, moving ahead of them, "We want to leave as
soon as possible please. Not too fond on the look of those cloud's. They may
interrupt the flight." Nathaniel looked up at the clouds. There were indeed
dark cloud's approaching and he did assume that they could cause a problem.
Then something twigged "Did she just say flight?" Nathaniel thought to
himself. But, yet again. Before he could ask any question's he was
persuasively nudged by the old man onto the boat.

Upon going up the ramp the to board the ship itself Nathaniel noticed how
many people there were on the ship. A lot of them male too. Each and every
one though wore similar attire to the captain. Black leather boot's, red
woollen slacks and a white shirt. Only the captain seemed to wear a corset.
There were people cleaning. People tying knot's people chatting about
different things, some people carried thing's on and off board the ship. All
of them seemed to be ragged men of all different size and shape's. Nathaniel
was told by Galaphile to go down stairs and wait in his cabin. Captain
Sierra appointed a rather young man to show the boy to his quarters.
grumbling slightly the man took his order's and led Nathaniel to the far end
of the ship then down some stair's to a long hallway with door's either
side. At about the 7 door on the right the young man opened the door and
showed Nathaniel where to go if he had any bodily needs. This was all
Nathaniel would need to know.

After waiting for about an hour in his quarter's, three quick knocks came at
his door and then it swung open. Galaphile stood there in his grey cloak,
the hood down though. Galaphile's long white hair fell down about his
shoulders in wisp's and curls. It was thin white hair that could bear some
kind of resemblance to the snow that came in winter. Galaphile smiled at the
boy. "come now. I wish to show you something." Hesitating, the boy stood up
from his bed and slowly trod over to the old man. They went down the same
hallway and up the stairs. As hey reached the top Nathaniel instantly felt
the wind in his hair and the bright sunlight stung his eyes. there were no
cloud's when he looked up, and there seemed to be no land and sea around
him. Curiosity peaked his interests and he looked around and took Galaphile
by the hand and walked in the direction of nearest edge. The noise of the
sail's and the wind roaring in his ear's prevented him from hearing most
thing's that Galaphile was telling him. But he didn't need to be told that
they were flying. Thus huge wooden boat, sailed high above the clouds. It's
sail's billowing and mast's turning to keep the wind caught.

Looking over the side Nathaniel saw white fluffy cloud's as the hull of the
ship streamlined through them. He couldn't see what it was, but something
was making this shi fly! He couldn't quite believe it and he thought to
himself that maybe he had fallen asleep in his bed. But no, the feeling of
the wind, the grasp of Galaphile's hand. All of it was as real as the nose
on his face.


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