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 Post Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:04 pm 
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Been a fan of Erfworld ever since I found it on OotS. So when this opportunity was posted over at the Girl Genius LJ community, I thought I should pass along the info to you guys. I love the art, with the wonderful way you guys have of making "plastic dolls" come to life with all manner of expressions, matching them very elegantly to the words being written. I love the text portions as well as the graphic parts of the story, too. But enough gushing.

(Copied from Shaenon K. Garrity's (publically accessible) LiveJournal posting of the press release, to provide the information as accurately as possible...)

Monsters of Webcomics
August 8 - December 6, 2009

The Internet has revolutionized all forms of communication, and comics are no exception. The Cartoon Art Museum explores the digital revolution in its latest exhibition, Monsters of Webcomics, a showcase of some of the best and boldest work published on the World Wide Web.

Cartoonists choose to work on the Web for many reasons. For some, it’s an opportunity to reach readers directly without going through editors, publishers, or syndicates. For others, it’s a chance to explore the artistic possibilities of the Web, whether that means working in a format that would be impossible in print, tackling subject matter most comic-book publishers won’t handle, or taking advantage of the rich palette available with digital coloring. Others simply want to share their comics with as many people as possible.

The comics by the ten artists featured in this exhibition run the gamut from four-panel comic strips to full-length graphic novels and include comedy, drama, history, science fiction, and sociopolitical commentary. As varied as this work is, however, it represents only a very small sample of the comics available on the Web. The Monsters of Webcomics exhibition also includes a virtual gallery that will highlight dozens of additional online comics.

(IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are a webcartoonist and would like to participate in the virtual gallery component of this historic exhibition, please e-mail C.A.M. Curator Andrew Farago at


Slow Wave
By Jesse Reklaw

Hark! A Vagrant!
By Kate Beaton

Girl Genius
By Phil and Kaja Foglio

Cat and Girl
By Dorothy Gambrell

The Perry Bible Fellowship
By Nicholas Gurewitch

By Jenn Manley Lee

Family Man
By Dylan Meconis

By Chris Onstad

Templar, AZ
By Spike

I hope you guys go for it! You deserve to be in there...

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