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 Post Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 8:23 pm 
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Charlie can give units "spell protection" but his Archons have to be involved, so it's not Enchantments it's just Mancers doing their thing.

It appears that Stuffamancy includes Enchantments (since Stuffamancy is creating stuff it sounds like you pop it and then you don't have to strain yourself to maintain that object's existence - zero upkeep ... ex: Fabrication), which are basically giving an object Magical properties for one up-front cost. Since we've only seen Enchantments with Artifacts like the Mathamancer Bracer and Arkentools, let's call Enchantments rare. In any case, if Parson somehow got the Bracer to simulate Erfworld (as he's getting Jack to do with the Battle Simulator), if that process was Enchanted so Jack wouldn't have to drain himself to run it (and it ran off of a windmill or some random power source (whatever) so it could go 24/7 ... then it could become like the weather-predicting supercomputers that the national weather service has. Set it up with scenarios for the entirety of Erfworld and run different scenarios for different possibilities until it can transform into quasi-predictamancy. Basically, finding the most probable events (within the power/computing limitations of the system) and chaining them together to end up with the most probable future for Erfworld (including all of the details of that future, not just one at a time like Parson currently has to ask it).

That means:
It is most likely that Parson will continue to eat his breakfasts (this avoids failure-to-get-upkeep-penalty)
It is most likely that Charlie will want his Archons back (and the most likely way he will try to do that the Bracer seems to know but I sure don't)
It is most likely that Wanda will be attacked before Stanely, since Wanda is the aggressor with the Pliers, is closer anyway, etc.

Output: Most likely future up to Turn X of simulation (or if you want you could focus on a less likely but perhaps more scary future such as, just guessing, the Magic Kingdom viewing Wanda as a threat and going all-out to kill her :shock: DOOM :shock:)
It is most likely that Charlie will attack Wanda (being paid to do it by the Royals)
and that Parson will have a chance to save Wanda with Stanley's Dwagons (with X% chance, considering how many Dwagons it is most likely for Stanley to have at the time, that Parson is eating his Breakfasts, etc ...)

Output #2: continue the simulation ...
The big question is what is the margin of error for the Bracer's calculations. Does "4.14 percent" in Summer update 39 mean that the Bracer has 3 significant figures (margin of error somewhere in the single digits in percent ... ex: margin of error or at least 1% to at most 9.999...%)? This margin of error would increase with the complexity of the simulation and the distance into the future, assuming of course that the Mathamancer bracer follows Earth's computational rules and doesn't just get "I have 3 significant figures no matter what question you ask!" or "I always give perfect calculations, even though I only display 3 figures!" etc.

I'm saying Enchantments and magical power sources have to be involved because I doubt Jack's innate "mana" or whatever could cover such an enormous simulation.

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     Post Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:13 pm 
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    You're assuming a lot. What the archons offered, if memory serves, was "spell security" or the like. And we know from Parson that Archons have a natural ability to detect veils.

    There are costs to every magic item. If you could make something as versatile and powerful as what you suggest, then I would imagine items like an invisibility cloak (one that makes you look like a rock, say, or a tree) using foolamancy would be far cheaper and easier.

    That said, we've seen items with some magical properties: hats, flying carpets, helmets, caskets, eyebooks, etc.

    In theory, the bracer could be used as a psychohistorical computer, but the sheer number of calculations that must be integrated into the "matrices" are likely beyond what could be accomplished by Parson and a single bracer. You'd need dozens or hundreds of psychohistorians and a vast number of turns just to figure out how to make it all work.

    They could not possibly win. Every man knew this with certainty, and lo it was glorious.

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