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 Post subject: Foreshadowing?
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:44 am 
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"Wanda" the Fish that Jillian killed -> obvious

Banana the Dwagon -> "Banana" references shape of video game Homeworld Kharakian/Kushan Mothership
  1. Stanley gets Arkenhammer (Kushan get Far-Jump Hyperspace Core)
  2. Stanley attempts to conquer the Royals (Kushan attempt to conquer the Taiidan)
  3. Stanley fails, is reduced to capital Gobwin Knob (Kushan fail, exiled to one world, Kharak - note: realistically in Erfworld exiling an enemy faction is practically never done you just conquer them and take prisoners)
  4. Stanley buys the Perfect Warlord (Kharakians build the Mothership and put Karan S'jet in it as Fleet Command, which improves combat efficiency of a 7-Interceptor Squadron by, as Karan says, "22%")
  5. Stanley defends Gobwin Knob with Parson, it is consumed by fire but they come out with a larger faction because they pushed Gems to the surface (Kharak is consumed by a "firestorm" because of "Low Orbit Atmosphere Deprivation Weapons" from Taiidan destroying Kharak for breaking the no-Hyperspace treaty that was part of their Exile, but the Mothership forges on with its colonists and builds a very large fleet anyway, harvesting resources in space). Alternatively switch HW:2's storyline of "protect the homeworld instead of fleeing its destruction" and this works even better.

    Kadeshi nor Bentusi have any parallel in Erfworld, though the Progenitor Sajuuk is called "He Whose Hand Shapes What Is" and that sounds an awfully lot (vaguely) like Erfworld Titans. Though to be honest Homeworld 2's story was a *boop* execution of a reasonable idea, but wasn't as *boop* as Homeworld: Cataclysm's complete ripoff of HW:2 as if Barking Dog Studios asked Relic what HW:2 was going to be and just made some cosmetic changes sold it as a quick HW:1 expansion since they rushed it after HW 1's success that would be the easiest thing to do. HW:C and HW:2 were both rushed actually and they both turned out *boop* compared to HW:1 because of it.
  6. Wanda gets the Arkenpliers so they can convert enemy units after they kill them (Kharakians meet Taiidani Rebels and ally with them).
  7. Wanda - if she declares her own Side and tries to take over the world - becomes like the Beast (hyperspace zombies) in HW:C which were also the zombie enemy trying to take over the world. They also said "We know you better than you know yourselves (because we listened for a million years to your transmissions)," which is like Wanda knowing Fate better than many other main characters - she knew she was prophesied to get the Arkenpliers, and who knows what else she knows. However, please note that the Arkenhammer might actually be able to counter the Pliers since both Tools can change Loyalty under certain circumstances (Dwagons for the 'Hammer, croaked units for the 'Pliers) at the very least if Wanda Decrypts some Dwagons that should happen but I guess it could be a more general contest than that.
  8. Charlie has an Arkentool - Arkendish - and is a potential future enemy (Vaygr have 3rd Far-Jump Hyperspace Core and are future enemy of HW:1 Exiles - the Vaygr are the enemy in HW:2, though to be fair Wanda's mindset is more like the Vaygr's (repeat of Stanley's mindset when he first got the Arkenhammer and attacked the Royals))
  9. Arkentools have some mysterious purpose (The 3 Hyperspace Cores have some mysterious (*booping* poorly executed plot device) purpose in Homeworld 2)

Considering that Wanda is doing all of the killing of the other Sides (and if she Defects from Stanley's and declares her own Side), Parson actually remains entirely innocent of killing anyone outside of self-defense. Interesting.

I think that Gobwin Knob is going to fall one day. Stanley's military being almost entirely Dwagons (high-move flying units) is almost a Chekhov's Gun that they're going to have to flee GK one day and those Dwagons are going to come in handy ...

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     Post subject: Re: Foreshadowing?
     Post Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:58 pm 
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    Your comparisons are a long stretch that seem to be more aligned toward giving you a venue to vent about Homeworld than anything else.

    Off-topic, I do agree with your Homeworld observations -- it had a great setup but totally failed to deliver. I don't remember a single character's name from HW2, they all had pretty nonexistent personalities. Star Ocean TTEOT was worse though (in the plot department, game itself was pretty fun)

    On topic, dwagons != running away. They may help in any fight between Stanley and Wanda, and will definitely be of assistance in a fight against Transylvito's "only assailable from the air" city/ies. IMO, between the added dwagons and Parson's experiments with riding, I think we're in for a drop assault against Transylvito. They'll have all their units up in the air, then the dwagons drop a powerful strike force onto the ground in front of their gate/in the courtyard. Since we know units can't cross zones to attack, and taking a garrison automatically captures defenders.... insta-pwn.


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