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 Post Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:27 am 
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I was reading in another thread when I thought up this retelling of an old story.
Enjoy. :twisted:

Appointment in Some More Yeah

A courtier was doing the duties of city manager of Bagged Ad when he engaged with a female unit of another side that was passing through. He looked closely at the unit and saw that it was the archon of Croak herself. But Croak had a surprised look on her face. The courtier took the opportunity to disengage and ran to his ruler's court to plead for help.

The king, who looked kindly on this courtier, got his Findamancer to summon the fastest flying mount on Erf and then had his weirdomancer cast haste on the mount. The kindly king promoted the courtier first from garrison to field and then also to knight.

The knight thanked his ruler and immediately jumped on the mount. He rode full speed without resting for the entire turn, until he made it to Some More Yeah. He was the first unit to ever make this trip in one turn without traveling through the Magic Kingdom. Feeling confident in his own safety, as he was walking through the city admiring it's beauty, a hard rock golem tripped and fell off the city tower, landing on him and croaking him instantly.

As the angel of Croak came to escort the knight to his judgement, he saw that she had a relieved look on her face.

"Why do you look so relieved now, and why did you look so surprised last turn?" He asked her.

"Know ye," she replied, "I was surprised yesterturn because I had been told that I had an appointment with you on this turn in this city, and no unit had ever made the trip from Bagged Ad to Some More Yeah in in one turn before without travelling through the Magic Kingdom. But here you are, and here I am, and so we know that fate can be trusted."

with thanks to W. Somerset Maugham

For those of us in the USA: Have you wondered what you would do during in the civil rights movement, or in 1930 Germany? Well, what did you do yesterday? Now you know.

A tale from Erfworld: The Retconjurer

A tale of Rhyme-o-mancy: The Noble Gasses

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